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Kendal Tuesday 11/10/11

Posted Wednesday, 12 October 2011, 11.07am

North West Auctions are pleased to report 1380 lambs sold to a rising trade with all lambs averaging a pleasing170p/kg at Kendal Mart on Tuesday (a rise of 19p/kg on the week).  Well finished lambs were easily sold to a top of 199p/kg for a pen of ten 40kg Texels from JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm and these were purchased by local butcher Jim Hadwin for £79.50 per head.  Top price per head of £80 went to SJ & NS Wood, Causeway.  

340 cast sheep came forward for sale and continue to sell well.  Texel ewes sold to £99 from A E Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm.  Large framed ewes regularly £70+ with all types today averaging a pleasing £58 which included a large proportion of hill ewes.  

A larger show of calves this week sold to £290 for Limousin bull from B Wilson, Spout House.  Black & White bulls topped at £130 from F Barnes & Son, Woodhouse Farm.  

The monthly sale attracted an increased crowd of buyers with the majority of pigs sold.  In pig sows sold to £130, breeding gilts to £90 and all store pigs averaged £22.    

- Texel: £80 Causeway Farm; £79.50 Poppy Farm, Topthorn Farm; £78 Riddings, Lambrigg Head; £77.50 Mountain View, Lowgill Farm.  Suffolk: £77 Ulpha Farm; £76.50 Brow Head; £76 Meadow Oaks; £75.50 Riddings; £75 Hallbeck; £74.50 Mountain View; £74 Crabtree Farm; £73 Must Hill.  Char: £77.50  Borrans Farm; £77 Myers Farm; £76 Gibraltar Farm; £74.50 Cooper House; £74 Larkrigg. Mule: £72 Strickland Hill; £72 Garnett House, Middle Sadghyll, Middale Farm; £69 Roundthwaite Abbey.  Masham: £71.50 Middale Farm. Horned: £69 Bracken Hill; £63.50 Cotegill; £62.50 Steps Farm.  
CAST SHEEP - Cont: £99 Stubb Farm; £89 Lowgill Farm; £88 Riddings; £84 Sproat Ghyll; £83 Poppy Farm; £76 Low Gregg Hall; £74 Cragg Farm.  Mule: £89 Scroggs Farm; £77 Garnett House, Hill Farm; £75 Lowgill Farm; £74 Poppy Farm, Low Newton Farm; £73 Dale View.  Rough Fell: £73 Steps Farm; £68 High Swinklebank; £65 Sproat Ghyll; £61 Riddings.  Chev: £63 School House.  Swaledale: £72 (ram) High Skelgill; £52 Low Newton Farm; £47 Strickland Hill.  
BULL CALVES – Lim: £290 Spout House; £280 Hall Farm.  AA: £180 Espford Farm.  British Blue: £280 Sunny Bank.  Fr: £130 Woodhouse Farm; £95 Espford Farm; £62 Natland Mill Beck; £55 Cracalt Farm.  
PIGS – Saddleback Gilts £72 Brougham Hall Farm.  In-pig Saddleback x Gilts £90 Stoneyhead Hall.  Geld Sow £90 Low House Farm.  Welsh x Stores £34 Bascodyke.  Pietrain x Stores £32 Holme Head.  Large White x £28 Mansrigg Hall.  Saddleback x Weaners £18 Winscale Farm; £16 Nissan Huts.          

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