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Kendal Tuesday 15/11/11

Posted Wednesday, 16 November 2011, 10.28am



With all the loading docks full of wagons and extra buyers in attendance all vendors would leave the market delighted with their day’s trade which left a marvellous overall average of 184.53p/kg. All weights of lambs were wanted to fill order books with handy weight export lambs regularly breaking the £2 a kilo barrier topping at 209p/kg for Texel x lambs from Mr EA Harrison, Scarside and this pen of 15 sold for £85.50 per head to Dunbia, Preston.  Top price per head went to a fantastic pen of 15 Texel x lambs from J Allonby & Son, Green Head selling for £91.50 (208p/kg) to Michael Lomax.  Mule Lambs also sold easily with the majority of pens £32-£34 above their weight with a top price of £79 per head for a pen of 26 Mules at 45kg from JA Bennett, Middale Farm.  

Cast Sheep also met a strong trade with a large proportion of hill bred ewes forward which topped at £74 for a pen of 20 Swaledale ewes from JW Thwaite, Eskew Beck.  Prices peaked at £116 per head for a pair of Texel Rams from SW Atkinson & Son, Capplerigg.  Cast Sheep averaged £60.67 for all forward.    

– Texel: £91.50 Green Head; £85.50 Scarside Farm; £84 Wray Farm; £83.50 High Hallbeck, Cinder Barrow; £83 Red Scar, Far Orrest. Suffolk: £84 Nook Farm; £82 Croft Foot; £81.50 Mutton Hall; £80 Hyning, Ninezergh; £79.50 Garnett Folds, Low Longmire; £79 Crabtree Farm.  Cont: £82 High House; £79.50 Mid Town House; £77 Garnett House; £75.50 Moor House; £74.50 Cinder Barrow.  Masham: £63 Steps Farm. Mule: £79 Middale Farm; £77 Well Foot; £75 Thursgill; £74.50 High Borrowbridge, Strickland Hill.  Horned: £77 Garnett House; £67 Cotegill; £66.50 High Greenside; £64.50 Boundary Beck.  Char: £79.50 Gibraltar Farm; £79 Cinderbarrow Farm; £75 West Plain Farm.  Chev: £77.50 Croft Foot; £73 High Borrowbridge.  Teeswater: £64 Steps Farm.  
CAST SHEEP– Texel: £116 (rams) Capplerigg Farm; £92 The Borrans; £87 Oldfield End, High Foulshaw Farm (ram); £80 Wray Farm.  Suffolk: £80 (ram) High Foulshaw Farm. Char: £94 School House.  Leicester: £70 Strickland Hill.  Mule: £77 Haveriggs Faarm; £76 Oldfield End; £73 Larkrigg; £71 Barker Knott.  Swaledale: £74 Eskew Beck; £59 Strickland Hill; £49 Well Foot, Low Deepslack.  Chev: £74 (ram) Hall Bank. Rough Fell: £60 Low Deepslack. Herdwick: £45 Moss End Farm.  

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