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Lancaster Friday 04/11/11

Posted Friday, 04 November 2011, 10.36am


North West Auctions Lancaster enjoyed a bouncing day’s trading last Friday with a catalogue entry of 360 store cattle together with 118 Cast Cows & OTM Cattle and 45 rearing calves & stirks.  
The sale began with another 100 plus entry of cast cows.  Meaty cows were in tremendous demand and had it not been for the high proportion of plainer grade cows the average would have exceeded 115p/kg by some considerable margin.  Cows topped at 157.5p/kg (£1073) to Mrs O Butler, Elm Bank for a Limousin x cow.  Cast heifers averaged 145p/kg for a mostly Friesian sample topping at 157.5p/kg to ME Wannop & Sons, Heaton Hall for a Holstein Friesian heifer.  Heifers also sold to £1031 to K & DE Woodhouse, Kitchen Ground again for a Friesian.  Steers were a tremendous trade averaging 159p/kg and topping at 194.5p/kg for a utm Welsh Black steer from SA Bateman, Ivy House which sold for £1083.  Cast bulls were in great demand topping at £1500.20 to ME Wannop & Sons, Heaton Hall for a Limousin bull which sold at 154.5p/kg.  

Store cattle began the day in fine fashion with a complete shed full of buyers filling the ringside and ensuring a marvellous trade with many vendors reporting an improved price on the previous week.  Bullocks averaged almost £840 throughout topping at £1260 to Fred Barnes, Crow Trees for a tremendous pen of Charolais bullocks.  Heifers averaged a few pence under £800 throughout the sale topping at £1200 to K Whitaker & Son, Stirzakers Farm again for a pen of Charolais bred cattle.  

CALVES & STIRKS   £580 Top Price with all averaging £260!  
Calves and stirks sold to the dearest trade seen for quite some time with the sale ring swelling with buyers and sellers this week.    Rearing calves sold to a top price of £238 for a 10 day old Limousin x bull calf from DW Robinson, Lower Rowell with others at £220, £212.  Black & Whites topped at £140 for 3 month olds from JC Hodgson, Dillicar.  Younger rearing calves sold to £100 & £85 from CR & A Baxter.  An increased entry of stirks continue to sell to a large crowd of buyers.  £580 was achieved for a pen of 4 well reared 6 month old Limousin x bullocks from Messrs Young, Moss End Farm.  £550 for British Blue bulls from J Hoggarth & Sons, Manour House and Angus heifers to £400 from Messrs Young.    

– Fr: £1060 Low Levens, Godson House Farm; £1050 Lodge Farm; £990 Hill Top; £980 Squires Gate.  Lim: £1150 Greenlands Farm; £1090 Meadow Park; £1060 Hareden Farm; £980 Hill Top; £940 Longlands Farm.  Char: £1260 Crow Trees; £870 Low Kit Brow. Hfd: £1120 Windy Hill; £1090 Sykes Fold; £930 Cock Hall Farm; £910 Oddlands Farm.  Sim: £1150 Orchard Heys Farm; £1120 Hill Top; £1050 West Lynn; £840 Hareden Farm; £780 Breedy Butts.  BB: £1100 Head Farm; £960 Cock Hall Farm; £850 Billinge Hall.  AA: £1100 Low Levens; £1090 Downlands Farm; £1050 Brow Foot Farm; £1010 Greenlands Farm; £1000 Cock Hall Farm.  Short: £950 Bull Bank; £840 Longlands Farm.  MRI: £780 Croft House.  Brit Blue: £1160 North Farm; £1110 High Fell Gate; £1060 Rowell Farm; £1030 Downlands Farm; £960 Holmes Farm; £930 Throstle Grove Farm.  Mont: £970 North Farm.  Baz: £1100 North Farm.  Swedish R&W: £720 Land Hill Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £890 Adlington Hall Farm; £850 Cropper Farm; £840 Holmes Farm; £830 Causeway Head; £820 Hillam Farm, Jolley Fold Farm.  Char: £1200 Stirzakers Farm; £840 Moss Side.  Hfd: £560 Oddlands Farm.  Sim: £980 Hazelslack Tower Farm.  BB: £1070 High Fell Gate; £820 Holmes Farm.  AA: £900 Raw End Farm; £890 Meadow Park; £880 Fiddlers Farm.  Fr: £930 New Brows Farm; £790 Boldens Farm.  Brit Blue: £1070 High Fell Gate; £990 Willow House Farm; £930 Hill Top; £840 Moss Side; £820 Holmes Farm.  Mont: £920 Fairfield Farm.  Longhorn: £800 Cornfield Farm.  
BREEDING CATTLE: Lim Cow & Bull Calf: £1220; Lim Cow & Hfr Calf: £1150 from Lane House.  
CAST COWS - Fr: 139.5p/kg Cockerham Hall; 137.5p/kg Brewers Barn; 131.5p/kg Heaton Hall, Priory Farm, Heaves Farm; 129.5p/kg High House Farm; 127.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm, Hagg Farm, Warton Grange Farm.  Lim: 157.5p/kg Elm Bank; 141.5p/kg Low Foulshaw Farm; 137.5p/kg Fellgate Farm; 129.5p/kg Hutton Roof Hall.  Sim: 139.5p/kg Fellgate Farm; 114.5p/kg Station Hotel.  Blonde: 117.5p/kg Carr House Farm.  BB: 147.5p/kg Thornbush Farm; 127.5p/kg Hartrigg; 124.5p/kg High Fell Gate.  AA: 141.5p/kg Sykes Fold Farm.  Shorthorn: 124.5p/kg Strickley.  Stab: 144.5p/kg Low Foulshaw Farm.  Mont: 149.5p/kg Cumming Carr Farm.  Swedish R&W: 144.5p/kg White Lund Farm. 
OTM HEIFERS – Fr: 157.5p/kg Heaton Hall Farm; 149.5p/kg Kitchen Ground Farm; 134.5p/kg Toadpool Farm.  Galloway: 154.5p/kg Kirket Nook.
CAST BULLS/OTM STEERS – Lim: 194.5p/kg Elm Bank Farm; 189.5p/kg Downlands Farm; 154.5p/kg (bull) Heaton Hall; 139.5p/kg (bull) Black Bull Farm.  Char: 134.5p/kg (bull) High House Farm.  Blonde: 127.5p/kg (bull).  AA: 187.5p/kg Hill Top Farm; 124.5p/kg (bull) The Hill.  Welsh Black: 194.5p/kg (utm) Ivy House.  Fr: 89.5p/kg (bull) Old Hall Farm.  
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Fr: £375 Borwick Fold; £260 Dillicar; £100 New Brows Farm; £50 Lawsons Farm.  Lim: £580 Moss End Farm; £410 Hindley Green, Borwick Fold Farm; £238 Lower Rowell Farm.  Sim: £490 Manor House Farm.  AA: £555 Moss End Farm; £435 Hindley Green; £390 Borwick Fold Farm; £212 Lower Rowell.  British Blue: £550 Manor House Farm; £220 Lower Rowell.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS– Lim: £390 Hindley Green; £170 Lower Rowell.  AA: £400 Moss End Farm.  


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