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Lancaster Monday 28/11/11

Posted Monday, 28 November 2011, 11.30am


North West Auctions, Lancaster hit a tremendously buoyant lamb trade on Monday morning  with an average of 201.5p/kg – being the best average of the season to date.  All lambs regardless of type or size were in much demand. 

A top price of 223p/kg went to J Bargh & Son, North Farm for Suffolk lambs purchased by Roy Schofield for M J Birtwistle, Butchers of Worsley at £91.50 per head.  Close behind at 221p/kg was T R Prickett, Hutton Roof with some lighter Texel lambs at 35 kg selling for £77.50 again to Birtwistle Butchers.  

The  top price of the day was twice achieved, firstly by J Bargh & Son for Suffolk lambs to Lancaster Meats and then by Messrs Kelsall, Brown Brook for Charollais lambs purchased by Whittakers Butchers of Blackburn.  

A reduced entry of Cast Ewes were, again, sharper to average £72, topping at £112 to J H Towers & Sons, Tunstall Hall for a Suffolk Ewe. 

Cast Rams topped at £150 to Messrs E E Thornton & Sons, Downlands Farm, again, for a Suffolk.  


Good butchers heifers were once again in demand averaging over 195p/kg this week.  A top price of 213.5p/kg went to Messrs Alderson, High Green for a Limousin heifers purchased by Messrs Riley Butchers of Rawtenstall.  Then at 203.5p/kg, Messrs Garnett, New Close sold a Charolais bullock to Roy Schofield for Birtwistle Butchers of Worsley.  The top price of the day was £1199.85 to Messrs Harper, Capplethwaite for a Blonde heifer purchased by Messrs Riley Butchers at 210.5p/kg.  

A reduced entry of bulls topped at 193.5p/kg to Messrs Clarke & Johnson, Far Orrest for a Limousin purchased by Bowland Foods.  Bulls also sold to £1168 to Messrs Lawrenson,          North Woods for a British Blue purchased by Andertons Butchers of Blackburn.  Many more bulls were needed on the day.  

Top Prices  

PRIME LAMBS – Suffolk: £101 North Farm; £94 Moor Farm Cottage; £92 Fell End Farm. Charollais: £101 Brown Brook; £95 Low Foulshaw. Texel: £100,£98 North Farm; £99.50 Walmsley Fold; £98 Beech Tops. Leic: £93 Brown Edge.  Llleyn: £91 Low Foulshaw. Cheviot: £90.50 North Farm; £85.50 Orchard House; £84 Underley Estate; £83.50 Cragg Farm. Mule: £89 Beech Tops, Fell End Farm; £87 Bank Farm; £86 Middale Farm; £85.50 Cragg End. Masham: £82 Holme House. Horned: £68 Hare Apple Tree; £65 Holme House.  

CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £150 (ram)  Dowlands Farm; £118 (ram) Ellers Farm; £112 Tunstall Hall; £101 Mearsbeck Farm.  Tees: £110 Fell End Farm.  Leic: £110 Fell End Farm; £100 Cragg End. Texel: £100 Sandy Hill Farm; £99 Downlands Farm. Chev: £84 Cragg Farm. Mule: £84 Yeat House; £76 Low Woodedge Farm; £67 Cautley Farm. Horned: £75 Fell End Farm; £68 Cragg Farm.  

PRIME CATTLE – Lim Hfrs: 213.5p/kg,201.5p/kg,189.5p/kg  High Green. 201.5p/kg  Capplethwaite Hall; 189.5p/kg New Close. Blonde Hfrs: 210.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall; 188.5p/kg New Close. Char Hfrs: 203.5p/kg New Close. Brit Blue Hfrs: 199.5p/kg New Close. Char Strs: 189.5p/kg New Close. Lim Strs: 177.5p/kg Red Scar.  Ang Hfrs: 167.5p/kg Hill Top.  

PRIME BULLS – Lim:  193.5p/kg Far Orrest.  Brit Blue: 186.5p/kg Northwoods Farm; 182.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 181.5p/kg Yeat House. Gelb: 179.5p/kg Northwoods Farm. Mont: 176.5p/kg Lane House. Char: 174.5p/kg Calcalds Farm.

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