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Lancaster Friday 28/01/11

Posted Monday, 31 January 2011, 3.55pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart enjoyed another highly successful sale last Friday.

The sale began with an excellent entry of 101 Cast Cows & Over Thirty Month Cattle. These were in great demand throughout to average in excess of 105p/kg. A top price of 149.5p/kg went to Ballacutchel Farms Ltd., Isle of Man for a Limousin Cow. The top price per head was £1102 for a Limousin Cow from D Kelly, Netherhall Farm. Cast Heifers sold to 144.5p/kg for a Blonde from J E Wightman, Crabtree Farm. Cast Bulls were very dear selling to 134.5p/kg (£1396) from E J Ward & Sons, Intack Farm. All weights and grades of cows were in much demand.

A reduced entry of Store Cattle was presented to a busy ring of buyers, many of whom went home short of cattle. Steers averaged a superb £774, topping at £1140 for a pen of Limousin steers from Fred Barnes, Crow Trees Farm. A plainer entry of Heifers averaged £687, selling to £1042 from W J Etherington & Sons, Willow House Farm for Charolais bred heifers. An improved entry of store bulls averaged almost £600, topping at £760 from W & T Danson & Son, Boundary House.

Quality calves continue to come forward at this sale and vendors were, once again, very happy with prices achieved. Top price of the day being £370 for a BB x bull from R R & J A Knowles, who also had a Ang bull to £300. Fewer heifers this week with farmers present looking for rearing heifers. BB x selling to £205 for young calves from F G & M R Martin. Black & whites continue to meet strong demand with G & M E Woodhouse & Sons selling to £100 with all B & Ws averaging £50.33. More are needed each week.

A small entry of hoggs topped at £54 from Mr S Sailor, Bull Copy Farm


STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1140 Crow Trees; £1100, £1090 High House; £1050 Weavers Farm; £990 Endmoor Farm; £950 Thornbush Farm; £920 Birks Farm; £900 Walmsley Fold. Char: £1090 Holmegarth; £750 Langthwaite Heights. BB: £960 Shaws Farm; £920 Willow House Farm; £780, £730 Mount Pleasant Farm. AA: £930 Weavers Farm; £920 Shaws Farm; £910, £860, £820 Cock Hall Farm; £850 Ridge Farm. Sim: £880, £740 Wyre Farm; £830 Crabtree Farm. Cont: £870 Willow House Farm. Here: £860 Old Glasson Farm, £660 Mount Pleasant Farm; £630 Marsh Farm. Fr: £740 Newsham Hall Farm; £730, £690 Slack Farm; £720 Outerthwaite; £670 Church Farm. Ayr: £600, £560 Snapewood Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Char: £1040 Willow House Farm; £760 Middle Ridge Farm; £730 Langthwaite Heights. BB: £920, £670 Stubb Place Farm; £790, £740 Marsh Farm; £730 Cracalt Farm; £640 Ellers Farm; £560 Kendal Hill; Stab: £900, £670 Low Foulshaw Farm. Lim: £860 Walmsley Fold; £840 Wyre Farm; £800 Rowell Farm; £760 Ivy Farm; £690 Jolley Fold Farm; £670 Helm Croft; £630 Newsham Hall Farm; £620 Cracalt Farm. AA: £820 Winston, Forton Bank; £760 Ivy Farm; £710 Brow Foot Farm. Here: £740 High House; £690 Jolley Fold Farm; £590 High House; £470 Blenkett Farm. SwR: £690 Jolly Fold Farm. Sim: £650 Marsh Farm. FR: £600 Cracalt Farm; £590 College Green. Blo: £590 Eskew Beck. Cont: £590 College Green.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £760, £750, £670, Boundary House; £600 Ancliffe Hall Farm. BB: £600, £520 Lords Plain; £540 Boundary House.

CAST COWS – Lim: 149.5p/kg, 147.5p/kg, 144.5p/kg, 139.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farms; 139.5p/kg Netherhall Farm, Elm Bank Farm; 131.5p/kg Winston, Ouzelthorn Farm; 127.5p/kg White Carr Farm; 117.5p/kg Upp Hall. BB: 139.5p/kg, 134.5p/kg, 117.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farms; 124.5p/kg Winston. AA: 137.5p/kg, Netherhall Farm. Char: 131.5p/kg Winston, 109.5p/kg White Carr Farm. Sim: 129.5p/kg Winston; 114.5p/kg Upp Hall, Mewith Head Hall; 109.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm. FR: 117.5p/kg Winston, Gibraltar Farm; 114.5p/kg Greaves Farm, Strickland Hill, Chapel House; 111.5p/kg Underhelm Farm, Walkers i’th Fields, Blackwood End; 109.5p/kg Greaves Farm, Walkers i’th Fields. SwR: 94.5p/kg Sandvilla.

CAST HEIFERS – Blo: 144.5p/kg Crabtree Farm. BB: 114.5p/kg Elm Bank Farm. Fr: 114.5p/kg Burneside Hall.

CAST STEERS –. Fr: 111.5p/kg Elm Bank Farm.

CAST BULL –. LIM: 134.5p/kg Intack Farm.

BULL STIRKS/CALVES – BB: £370 Myers Farm; £243, £240, £215, £185 Lords Plain;£195 Birds Park. AA: £300 Myers Farm. Sho: £120, £70 School House. Fr: £100, £72 Boldens.

HEIFER STIRKS/CALVES – BB: £205, £195 Lords Plain; £170 Birds Park Farm. AA: £125 Gibsons Farm.

STORE HOGGS – Suff: £54 Bull Copy Farm. Char: £50 Bull Copy Farm.

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