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Kendal Thursday 24/11/11

Posted Thursday, 24 November 2011, 11.33am

Fantastic Store Lamb Trade at Kendal averaging £69.95

North West Auctions are pleased to report a marvellous trade for all classes of stock at Kendal Auction Mart this week.  A pleasing show of 46 Cast Cows & OTM Cattle sold to a strong trade averaging 113p/kg topping at 152p/kg (£966.35) for beef bred cows. Black & White’s sold to 121p/kg (£810.75) with Bulls to 136p/kg (£1180.73)  

A smaller show of store cattle were every bit as good to sell as previous weeks. All cattle averaging a respectable £638.95 with all types of cattle forward. £910 was the days top bullock price paid for a Limousin x from TG & B Todd, Sedbergh.   Yearlings sold to a strong trade with heifers to £655 for a Bazadasie and £860 for Limousin x Bulls.  

Store lambs sold to an unbelievable trade with all lambs averaging £69.95. Short keep lambs regularly £78+ topping at £83 for Charollais x from J H Barker, Ulverston.   Medium keep £70+ to £77 for Texel x from GC & G Taylor, Crook with longest keep lambs to £66.50 for Charollais x. A large crowd of buyers present all keen to fill orders.   A strong show is needed for the final sale of the year, December 8th.  

Cast Cows
– Fr: 121.5p/kg Pit Farm, 117.5p/kg Far Audlands, 111.5p/kg Burneside Hall, 106.5p/kg Bradley. Lim: 152.5p/kg Millbrow, 149.5p/kg North Lodge, 129.5p/kg Low Haygarth, 122.5p/kg Bramaskew. Here: 125.5p/kg Croft Foot. Sim: 112.5p/kg Luneside. Blo: 104.5p/kg Castle Syke. BB: 114.5p/kg Brow Head, 108.5p/kg Moss Howe Farm, 103.5p/kg Scar Sykes. AA: 132.5p/kg Keerfalls Forrest, 113.5p/kg Low Haygarth, 112.5p/kg Lane Ends, 107.5p/kg Yew Tree. SRW: 124.5p/kg Low Sizergh. MRI: 127.5p/kg Piked Howe, 121.5p/kg Low House. Mont: 110.5p/kg Low Sizergh. Luing: 149.5p/kg High House.  
Cast Heifers – Fr: 147.5p/kg Burneside Hall, 134.5p/kg Middle Birkby Hall.  
Cast Bulls – Lim: 136.5p/kg High Arnside. Luing: 125.5p/kg High House.  
Store Bullocks – Fr: £520, £475, £440 Bellart Howe. Lim: £910 & £890 Blades, £835 Bradley. Here: £810 Milton Mill. AA: £880 Keerfalls Forrest, £795 Hall Bank, £660 Milton Mill. MRI: £415 Piked Howe.  
Store Heifers – Lim: £905 Bramaskew, £830 Blades, £775 Bradley Farm, £690 Moss Howe. Char: £570 Fairbank. Here: £270 Piked Howe. Baz: £655, £570, £560 Fairbank.   Store Bull – Lim: £860 Millbrow, £560 Castle Syke.  
Store Lambs – Suff: £82.50 Tarnside, £80 Yoad Pot, £79.50 The Orchard. Cont: £75 High Wray. Masham: £66 Steps. Mule: £74.50 Gilpin Farm, £74. Low Hundhowe, £70 High Borrowbridge & Well Foot, £69.50 Quarry Top. Swale: £48.50 & £45 Yoad Pot. RF: £54.50 Gotegill, £50 Steps, £48 High Bridgestone. Char: £83 Stribers, £78 Gilpin, £71 Fold Farm. Chev: £72 Quarry Top. Tex: £81 High House, £80.50 Sunny Bank, £79. The Borrans, £78.50 High Deepslack. Lleyn: £72.00 Fell End.  

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