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Kendal Thursday 03/02/11

Posted Thursday, 03 February 2011, 4.02pm

North West Auctions Kendal Mart held a fortnightly sale of 120 store cattle and cast cows together with 300 store hoggs.

Cast cows continue to improve in value with all grades in much demand. Cows averaged 105p/kg for an entry of mainly black & whites. Top price of the day was 129.5p/kg (£920.75) for a smart Limousin cow from Robert Byron, Hill Park purchased by JA Jewitt of Spennymoor. Black & white cows were an excellent trade selling to 106.5p/kg to MW Hodgson, Swallowmire and purchased by Les Fell of Settle. OTM Steers topped at 136.5p/kg for a Limousin x from AP Henderson, Lane End bought by Les Fell.

Store cattle were easily sold to a full ringside of both cattle dealers and farmer buyers alike all keen to purchase stock and prices were very much in line with other markets. Top price of the day was £815 for a smart 16 month old Limousin x heifer from RJ Stalker of Houckler Hall and a top of £785 for a pen of Limousin x bullocks from JH Barker, Stribers Farm. Many more cattle could have easily been sold.

Once again store hoggs were in strong demand at Kendal with many buyers unable to fill orders. The top price of £69.50 was achieved by Messrs Wilson, Wyke Farm for a pen of strong Suffolks. Continental hoggs were regularly £58-£62 with hill bred hoggs topping at £59.50 for Cheviot x from Coward Bros., Kirkby Hall with most selling at £44-£55.

Next Fortnightly Sale will be on Thursday 17th February. Early entries are requested with some good runs of store cattle already entered.

STORE STEERS – Lim: £785 Stribers Farm; £595, £560 Lane End Farm; £560 Tock How Farm; £530 Low Hundhowe. Fr: £595 West Plain Farm. Stab: £490 Tock How Farm. Sim: £485 Borwick Fold Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £815, £765, £745, £550, £540, £530 Houckler Hall; £645 Town Foot; £525 Tock How Farm. BB: £595, £555, £530 Bannerigg Farm. Shorthorn: £595 Bannerigg Farm. AA: £520 Bannerigg Farm. Char: £450 Borwick Fold Farm.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £600, £550, £490 Houckler Hall. CAST/FEEDING COWS– Lim: 129.5p/kg, 117.5p/kg Hill Park; 119.5p/kg, 112.5p/kg Town Foot; 111.5p/kg Gowan Bank, Lane Ends Farm; 107.5p/kg Bramaskew. Sim: 115.5p/kg Bannerigg Farm. BB: 118.5p/kg Bramaskew. Hfd: 106.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm. Char: 103.5p/kg Borwick Fold Farm. Fr: 106.5p/kg, 104.5p/kg Swallowmire; 104.5p/kg Beck House; 103.5p/kg Tranthwaite Hall; 103.5p/kg, 97.5p/kg Cragg Farm; 95.5p/kg Elm Tree Farm. Mont: 96.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm. S/R&W: 99.5p/kg, 98.5p/kg, 97.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm.

OTM STEERS – Lim: 136.5p/kg, 120.5p/kg Lane End Farm; 129.5p/kg Town Foot. Galloway: 104.5p/kg, 89.5p/kg, 85.5p/kg Lambrigg Stud.

STORE HOGGS – Suffolk: £69.50 Wyke Farm; £65.50, £62 Gowan Bank. Texel: £65.50 Wyke Farm; £49.50 Sunny Bank; £44 Long Green Head. Char: £62.50, £58 Kirkby Hall; £57.50 Fold Farm; £56.50 Sunny Bank Farm. Chev: £59.50 Kirkby Hall. Cont: £60, £45 Fold Farm; £52.50 Moss End Farm. Mule: £62, £55, £47 Gowan Bank; £51 Fold Farm. Swaledale: £40 Kirkby Hall. Herdwick: £30 Moss End Farm.

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