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Lancaster Monday 31/01/11

Posted Monday, 31 January 2011, 3.56pm

North West Auctions held their weekly sale of primestock which saw hoggs, once again, keenly competed for from a ringside full of buyers.

All hoggs averaged a very pleasing 178.3p/kg, topping at 210p/kg for Texel x hoggs from J H Gardner, Moss Cottage purchased by Lancaster Meats ltd, who paid £88 for the pen. Top price per head today was £90 for Texels from G H Sanderson, Blackleach House Farm again purchased by Lancaster Meats. Horned lambs saw particular strong trade selling to a height of £70 (175p/kg) with several buyers for these types. A larger entry of ewes were again easily sold to a top of £85 for Texel ewes from R & DM Cardwell, Moss Side Farm and the same price was also achieved by GH Sanderson, Blackleach House. All cast sheep averaged £64.91 on a day when many more could have been sold. All cast sheep averaged £64.91 on a day when many more could have been sold. A reduced entry of prime cattle once again met a competitive trade. Top price of 182.5p/kg was achieved fro a Limousin heifer from T H & D Cornthwaite, Low Tarn Green selling to local butcher, C J Bowker, Bolton le Sands. Top price per head was achieved by the same vendor, this being a Limousin x steer selling for £1012.10 to Bowland Foods Ltd., Preston. Bulls continue to sell well the prices this week reaching 160.5p/kg for a Simmental x from J & D Barton & Son, Calcalds Farm purchased by Bowland Foods. The same buyer also gave the top price per head of £995.40 for a Limousin x bull from I Holden, Wyre Farm.


PRIME HOGGS - Texel: £90,£86 Blackleach House Farm; £89.50, £86, £85, £84.50, £83 North Farm; £86, £82 Moss Cottage; £84 Overdale; £83 Moss Side Farm; £82 Oak Head Farm; £81 Moorville; £78.50 Low Pleasant. Suffolk: £85.50 Blackleach House Farm; £84, £80.50, £79.50, £77 North Farm. Charollais: £86.50, £80, North Farm; £76 Throstle Grove Farm. Cheviot: £70.50 Marshaw Farm; £70, £65 Longstripes Farm. Horned: £76, £70, £67, £62 Fell End Farm; £64 Marshaw Farm. Masham: £80 Allcocks Farm. Cont: ££78, £75.50 Burrow Heights Farm. Mule: £82.50 North Farm; £73.50 Fell End Farm; £71 Longstripes Farm; £70.50 Quarry House Farm..

CAST SHEEP – Texel: £85 Moss Side Farm, Blackleach House Farm; £79 Moorville; £78 Low Pleasant; £77 Fell End Farm; £74 Lyndale; £73 Burrow Heights Farm. Charollais: £77, £76, £73 Throstle Grove Farm. Suffolk: £80 Moorville; £66 Lyndale. Cheviot: £79, £77, £70 Low Tarn Green Mule: £69 Low Tarn Green; £67 Burrow Heights Farm, Brown Brook; £64 Ellers Farm, Lyndale. Horned: £55 Hare Apple Tree; £43 Brown Brook.

PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 182.5p/kg, 177.5p/kg Low Tarn Green; 173.5p/kg, 158.5p/kg, 157.5p/kg, 149.5p/kg New Close. Stab: 148.5p/kg Low Foulshaw.

PRIME STEERS – Lim: 174.5p/kg, 159.5p/kg Low Tarn Green.

PRIME BULLS - Sim: 160.5p/kg, 152.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 158.5p/kg, 148.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. Lim: 157.5p/kg, 151.5p/kg Wyre Farm. BB: 146.5p/kg, 142.5p/kg Yeat House.

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