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Kendal Tuesday 13/12/11

Posted Wednesday, 14 December 2011, 1.28pm


An excellent entry of more than 2,000 prime sheep were forward at Kendal on Tuesday. 

The sale featured the Annual Christmas Prize Show of Hill lambs.  Trade on the day proved to be above expectations with medium weight lambs above 40kgs averaging 197.5p/kg and an excellent overall average of 196p/kg.  Trade improved throughout the sale helped by an excellent and large entry of hill bred lambs.  The prize show judge for the day was Mr Michael Lomax.  He awarded Championship honours to an excellent pen of Cheviot lambs from J Allonby & Son, Green Head who genuine high running lambs were purchased at £100 (227p/kg) by Lancaster Meat Co. Ltd.    Lambs also topped at £102 per head to MH & AR Robinson, Holmescales for Texel lambs purchased by A Ditta of Accrington.  

Show Results – Lambs (Pens of 5) Judge: Mr Michael Lomax  
Champion Pen First Prize Cheviots from J Allonby & Son
1st  J Allonby & Son, Green Head 44kg  £100 to Lancaster Meats
2nd Fishwick Farms, Bank House  45kg  £94  to R Skelton
3rd J Allonby & Son, Green Head  41kg  £87.50 to A Dawson  
1st  CP Bateman, Croft Foot  44kg  £88  to Michael Lomax
2nd AW & AM Clarke, Low Longmire  41kg £76 to Michael Lomax
3rd CP Bateman, Croft Foot 47kg £87 to A Atkinson         
1st RI Dixon, Low Newton     46kg  £87  to R Skelton
2nd B & HM Wilson, Ashstead  44kg £85  to R Skelton
3rd AW & AM Clarke, Low Longmire  46kg  £88  to R Skelton    

The show was very kindly sponsored by Leven Valley Agriculture together with Osmand’s Supplies.  

Photo 1
Champion Cheviot Lambs.
Photo 2
First Prize Horned Lambs from Colin Bateman.
Photo 3
First Prize Mule Lambs from Ian Dixon (left) with
Roger Harris of Osmands Supplies & Mark Platts of
Levens Valley Agriculture (Sponsors).
Photo 4
Champion Pig from Mr G Hogg.

CAST SHEEP - An excellent entry of prime ewes were a very strong trade on the day with some regular buyers unable to get started due to the excellent prices.  Top price of £102 went to JA & SM Allen, Barker Knott for a pen of Continental ewes.  Cast rams topped at £128 to MH & AR Robinson, Holmescales.  

A larger show of over 100 pigs this month drew a large crowd of onlookers & sold to an improved trade.  However, some lots were unsold, unable to achieve vendors’ expectations.  The Christmas Show was judged by Mr E Galbraith, who placed a Hampshire Sow from G Hogg of Egremont as Show Champion.  This was bid to £220. Better quality pigs were easier to sell, topping at £175 for in-pig lop gilts again from Mr G Hogg who regularly makes the long journey to sell his pigs at Kendal.  Store Pigs topped at £68 to J Hodgson, Woodend.  

Prize winners  
1st    T Barron, Old Scool House - Saddleback 
2nd  S Pollock, Bascodyke - Duroc x  
1st    A J & H Clarke, High Hollins - Duroc x
2nd  S Procter, High Biggarsbank - Berkshire  
Breeding Pigs
1st  G Hogg, Winscale Farm - Hampshire Sow (Champion)
2nd  J H & E Ivinson, Plumpton Foot - Large White Boar .  

CALF SALE - A small entry of calves were almost all black & white bulls.  The top price of £300 for a 5 week old Limousin bull went to Mr B Wilson, Spout House who also sold Black & White bull of the same age for £210.  Other B&W’s sold between £50 & £70.    

– Texel: £102 Holmescales; £97.50 Red Scar; £96 Scroggs; £93 Holmescales, Brow Head; £90 Strickland Hill, Scarside.  Chev: £100 Green Head; £94 Bank House; £88 Helm Croft; £85.50 Brow Head; £84.50 Croft Foot.  Suffolk: £96 Laithwaite; £87.50 Mid Town House; £87 Strickland Hill; £86 Crabtree Farm, New Close.  Char: £90.50 Hollin Wood; £84 New Close; £80 Garnett House. Cont: £83 Ninezergh; £70.50 Crooklands Farm.  Masham: £64 Crooklands Farm.  Mule: £88 Low Longmire; £87 Low Newton; £86.50 Bank House; £86.50 Middale Farm; £86 Thursgill; £85 Ashstead.  Swaledale: £76 Low Longmire; £74.50 Well Foot; £73 Ashstead.  Rough Fell: £88 Croft Foot; £77 High Borrowbridge; £72.50 Boundary Beck; £70 Beech Tops.  Horned: £79 Cotegill; £85 Beech Tops; £73 Bracken Hill, Sproat Ghyll; £72 Flodder Hall.  Leicester: £84 Low Longmire; £75 Ashstead.  Herdwick: £70 Scar Sykes.  
CAST SHEEP – Cont: £128 (ram) Holmescales; £102 Barker Knott; £100 (ram) High Hallbeck; £88 Causeway; £84 Red Scar; £82 Brown Head.  Mule: £85 Hardrigg; £84 Hollin Wood; £80 Moss End (Milnthorpe), New Close, Ninezergh.  Swaledale: £63 Hollin Wood, Barker Knott; £54 Rydal Farm.  Rough Fell: £76 Cotegill; £69 High Swinklebank; £65 Sprat Ghyll.  Scotch Blackface: £66 Chambers Tenement.  Horned: £57 Beech Tops. Chev: £81 Green Head.  Texel: £89 Hollin Wood; £73 Mireside.  Dalesbred: £73 Middale Farm.  Herdwick: £40 Moss End (Lindale).  
PIGS - In pig gilts £175. Cast Boar £140. White Stores £68, £60. Pietrain x weaners £27. Saddleback weaners £24. Duroc x weaners £40.  
BULL CALVES – Lim: £300 Spout House.  Fr: £210 Spout House.;£70 Ackenthwaite; £50 Wraysholme Tower.  

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