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Kendal Tuesday 25th October 2011

Posted Wednesday, 26 October 2011, 10.44am


Prime sheep numbers continue to hold up very well at NWA Kendal. This week another excellent entry of more than 2,000 prime sheep met a sharper trade than the previous week to average a very pleasing 169ppk. As expected fed lambs were in much demand selling to a top price of 200ppk for a super quality pen of Beltex lambs from John Thompson, Poppy Farm. These were 40kg and were sold at £80 to Jim Hadwin, Butcher of Mansergh.  

Cast ewes were in great demand with bidders falling over themselves to buy from the strongest lowland ewes to the plainest hill sheep. A top mark of £127 went to C B Hoggarth, Davy Bank for a good pen of Continental ewes. Mule ewes were good to sell all day with several pens over £80   It was great to see new faces coming forward with lambs and ewes to sell with confidence at Kendal   Only a few black and white bull calves but they sold up to £50    


PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £80,£78 Poppy Farm; £79 Moss End Farm, Scarside Farm; £78.50,£76.50 Low Longmire; £78 Lambrigg Head. Char: £77 Kirket Nook, Gibraltar Farm; £76 Millness Hall; £76,£75 Gibraltar Farm; £74 Myers Farm. Suff: £79,£73.50 Mutton Hall; £76 Meadow Oaks; £75.50 Crabtree Farm; £74 Nook Farm, New Close. Mule: £72 Mutton Hall, Thursgill; £71.50,£70.50 Low Longmire; £71 Well Foot; £70 Old School House. Cont: £71 Garnett House; £67 Larkrigg; £61.50 Brant House. Dorset: £71 Yealand Manor. Rough: £70,£62.50 Cotegill; £64,£62 Bracken Hill; £60 Moss End Farm. Horned: £60 Castle Syke; £58 Moss End Farm; £55 Kit Cragg.  

CAST SHEEP – Cont: £127,£84 Davy Bank; £90 Low Woodhouse; £73 Sturdy Bank.  Suff: £90 Yew Tree House; £90,£74,£70 North Farm. Horned: £100,£64 Little Moss Side.  Texel: £92 North Farm; £90,£78 Lowgill Farm; £86 Ivy House; £80 Sturdy Bank. Leic: £74 Ivy House; £66 Old School House. Mule: £84,£83 North Farm; £81 New Close; £80 Lowgill Farm; £78 Poppy Farm; £77 Green Close; £76 Nook Farm.  Rough: £73 Moss End Farm; £69,£64 High Swinklebank; £69 Cotegill; £62 Woodside. Swale: £59 Mid town House; £53 Whelpside Farm; £49 Beech Tops; £47 High Loanthwaite. Masham: £66 Ivy House. Herdwick: £52 Overmere; £35 Gill Hall; £34 Ellerthwaite.        

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