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Kendal Store Cattle Thursday 27th October

Posted Friday, 28 October 2011, 10.43am


 A very pleasing entry of 330 cattle sold to a ringside of buyers all keen to purchase stock with several new buyers present from Wales and the eastern counties.   

A strong show of over 20 show calves were presented before Mrs Hannah Mason of Caton in three classes.  The overall championship was awarded to a 7 month old Blonde x bullock from T W & C Shepherd, Nook Farm which sold to Messrs Gore, Shewsbury for £830.  A very pleasing trade was had throughout the sale with all vendors satisfied with prices achieved.  

The sale concluded with store cattle which sold to a top price of £1,000 for a pen of Limousin x bullocks from J H Barker, Stribers Farm.  

OTM & Cast Cows continue to sell to a competitive trade, topping at 161.5p/kg for a Limousin x from S W Atkinson & Son, Crook.  

Next sale of Store Cattle is Thursday 10th November – please enter your stock, it does help to inform buyers.  


Class 1 – Suckler Heifer

1st        S G Benson, Horrace             sold for £690   to Messrs Jones

2nd       D J Clarke, Tullithwaite Hall   sold for £670   to Messrs Jones

3rd        S Procter, High Biggarsbank  sold for £670   to Messrs Jones  

Class 2 – Suckler Bullock

1st        T W & C S Shepherd, Nook Farm (Also Champion)                    

                                                         sold for £830   to Messrs Gore

2nd       J W Hodgson, Dale End         sold for £720   to Messrs Little

3rd        S G Benson, Horrace             sold for £690   to R Steadman  

Class 3 – Suckler Bull

1st        W H Kitching & Sons, Hawes Farm       sold for £610  to J Bowling     

Suckler Steers            to         £890    average £618

Suckler Heifers           to         £770    average £535

Suckler Bulls               to         £720    average £553  


STORE BULLOCKS – Lim:  £1,000,£830,£790,£720 Stribers Farm; £890 Bowkerstead; £760 Low Newton; £720,£710 Dale End; £700 Chapel House. Char: £710,£630,£610 High Wray; £680 Fairbank Farm; £640 Tock How Farm, Ashes. Luing: £840,£790,£780,£760,£720 Low Moor Howe Farm. Blonde: £830,£740,£690, Nook Farm; £700 Lileyaks; £660 Steps Farm. BrB: £780 Mireside; £690,£630,£590 Horrace Farm; £650,£600,£590 High Low Wood.  Baz: £700,£650,£640 Fairbank Farm. Ang: £640 High Wray; £600,£590 Bank House Farm. Saler: £640 Greaves Farm.  Fr: £570,£490 Hall Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £790 Bowkerstead; £770,£670,£640 Tullithwaite Hall; £720 Singleton Park; £690 Horrace Farm; £680 Low Haygarth; £650 Low Newton; £640 Oaks Farm. Char: £730 Dawson Fold; £600 Tock How Farm, Ashes, High Wray; £590 Ashes, High Wray. Blonde: £590 Bank House Farm; £560 Steps Farm; £500,£490,£460 Lileyaks; £480 Singleton Park, Long Green Head, Low Fold. BrB: £670 High Biggarsbank; £620 High Hallbeck, Horrace Farm; £570,£540,£490 High Low Wood. Baz: £770,£580,£520 Fairbank Farm. Ang: £490,£430 Greenbank Farm; £460 Bank House Farm.        

STORE BULLS – Lim: £860,£770 Patton Mill Farm; £720 Middle Sadghyll; £610 Hawes Farm; £600 High Arnside Farm; £590,£560 Ashstead; £580 Dub How; £570 Singleton Park. Char: £610,£550 Fell House; £510 Dub How, Matson Farm. Sim: £620 High Skelgill; £540 Dub How. Blonde: £700,£540,£450 Low Fold; £650,£570,£560 Long Green Head. Ang: £590,£560 Greenbank Farm. BrB: £570 Dub How.   

CAST COWS – Lim: 161.5p/kg Docker Hall; 154.5p/kg Dale End; 149.5p/kg Capplerigg Farm; 137.5p/kg ,129.5p/kg Bramaskew; 131.5p/kg Tock How Farm. Mont: 135.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm. SwRedW: 131.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm; 129.5p/kg Ravens Lodge.  BB: 125.5p/kg Ashstead, Mutton Hall; 109.5p/kg Tullithwaite Hall. Char: 123.5p/kg High Skelgill. Here: 123.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm. Fr: 126.5p/kg Capplerigg Farm; 121.5p/kg,117.5p/kg,107.5p/kh Bridge End Farm; 113.5p/kg,111.5p/kg Bradley Farm; 105.5p/kg,101.5p/kg Arklid Farm; 103.5p/kg Greaves Farm.

CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 133.5p/kg Bridge End Farm; 117.5p/kg Low Brundrigg; SwedRW: 117.5p/kg Ravens Lodge.

CAST BULLS – Lim: 127.5p/kg Singleton Park..

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