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Lancaster Friday 14/10/11

Posted Tuesday, 18 October 2011, 11.03am



North West Auctions Lancaster continued its run of excellent Friday sales with a tremendous entry of 640 store cattle including the Annual Prize Show & Sale of Suckled Calves.  Also in the market on the day were 122 Cast Cows & Over Thirty Month Cattle, 60 Rearing Calves and 20 pens of Store Lambs.  

The Annual Suckled Calf Prize Show saw an increased entry of cattle on offer this year and in line with recent trades, prices were well up on last year.  Judging was in the capable hands of Jim Whitworth from Bolton-le-Sands and his champion pick of the day was a Limousin Suckler Bullock from RG & H Preece, Thornbush (pictured above with Richard Preece left and Jim Whitworth) which went on to make £720.  

1st   RG & H Preece, Thornbush  £720  (Lim) Champion
2nd  RH & C Ayrton, Ouzelthorn £580  (Sim)
3rd   RH & C Ayrton, Ouzelthorn £720  (BB)  
1st   T Ayrton & Sons, Yates Farm £720 (Lim)
2nd  RG & H Preece, Thornbush  £650 (BB)  
1st  H Hull, Longlands Farm   £720  (Lim)
2nd RH & C Ayrton, Ouzelthorn £760  (Lim)
3rd  H Hull, Longlands Farm  £600  (Lim)    
Another very good entry of store cattle found less well fleshed strong cattle in the market and a bigger proportion of plainer dairy bred sorts.  Trade across the board was easier than the previous week’s excellent prices even so all cattle looked to be a competitive trade on the day with bullocks topping at £1250 to RH Dodgson, Kilburn for a pen of Limousins.  Store heifers sold to £1080 for a pair of British Blues from B Clark, High Fell Gate  

Earlier in the day another tremendous entry of 122 cast cows averaged a pleasing 119.32p/kg topping at 167.5p/kg to D Winder, Hillam Farm for an Angus x cow.  Cows also topped at £1056 to JE & AC Clarke of Cringleber for a Belgian Blue.  OTM heifers were in much demand topping at 194.5p/kg to F & JM Mason, Mireside for a British Blue heifer which also made £1064.  OTM Steers topped at 179.5p/kg to DJ Schofield, Primrose Bank for a Limousin.  Messrs F & E Shaw of Billinge Scar Farm topped the market with a price of £1315 for an Angus x bullock.         

A larger entry of calves this week best described as a sea of black & white.  Beef calves sold to advantage to farmer buyers topping at £228 for a 22 day old BB bull from J Bargh & Son, Morecambe.  Black & Whites topped at £122 for a 26 day old calf from JM Capstick, Brantbeck with a further 9 over £100.  Medium rearers £50+ with nothing much under £30.  Next week’s sale to include 10 beef bred calves 3-5 months old.    

The fortnightly sale of store lambs attracted a large crowd of buyers all keen to purchase lambs resulting in a price rise of up to £5 per head for all types of lambs.  The day’s top price of £59.50 was achieved for Texel x Cheviots from WI & HA Gorst, Cragg Farm and the same price for Mules from JM & ED Hutchinson, Pott Yeats.  Long keep lambs topped at £59 for Beltex x from T Jackson, Forton with only the smallest lambs under £53.  Next store lamb sale at Lancaster will be Friday 28th October, please advise entries to enable us to inform buyers.          

