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Kendal Tuesday 20/12/11

Posted Wednesday, 21 December 2011, 1.24pm

A Huge ringside of buyers turned out to ensure that a big show of poultry was a wonderful trade.  
156 Turkeys sold to £90 & averaged £43.33
5 Geese sold to £75 & averaged £60.60
2 Ducks sold to £16 & averaged £15
10 Pheasants sold to £30 & averaged £7.10
70 Chickens sold to £20 & averaged £13.80  

1st Prize Goose was sold by Mrs Sandra Garnett of New Close and this sold for £75 to Mr R Crawford.
1st Prize Turkey was sold by Smith Bros., of Poulton-le-Fylde
and this sold for £62 to DE & SM Moorhouse.  

A small show to end the year but both local and distant buyers ensured all classes met a wonderful trade with cows topping at £2160 for a very milky cow from JG & BJ Escolme, Low Stanger Thwaite and freshly calved heifers sold to £1940 from J & JA Burrow, Thursgill.  We would like to thank everyone for their support over the past year and don’t forget we will be moving our dairy sales to the fortnightly Thursday sale in the New Year commencing 5th January at 11am.  

A smaller show of prime lambs was presented to a full ringside of buyers all eager to fill orders before the Christmas holidays and leaving a very pleasing overall average of 199.87p/kg some 4p/kg dearer the previous week.  Top price per head went to WS Burrow & Son, Gibraltar for a pen of 45kg Charollais lambs.  A top price of 220p/kg (£88) was achieved by JR Robinson, Millness Hall.  Export type lambs and first cross lambs were once again 210 – 220p/kg.  Handy weight Mule, Masham & Swaledales also met a strong trade being 190-200p/kg topping at 202p/kg for a pen on Mules from WJ Barker, Brown Edge.  Heavier sorts were also keenly sought after at 185-195p/kg.  

A smaller and plainer show of cast sheep forward once again met a good trade with all classes of sheep greatly sought after.  Continental ewes topped at £94 per head for a pen of Texel x from WS Burrow & Son, Gibraltar Farm.  Mule ewes regularly £80-£90 and a big pen of Masham ewes from Messrs Gibson & Berry, Low Audlands sold at £86 per head.   Don’t forget Sale of Prime Hoggs & Cast Sheep as normal Next Tuesday 27th December.  

All Black & White Bulls forward selling to £90 from AE & M Hayhurst, Natland Park and overall averaging £60.83.  Please note calves will be sold fortnightly on Thursday’s in the new year commencing Thursday 5th January at 10.15am.  

– Char: £92 Gibraltar Farm; £88.50 Black Bull Farm.  Texel: £90 Mutton Hall; £89.50 Beech Tops; £88.50 Black Bull Farm, Green Head; £88 Milness Hall, Red Scar.  Suffolk: £87.50 Hartrigg; £87 Scroggs Farm, Barker Knott; £86.50 West Plain Farm; £86 Brow Head, Mutton Hall.  Masham: £85 Middale Farm.  Mule: £88.50 Middle Sadghyll; £87.50 Barrowfield; £87 Nether House; £85.50 Brown Edge; £83.50 Barker Knott.  Chev: £83 Crooklands Farm; £77 Hartrigg.  Leicester: £88 Strickland Hill.
CAST SHEEP – Cont: £94 Gibraltar Farm; £92 Low Greenholme.  Texel: £90 Gibraltar Farm; £57 Holmes Head.  Masham: £86 Low Audlands.  Mule: £90 Gibraltar Farm; £78 Holmes Head; £76 Garnett Folds, Deansbiggin; £75 Low Greenholme; £70 Kate Farm.  Swaledale: £67 Middale Farm; £49 Nether House.  Rough Fell: £59 Low Fold; £55 Steps Farm.  Horned: £62 Low Audlands. Leicester: £85 Nether House.  
FR BULL CALVES – £90 Natland Park; £60 Raw End.  

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