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Kendal Thursday 17/02/11

Posted Friday, 18 February 2011, 4.16pm


North West Auctions are please to report an improved entry of 91 store cattle, 41 cast cows, 171 store lambs and 120 breeding sheep at the fortnightly sale held on Thursday.

All types of stock were easily sold to a ringside of buyers from throughout the northern counties. The store cattle ring was once again well supported by purchasers and vendors with several new faces ringside. Top price of the day was achieved by FW Park, Bannerigg Farm selling Belgian Blue x steers to £795. A pair of strong Limousin heifers from JD, EM & JA Atkinson, Low Groves Farm sold at £780. Once again many more cattle could have been sold with many buyers unable to fulfil orders and vendors were pleased with prices achieved.

Earlier in the day cast cows sold to a competitive trade averaging 105.9p/kg throughout. Well fleshed cows continually sell in excess of £1/kg topping at 133.5p/kg from TH Garnett & Son, New Close. Top price per head was £966 for a Limousin cow from DJ & EA Park, Hollin Hall. Black & Whites sold to 107.5p/kg on several occasions topping at £898.70 from J & EV Thompson & Son, Hood Ridding Farm.

Store lambs were keenly competed for averaging £54.95 overall. Short keep lambs regularly sold from £60 up topping at £73 for Texels from G & ID Postlethwaite, Riddings. Mid keep lambs £54-£59 and long keep £40+.

A special entry of breeding sheep were keenly sought after by local farmer buyers all seeking extra stock. Ewes topped at £102 for 4 crop Suffolks due mid March from AR Gardner, Wellington View with Lleyn hoggs run with ram due April to £80 from the same vendor. Prices to note: Suffolk 4 crop ewes due mid March £102, Mule 4 crop (b/m) Ewes due mid March £78, Rough Fell 4 crop due April £93, Herdwick 3/4 crop due mid March £70.

Next Fortnightly Sale at Kendal – Thursday 3rd March
All types of stock required to meet strong buyer demand.

STORE STEERS – BB: £795, £695 Bannerigg Farm, £635 Greenwood Haw, £595 Howe Farm. Lim: £740 Stribers Farm; £575 Bank House Farm; £550, £545 Low Newton Farm; £545 Greenwood Haw. Blonde: £750 High Row. Sim: £740, £660 Bannerigg Farm. AA: £705 Bannerrigg Farm. Shorthorn: £715 Bannerigg Farm. Fr: £575 West Plain Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £780 Low Groves Farm; £755, £750 Riddings; £750, £745, £715 Riddings Farm. BB: £735 Riddings; £610 Long Green Head. Hfd: £565 Clogger Beck House. Char: £530 Borwick Fold Farm. Blonde: £510 High Row. AA: £585 Clogger Beck House.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £735, £725, £700, £665 Moser Hill; £685, £645, £600 North Lodge. BB: £680 Moser Hill, £675 North Lodge.

CAST/FEEDING COWS – Lim: 133.5p/kg New Close; 127.5p/kg Fold Farm; 124.5p/kg Low Longmire; 121.5p/kg,120.5p/kg; Hollin Hall Farm;120.5p/kg Bowkerstead; 119.5p/kg Long Green Head, Town Foot. Shorthorn: 129.5p/kg New Close. BB: 123.5p/kg, 111.5p/kg Scar Sykes Farm; 118.5p/kg Bowkerstead. Fr: 107.5p/kg, 98.5p/kg Hood Ridding Farm; 107.5p/kg, 97.5p/kg Ackenthwaite Farm; 107.5p/kg, 101.5p/kg Nether Houses Farm; 95.5p/kg Town Foot.

OTM STEERS – Lim: 134.5p/kg Town Foot; 129.5p/kg New Close; 125.5p/kg Bannerigg Farm.

STORE HOGGS – Texel: £73 Riddings; £66 Bulman Strands; £60.50 Borwick Fold Farm; £59.50 Ellerbeck Farm; £58.50 Hall Farm; £57.50, £54.50 High Arnside Farm; £56.50 Overmere; £53.50 Moss End Farm. Suffolk: £67 Upp Hall; £66 Hall Farm; £66.50 Borwick Fold Farm. Char: £63.50 Stribers Farm; £60 Upp Hall; £42.50 Moss End Farm. Mule: £64.50 High Arnside Farm; £63.50 Moss End Farm; £63.50, £60.50, £60 Stribers Farm; £64 Riddings. Scotch B/F: £54.50 Stribers Farm; £58.50 Overmere. Swaledale: £48.50 Hall Farm; £40 Moss End Farm.

BREEDING SHEEP – Lleyn: £115, £80 Wellington View. Suffolk: £102 Wellington View. Mule (b/m): £78, £76, £70 Bull Copy. Swaledale (b/m): £68, £50 Wall End Farm. Rough Fell: £93 Bull Copy Farm. Texel (b/m): £66 Bull Copy Farm. Herdwick (b/m): £70 Wall End Farm.

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