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Kendal Tuesday 22/11/11

Posted Thursday, 24 November 2011, 11.34am



Following on with the National trend the prime lamb market at Kendal would leave all vendors delighted with their trade.  The majority of handy weight lambs 38-42kg were well over the £2 per kilo mark and peaking at 229p/kg for a pen of lambs from WD Rigg, The Orchard.  Lambs also topped at £93 per head on three separate occasions from S Nelson, Cockrigg, R & J Dodgson, Cracalt and M Robinson, Mountain View.  Heavy lambs were also regularly 185-195p/kg. With well over half the lambs forward being Mules or hill breeds a fantastic averaged of 193.55p/kg was achieved.  

Cast sheep also met a great trade with the best ewes breaking the £100 barrier topping at £108 for a big Continental ewes from A Boston, Mickledore.  Hill breed ewes were once again greatly sought after topping at £78 a head for a pen of Swalesdales from JW Thwaites, Eskew Beck and plenty of pens of horned ewes at £65 to £70 a head.  The overall average was £61.72.  

A small entry of 9 young Black & White bull calves topped at £48 from TH Gibson & Son, Toadpool.       

– Texel: £93 Cockrigg, Cracalt; £91 Woodside; £90 Poppy Farm, Strickland Hill; £89.50 New Close; £89 Mountain View, High Hallbeck.  Suffolk: £93 Mountain View; £89 Cracalt; £88 New Close; £86.50 Strickland Hill, Hawkrigg End, Thursgill.  Cont x: £80 Barker Knott; £78 Larkrigg; £77.50 Howriggs; £76 Cockley Beck, The Borrans.  Char: £84 Cooper House; £83 Low Foulshaw; £80 High Greenside; £78 Dale View.  Masham: £83 Middale Farm.  Mule: £81 Thursgill; £80 Strickland Hill, Lambrigg Head, Middle Sadghyll; £78 Woodside, Barker Knott.  Horned: £76 Patton Mill; £75 Green Close; £74 Middle Sadghyll; £67 Howe Farm.  Chev: £79 Croft Foot Farm; £78.50 Brow Head.  Lleyn: £78 Low Foulshaw. Leicester: £65.50 Low Newton.  Herdwick: £70.50 Murthwaite; £62 Scar Syke; £55.50 Cockley Beck.  
CAST SHEEP – Cont: £108 Mickledore; £102 Endmoor Farm; £100 Gibraltar Farm; £93 Spital Farm; £85 Tock How.  Texel: £95 Cooper House; £80 Oldfield End; £75 New Close.  Leicester: £86 Woodside; £84 Rankthorn; £81 Whelpside.  Suffolk: £88 Hawkrigg End; £84 Cracalt.  Mule: £80 Moor House, Endmoor Farm; £79 Gowan Bank; £77 Poppy Farm; £75 New Close; £73 Yew Tree.  Swaledale: £78 Eskew Beck; £70 Murthwaite; £66 Catshaw Hall.  Rough Fell: £73 Woodside; £67 Shackla Bank; £66 Barugh House; £65 Cotegill; £62 Moor House.  Horned: £60 Murthwaite.  Herdwick: £50 Cockley Beck.  
CALVES- B&W Bulls: £48 Toadpool; £40 Halforth Farm.

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