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Lancaster Monday 10/10/11

Posted Monday, 10 October 2011, 11.08am



The improvement in prime sheep prices at the tail end of last week continued on Monday when North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had a much improved entry of prime lambs to average 167p/kg.  This was up over 7p/kg on the week.  There were more buyers in the ring and plenty of wagons on the docks looking for lambs to go straight to the abattoir.  All classes were dearer and the top price of 203p/kg went to AP Smith, Tenters Farm for Texel lambs purchased by Michael Lomax of Bolton.  Lambs also sold to £78.50 for Suffolk x lambs purchased by St Merryn Foods from FK & FM Woodhouse, Fell End Farm. A similar entry of cast sheep continue to sell well with more numbers needed on the day.   


An improved entry of prime bulls met the best trade yet seen at Lancaster Market.  Bulls averaged 193p/kg for all breeds including dairy bred.  A top price of 206.5p/kg went to JA & J Harper, Capplethwaite Hall for a Belgian Blue bull which was purchased at £1329.86 by Mr Frank Towers of Wray.  The vast majority of bulls on the day made over £1000.  

It was good to see another increase in prime cattle numbers.  Trade was marvellous on the day with several animals achieving over 190p/kg.  The overall sale average was 187p/kg selling to a top of 202.5p/kg to DW & NM Alderson, High Green for a Limousin heifer purchased by Mr Roy Schofield.    

Top Prices  
– Suffolk: £78.50 Fell End Farm; £75.50 Walnut Tree; £72 Burrow Heights; £70 Bradlow.  Cont: £69 Wilson Wood.  Texel: £77 Parks Farm Barn; £76 Mearsbeck Farm; £75.50 Hutton Roof Hall, Wilson Wood; £75 Malt Dubs; £74.50 Longstripes Farm; £74 Underley Estate, Millbeck.  Char: £77 Borrans Farm; £76 Gibraltar Farm; £73 Burrow Heights Farm; £68 Cocker House Farm.  Mule: £73.50 Bank Farm; £67.50 Borrans Farm; £67.50 Yates Farm; £65 Oak Head Farm, Cragg End.  Masham: £62.50 Thwaite Gate. Chev: £72.50 Underley Estate.  Horned: £53 Appletree Farm.  Leicester: £65 Cragg End.  Jacob: £50.50 Farleton House.  
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £88 Parks Farm Barn; £70 Hutton Roof Hall.  Mule: £71 Yeat House; £70 Low Woodedge Farm; £68 Ellers Farm.  Horned: £51 Hare Appletree; £50 Rooten Brook.   
PRIME CATTLE – Lim Heifers: 202.5p/kg, 201.5p/kg High Green; 192.5p/kg Moss House Farm; 185.5p/kg New Close; 169.5p/kg Wild Boar Farm.  Char Heifers: 193.5p/kg Wild Boar Farm.  Blonde Heifers: 193.5p/kg New Close.  BB Heifers: 187.5p/kg Moss House Farm; 182.5p/kg Abrahams farm; 172.5p/kg Wilb Boar Farm.  Lim Bullocks: 187.5p/kg Moss House Farm. BB Bullocks: 176.5p/kg Abrahams Farm.  
PRIME BULLS– BB: 206.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall.  Lim: 204.5p/kg, 199.5p/kg, 197.5p/kg Manor Farm; 199.5p/kg, 194.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 189.5p/kg Lane House, Far Orrest.  Char: 194.5p/kg Stirzakers Farm.  Sim: 196.5p/kg, 193.5p/kg, 190.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.  Mont: 191.5p/kg Lane House.  Fr: 188.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.    

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