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Lancaster Monday 19/12/11

Posted Monday, 19 December 2011, 1.25pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held their prize show and sale of Young Farmers Prime Lambs on Monday.  It was really great to see so many young faces around the market and we thank you all for your support.  The pre-sale judging was carried out by Mr Michael Lomax of Bolton and he awarded the following prizes:-  

Single Lowland Bred Lamb
1st  C Butler, Parks Farm Barn 50kg (Tex) £114 to M Lomax
2nd A Prickett, Hutton Roof Hall 41kg (Tex) £96 to R Schofield
3rd  A Kelsall, Brown Brook 48kg (Tex) £103 to Riley Bros.  
Single Hill Bred Lamb
1st  A Prickett, Hutton Roof Hall 53kg (Chev) £110 to M Lomax
2nd J Lund, Lundholme 44kg (Tees) £91 to R Schofield
3rd N Park, Highfield Farm 50kg (Leic.) £86 to A Ditta  

Photo: from left Alasdair Prickett and Charlie Butler with their first prize lambs. 

The overall average for the Young Farmers lambs was 206.6p/kg.  

Lamb numbers continue to rise at Lancaster and a pleasing trade was had by all considering the price dropping throughout the previous week.  Medium weights over 40kgs averaged 199p/kg with all classes averaging 196p/kg throughout.  Mr P Cummings of Holme Fields made the top price per kilo of 238p/kg for a pen of 11 cracking 40kg Texel lambs which sold for £95 per head to Lancaster Meats.  

Cast ewes continue to be a good trade at Lancaster averaging £75.50 with fleshy ewes in demand.  T & CM Kelsall & Son, Brown Brook topped the trade selling three powerful Texel ewes for £106 to Musa Foods.  

A reduced number of prime cattle met a good trade with bullocks averaging over £1100.  EI Wilson & Son, Sand Gate topped the sale selling a Limousin for 189.5p/kg to Frank Towers.  Steers averaged 183p/kg and lightweight heifers 164p/kg.  Only four bulls forward all dairy bred averaged 170p/kg and topping the trade was A & FM Bolland & Sons, Yeat House selling a British Blue x for 182.5p/kg to Bowland Foods.  

Next Primestock Sale at Lancaster – Monday 2nd January 2012  

Top Prices  
PRIME LAMBS – Suffolk: £104 Brown Edge; £95 Highfield Farm; £92 North Farm; £86 Old Woodhouse; £85.50 Moor Farm Cottage.  Masham: £89 Fell End; £69 Lundholme.  Mule: £87.50 Sykes Farm; £83 Brown Edge, Yates Farm; £79 Moor Farm Cottage.  Horned: £71.50 Marshaw Farm; £68 Applegarth; £66 Yates Farm; £65 Brown Brook.  Char: £83 Jacksons Farm; £81 Tarnwater Farm; £74 Applegarth.  Chev: £110 Hutton Roof Hall; £88 Underley Hall. Texel: £114 Parks Farm Barn; £103 Brown Brook; £99 Walmsley Fold; £96 Hutton Roof Hall; £96 Lundholme Farm, North Farm; £95 Holme Fields; £92 Cuerdale Hall.  Lleyn: £83.50 Low Foulshaw Farm.  Leicester: £86 Highfield Farm.  Teeswater: £91 Lundholme Farm.  Jacob: £81 Sykes Farm.  
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £106 Brown Brook; £100 Jacksons Farm; £94 Moor Farm Cottage.  Masham: £86 Fell End.  Mule: £90 Brown Brook.  Horned: £74 Fell End.  
PRIME CATTLE – Lim Heifers: 166.5p/kg Hill Top.  Lim Bullocks: 189.5p/kg Sand Gate Farm.  
PRIME BULLS – Brit Blue: 182.5p/kg Yeat House.  Blonde: 179.5p/kg Calcalds Farm.    

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