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Kendal Tuesday 15/02/11

Posted Wednesday, 16 February 2011, 4.15pm

North West Auctions Kendal Mart held the weekly sale of prime hoggs and cast ewes on Tuesday. All classes of hoggs met a wonderful trade with a full ringside of buyers and with a predominantly large percentage of the hoggs forward being hill breeds an overall market average of 185p/kg was achieved. Top quality butchers and export hoggs were greatly sought after and the £2 per kilo barrier was broken several times. The top price per kilo was 211p/kg and this was twice achieved, firstly by BJ Bowness of Chapel Field for 38kg Texel hoggs and these sold at £80 per head to Robert Skelton. Secondly by Fishwick Farms, Bank House Farm again showing Texel x this time at 42kg making £88.50. Top price per head of £92 was paid for Suffolk hoggs from LA & M Lambert, Brow Head and these were purchased by Michael Lomax, Bolton.

Cast sheep also met a tremendous trade and with the addition of extra buyers all vendors would be well pleased with their trade. All classes of sheep were good to sell with the best Continental ewes making in excess of £100 per head. Top price went to S Mawson & Son, Moor House for Texel ewes at £108.

PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £92, £86 Brow Head; £87.50, £83 Hood Ridding Farm; £80 Helm Croft; £77.50 Hall-O-th’Gate; £75.50 Nook Farm, West Plain Farm. Cont: £83, £73.50 Scroggs Farm. Texel: £88.50 Bank House Farm; £88, £83 Black Bull Cottage; £87 Little Moss Side; £86 Killington Drive; £84 High House Farm. Chev: £84, £81 Brow Head; £75 Hartrigg. Mule: £80 Red Scar; £77 Capplerigg; £75 The Borrans; £74 Hall-O-th’Gate, Low Longmire, Low House. Horned: £78 Bank House Farm; £76.50 Killington Drive; £72 Little Moss Side; £70.50 Moss Howe Farm; £70 Hartrigg. Char: £77 Moss Howe Farm; £74 Haveriggs Farm; £72 Myers Farm. Rough Fell: £68 Moss Howe Farm. Leicester: £73 Low Longmire. Jacob: £65 Little Moss Side. Herdwick: £58 Tarn Foot, Harry Place Farm.

LIGHTWEIGHT HOGGS – Texel: £69.50 Holmes Head; £66 Tranthwaite Hall; £65.50 Crabtree Farm. Cont: £69.50, £68 Scroggs Farm. Suffolk: £68.50 Cinder Barrow; £60 Tarn Foot. Horned: £61.50 Well Foot, Bracken Hill. Char: £62 Myers Farm. Herdwick: £58 Harry Place Farm, Tarn Foot.

CAST SHEEP – Texel: £108 Moor House; £102 Crosscrake Farm; £94 Gaisgill Row Farm; £90, £88 Spital Farm; £89 Green Close. Cont: £90 Hardrigg; £77 Sproat Ghyll; £76 Cotegill. Rough Fell: £90 Gaisgill Row Farm; £79 Lockbank, Moor House. Mule: £81 High House Farm; £78 Toadpool; £74 Crabtree Farm, Moor House; £71 Sproat Gill. Swaledale: £60 Low Longmire; £68 Moss Howe Farm; £55 Moors; £50 Skelwith Fold Farm. Scotch B/F: £75 Flodder Hall. Horned: £63 Gaisgill Row Farm; £59 Low Deepslack. Chev: £76 Crabtree Farm. Leicester: £88 Well Foot; £86 Low Longmire.

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