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Lancaster Friday 18/11/11

Posted Friday, 18 November 2011, 10.22am



One of the highest recorded overall sale averages was achieved at Lancaster last Friday with an overall store cattle average of £843 throughout the sale.  Store bullocks averaged £851 topping at £1300 to A & E Clarkson, Cock Hall Farm for a Belgian Blue bullock.  Heifers topped at £1030 to WJ Etherington & Sons, Willow House Farm for a Limousin heifer.  Trade remained strong throughout the sale particularly for short keep cattle.   A small entry of cows with calves at foot topped at £1450 for an outfit from Tony Birkett, Hall Croft Barn.  

In the cow ring another superb entry of 144 cast cows & over thirty month cattle continue to sell in a very strong market.  Cows averaged 118.47p/kg topping at 207.5p/kg (£1327) for a Belgian Blue cow from TC Altham & Sons, Mill Bank.   Over thirty month heifers averaged 140p/kg topping at 194.5p/kg (£1210) to G Atkinson & Son, Old Hall for a Charolais heifer.  Cast bulls and steers sold to a top of 204.5p/kg on two occasions firstly to EJ Ward & Sons, Intack Farm and then to T Longton & Son, Rooten Brook, both steers were Limousins.  Cast bulls sold to £1356 for a Limousin from AR & JM Wilson, Hill Farm.  

A small entry of store lambs were an excellent trade to average £63 topping at £69 to C & B Lowther, Lower Castle O’Trim for Texel x.  

Another large show of calves and stirks this week sold to a large crowd of buyers keen to attend this popular weekly sale.  Calves saw an increase in price as seen recently for all types of stock.  Young beef bulls sold to £360 for 6 week old Simmentals from E Parker, Marsh House with British Blue heifers (16 days) £240 from Wallbank Farms, Abbeystead.  A run of 10 Angus calves (4 – 8 weeks) from I Atkinson & Son, Boon Town topped at £300 averaging £244.  The weekly sale of stirks continues to increase in popularity with vendors & purchasers.  Well reared Continentals sold to £540 for Limousin x bullocks from Hindley Green with others at £530, £515, £470.  Heifers sold to £460 for Limousin x from Messrs Young, Moss End, others at £450, £420 & £400.   Black & White steers sold to £310 with 9 averaging £298.  B&W calves were few in numbers and quality this week, best calves sold to £70 from Wallbank Farms.  

– Fr: £1140 Godson House; £1000 Willow House; £920 Moss Croft; £890 Slack Farm; £850 Cockrigg.  Lim: £1270 Whicham Hall; £1210 Cock Hall; £1100 Hall Beck; £1080 High House; £1040 Godson House; £1000 Hill Top.  Char: £1200 High House; £1190 Days Barn; £1120 Oak Head; £1100 Millbeck; £1080 Crooklands Farm.  Hfd: £1240 Godson House; £1220 Kilburn House; £1100 Shaws Farm; £970 Intack Farm.  Sim: £1080 Moss Croft; £1040 Tarnwater Farm; £940 Brow Foot; £920 West View.  Blonde: £1000 Millbeck; £930 Mount Pleasant.  BB: £1300 Cock Hall; £1120 Shaws Farm; £1080 Cragg Farm; £1070 Willow House.  AA: £1200 Millbeck; £1160 Underhelme Farm, Intack Farm.  Shorthorn: £760 Haveriggs Farm.  WB: £500 Moss House Farm.  Devon: £960 Birch Croft.  Brit Blue: £1100; £1090 Cracalt Farm, Godson House; £1070 Willow House; £1060 Knotts Farm; £990 Walkers I’th Fields.  Mont: £1000 Green Close; £880 Croft House; £870 Brow Foot.  Swedish R&W: £1080 Fanny House Farm; £710 Bibbys Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1030 Willow House; £980 Cracalt Farm; £940 Whicham Hall; £900 Summerlands; £890 Greaves Farm.  Char: £940 Outerthwaite Farm; £910 Old Hall Farm; £880 Cartres.  Hfd: £830 High Green; £770 Manor House Farm; £750 Intack Farm; £740 Cottams Farm.  Sim: £940 Carlingwha; £930 Jolley Fold Farm; £880 Manor House Farm; £820 Aynsome Manor.  Blonde: £980 Cottams Farm.  AA: £1000 Underhelme Farm, Low Levens.  Saler: £740 Aynsome Manor.  WB: £840 Manor House Farm.  Brit Blue: £950 Bouthwaite; £890 Carlingwha; £880 Holmes Farm; £860 Hill Top.  
COWS & CALVES – Limousin Cow & Calf: £1450 Hall Croft Barn; £1000 Slack Farm.  BB Cow & Calf: £1280 Hall Croft Barn.    
CAST COWS - Fr: 159.5p/kg Boldens Farm; 139.5p/kg High House, Corney Hall Farm; 129.5p/kg Strickland Hill, Brantbeck.  Lim: 189.5p/kg Overthwaite; 184.5p/kg Mill Bank; 169.5p/kg Moss Side, Littlewood Hall.  Hfd: 149.5p/kg Cringleber; 127.5p/kg Corney Hill; 121.5p/kg High House Farm; 119.5p/kg Sandham Farm.  Sim: 139.5p/kg Manor Farm; 134.5p/kg The Green.  BB: 207.5p/kg Mill Bank; 137.5p/kg Lane House; 127.5p/kg Sowermire; 124.5p/kg Yates Farm.  Jersey: 104.5p/kg Beckside.  AA: 131.5p/kg Cringleber; 117.5p/kg Rooten Brook; 104.5p/kg Middle Ridge.
OTM HEIFERS – Char: 194.5p/kg Old Hall. Fr: 164.5p/kg New Brows; 154.5p/kg Chapel House. 
CAST BULLS/OTM STEERS – Fr: 154.5p/kg Cock Hall; 139.5p/kg Low House.  Lim: 204.5p/kg Intack Farm, Rooten Brook; 169.5p/kg (bull) Hill Farm; 151.5p/kg Higher Salter.  Char: 124.5p/kg (bull) Middle Ridge.  Hfd: 179.5p/kg Cock Hall.  AA: 169.5p/kg Hill Top; 157.5p/kg Low House.  MRI: 171.5p/kg Littlewood Hall.  Highland: 164.5p/kg Cock Hall.  Mont: 169.5p/kg Hill Top.  Beef x: 179.5p/kg Cock Hall.  
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Fr: £310 Moss End; £305 Borwick Fold; £300 Ashlack Hall; £70 Tills Farm.  Lim: £540 Hindley Green; £530 Moss End; £235 Rose Farm.  Char: £380 Bellart Howe.  Hfd: £470 Moss End.  Sim: £360 Marsh House; £205 Manor House.  AA: £515 Moss End; £300 Boon Town.  Brit Blue: £285 Tills Farm.  
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS– Lim: £460 Moss End; £210 Rose Farm.  Char: £360 Bellart Howe.  Sim: £400 Marsh House; £160 Manor House.  AA: £250 Boon Town.  Shorthorn: £420 Hindley Green.  Brit Blue: £240 Tills Farm.  


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