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Kendal Thursday 13/10/11

Posted Tuesday, 18 October 2011, 11.05am

NWA Kendal enjoyed a pleasing fortnightly sale of Beef Breeding and Store Cattle.  Young Breeding Bulls sold to a top of £1,500 for a pure Limousin from F I & M E Little, Helm Croft.  Cows and calves met a good local demand selling to £1,500 for a Limousin x heifer with heifer calf from E J Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg Head.

Another pleasing entry of over 100 store cattle sold to a full ringside of buyers from the neighbouring counties and as far afield as Cheshire and South Wales.  All cattle sold to a competitive trade for 4 month old bullocks to the strongest heifers. The day’s top price of £1,085 was achieved for a pen of Belgian Blue heifers from JW & HM Metcalf & Son, Gatebeck.  Strongest steers sold to £920 for a pen of Limousin x from T G & B Todd, Garsdale. Yearlings topped at £740 for a pen of Limousin bullocks from R I Dixon, Low Newton, who also sold heifers to £760.  We have buyers present for all types of cattle with a strong entry requested for the next sale on Thursday 27th October.  Entries for the catalogue close Friday 21st October.   The sale also included the best entry of Cast Cows for several months with 86 head sold through the ring.  Trade was better than expected with an overall average of 112.6p/kg including many more plain grade Friesians.  Quality Continental cows were very good to sell topping at 163.5p/kg to Messrs Atkinson, Capplerigg.  Cows also sold to £1,134.06 to F W Park, Bannerigg.  Cast heifers topped at 162.5p/kg to T A Chapman & Son, Lane Head for a Limousin heifer.  Cast Bulls sold to 139.5p/kg to G & P Middleton, Low House for a Limousin Bull.      

Lim:  £910, Blades; £860 Low Barrows Green; £810, £755 Kirkby Hall; £740 Low Newton;  £720 West Plain.  Ang: £895 Barkin House Barn. Brit Blue: £810 Barrows Green Farm; £625 Middle Birkby Farm.  Short: £775 Thrang.  Blon: £730 Grange House Farm; £680 Low House. Stab: £730, £660 Grange House Farm.  Fries: £590 Hall Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1085, £1070, £920 Low Bracken Hall; £840, £770 North Lodge;  £810 Cotegill; £760 Low Newton Farm;  £690 High Skelgill; £680 Gilpin Farm.  Char: £750 Low Barrows Green; £695 High Skelgill. Blon: £695, £635 Low House; £580 Grange House Farm. Stab: £675, £580 Grange House Farm. Here: £550, £545 Little Crimbles.  Brit Blue: £485, £460 Crosscrake Farm.        
STORE BULLS – BB: £695 Barkin House Barn.
BREEDING CATTLE – Lim Bulls: £1500 Helm Croft.  Lim Cow & Bull Calf: £1480 Gowan Bank; £1460 Lambrigg Head Farm.  Lim Hfr & Hfr Calf: £1500, £1100 Lambrigg Head Farm.  In-calf Lim Cows: £880 High Borrowbridge.
CAST COWS – Lim: 163.5p/kg Capplerigg Farm; 161.5p/kg Cotegill; 149.5p/kg Blades Farm; 147.5p/kg Rydal Farm; 141.5p/kg Gowan Bank; 140.5p/kg Poppy Farm.  BB: 122.5p/kg Low Barrows Green; 119.5p/kg Bannerigg Farm; 117.5p/kg Singleton Park.  AA: 119.5p/kg Croft Foot.  Fr: 124.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall; 119.5p/kg Capplerigg Farm.  Swedish R&W: 110.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm.
CAST HEIFERS – Lim: 162.5p/kg Lane Head Farm; 147.5p/kg Town Foot, West Plain Farm.  Fr: 114.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall.
CAST STEERS – Lim: 139.5p/kg Low House; 123.5p/kg Town Foot.  Fr: 138.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall.

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