– Lim: £1250 Kilburn House; £1240 Station Hotel; £1200 Weavers Farm, North Farm; £1150 Gibraltar Farm; £1140 Low Fell End; £1110 Intack Farm.  Char: £1220 Station Hotel; £1130 Clarksons Farm; £1090 Low Barrows Green; £1070 Aynsome Manor; £1060 Crooklands Farm.  Hfd: £1190 Godson House Farm; £990 Daniel Fold Farm, Squires Gate Farm; £800 Pasture House; £770 Cragg Farm.  Sim: £1100 Primrose Bank; £990 Intack Farm; £920 Low Fell End.  Blonde: £1040 Myerscough Hall; £940 Gibraltar Farm.  BB: £970 Manor Farm; £950 Hill Top; £920 Stubb Place Farm.  Angus: £1110 Low Levens, Forton Bank; £1030 Godson House Farm; £1020 Underhelm Farm, Weavers Farm.  Welsh Black: £850 Cragg Farm.  Stabiliser: £800 Carlingwha.  British Blue: £1190 Roe Farm; £1100 Gibraltar Farm; £1070 Kilburn House; £1050 Hill Top; £950 Yew Tree Farm; £920 Aynsome Manor, Moss House Farm; Manor Farm.  Mont: £1010 North Farm; £950 Forton Bank; £930 Weavers Farm.  Fr: £940 Low Levens; £890 Gibraltar Farm, Wyre Farm; £880 Daniel Fold Farm, North Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1000 Brow Farm; £980 Hillam Farm; £970 Myerscough Hall; £900 Bouthwaite; £900 Ouzelthorn; £890 Greenbank Farm. BB: £1080 High Fell Gate; £980 Over Houses; £960 Yew Tree Farm; £830 Stubb Place Farm.  AA: £1040 Low Levens Farm; £970 Brow Foot; £970 Myerscough Hall; £860 Moss House Farm; £950 Cropper Farm.  Char: £840 Greenbank Farm.  Hfd: £760 Jolley Fold Farm; £740 Park Farm.  Sim: £760 Jolly Fold Farm; £670 Throstle Nest Farm; £530 Marsh House Farm.  Blonde: £970 Myerscough Hall.  British Blue: £1080 High Fell Gate; £860 Mount Pleasant; £840 Docker Hall; £810 Park Farm; £800 Ouzelthorn Farm; £780 Hall Croft Barn. STORE BULLS – Lim: £760 Lower Swainshead Farm; £720 Longlands Farm; £650 Ancliffe Hall Farm.  AA: £700 Aughton House Farm.
BREEDING CATTLE – In-calf British Blue Heifers £820 Grisedale Farm.  
CAST COWS - Lim: 161.5p/kg Holme Fields; 159.5p/kg Hutton Roof Hall, High Fell Gate; 139.5p/kg Mosergh Farm.  AA: 167.5p/kg Hillam Farm; 164.5p/kg Cringleber.  BB: 139.5p/kg Over Houses; 134.5p/kg Cringleber; 121.5p/kg Fell End Farm.  Fr: 154.5p/kg Langthwaite Heights; 141.5p/kg Priory Farm; 139.5p/kg Dove Cote Farm; 131.5p/kg Spital Farm, Catshaw Hall Farm.  Mont: 124.5p/kg Dale Barns.
OTM HEIFERS – BB: 194.5p/kg Mireside Farm.  Lim: 189.5p/kg Avondale; 161.5p/kg Hillam Farm.  Swedish R&W: 157.5p/kg White Lund Farm.  Hfd: 147.5p/kg Cockerham Hall Farm.  Fr: 149.5p/kg Cocker House Farm; 144.5p/kg Dove Cote; 141.5p/kg Beck House.  
CAST BULLS/OTM STEERS – Lim: 179.5p/kg Primrose Bank.  Hfd: 167.5p/kg North Farm.  BB: 164.5p/kg Greenfield Barn; 147.5p/kg Over Houses.  AA: 144.5p/kg Billinge Scar Farm.  Fr: 119.5p/kg Holme House.
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Fr: £122 Brantbeck; £112 New Brows Farm; £105 Rose Farm; £100 Cocker House Farm; £85 Birds Park Farm; £75 Pasture Barn Farm.  Hfd:  £400 (stirk) Moss End Farm.  Shorthorn: £55 School House.  British Blue: £500 (stirk) Moss End Farm; £228 North Farm; £220 Norbreck Farm.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £170 Rose Farm.  British Blue: £200 Norbreck Farm. AA: £160 Rose Farm.  
STORE LAMBS– Mule: £59.50 Pott Yeats; £58.50 Wall End Farm.  Suffolk: £58 Cobble Hey.  Texel: £58.50 Wall End Farm; £58.50 Yealand Manor; £57 Cobble Hey, Stirk Hey.  Beltex x: £59 Veldor.  Chev: £59.50 Cragg Farm.  


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