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Lancaster Friday 21/01/11

Posted Saturday, 22 January 2011, 3.27pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held another successful Friday sale of store & breeding stock. An excellent catalogue entry of 405 store cattle was complemented with over 70 cast cows & over thirty month cattle, 44 rearing calves and a few pens of store lambs.

The store cattle trade has eased very slightly but strong cattle remain very good to sell this being a feature of Lancaster Market. Store bullocks sold to a top price of £1220 from RH Dodgson, Kilburn House for a run of Charolais bullocks. Heifers sold to £980 from M Southern, Bugle Horn Farm for Belgian Blues.

The cast cow trade continues to strengthen with an excellent average of 104.39p/kg topping at 159.5p/kg for a British Blue cow from JR Handley, College Green. Cows also sold to a top of £948.69 for a Limousin from EM Standing, Kirket Nook. Cast heifers also sold to 159.5p/kg for a Gelbvieh from JJ Woof & Sons, Millbeck which sold for £1004.85. Messrs Woof also topped the cast bull trade at 119.5p/kg for a Blonde.

The popular Friday sale of calves continues to attract new faces both selling and buying. Beef calves were a particularly strong trade with British Blues selling to the day’s top price of £380 for bulls from R Gregory, Coverdales and heifers to £225 from JH Towers & Sons, Tunstall Hall. A smaller than anticipated entry of stirks this month were all easily sold with Simmental x bulls to £425 and British Blue heifers to £415 from F & TE Park, Borwick Fold Farm. Black & White calves were wanted by several buyers and averaged £40.90. Fifty plus calves needed each week to meet the strong buyer demand.

A small entry of store hoggs topped at £65 for Texel x from GE & JA Hayhuhsrt, Brunstow.


STORE BULLOCKS – Char: £1220, £1200, £1140, £1120 Kilburn House; £960 Intack Farm, Mealsgate. Lim: £1110 Thornbush; £1100, £1080 High House; £1040 Crow Trees; £1030 Kilburn House; £990, £980 Far Mountbarrow Farm; £990 High Green. Blonde: £1010 Crow Trees; £740 Cock Hall Farm; £630 Cottams Farm. Sim: £990 Shaws Farm; £950 Far Mountbarrow Farm; £900 Littlewood Hall Farm. BB: £960 Mealsgate; £920 Shaws Farm; £910 Mireside Farm; £900 Intack Farm; £880 Carlingwha; £800, £680 Birch Croft; £800 Tarnwater Farm. AA: £990 Weavers Farm; £970 Far Mountbarrow Farm; £890 Cropper Farm; £880 High Green; £860 Billinge Hall Farm, Cock Hall Farm. Hfd: £840 Weavers Farm; £820 Cock Hall Farm. Swedish Red: £840 Weavers Farm. Fr: £740 Rowell Farm, Outerthwaite Farm, Butterfly Hall; £730 Underhelme Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – BB: £980 Bugle Horn Farm; £760, £750 Manor House Farm; £650 Walkers I’th Fields. Lim: £950, £880 Church Street; £900, £770 Crabtree Farm; £780 Lodge Farm; £730 Ivy Farm. AA: £870 Church Street; £830 Cropper Farm. Char: £760 Manor House Farm; £730 Hawkrigg End. Galloway: £620 Manor House Farm. Shorthorn: £590 Ivy Farm.

CAST COWS – Fr: 129.5p/kg Cabus Nook Farm; 121.5p/kg, 111.5p/kg, 109.5p/kg Whittington Farm; 119.5p/kg Scales Park Farm, Lane Ends Farm; 111.5p/kg Birds Park, Greaves Farm, Netherbeck Barn; 109.5p/kg Kitchen Ground Farm. Lim: 127.5p/kg Brown Brook; 124.5p/kg, 111.5p/kg Kirket Nook; 117.5p/kg, 111.5p/kg Carr House Farm. Hfd: 94.5p/kg Poplar Grove Farm. BB: 159.5p/kg College Green. 117.5p/kg Carr House Farm; 111.5p/kg Intack Farm, Sunny Bank Farm; 109.5p/kg, 94.5p/kg Millbeck. AA: 99.5p/kg Broad Oak. Galloway: 107.5p/kg Intack Farm. Mont: 107.5p/kg Dale Barns.

CAST HEIFERS – Lim: 144.5p/kg Mireside Farm. Gelbvieh: 159.5p/kg Millbeck. Fr: 119.5p/kg Underhelm Farm. Jersey: 87.5p/kg Half Way House.

CAST STEERS – Blonde: 119.5p/kg Millbeck.

BULL STIRKS/CALVES – BB: £400, £380, £360 Coverdales; £260 Tunstall Hall; £205 Brackenfold. Sim: £425 Borwick Fold Farm. Lim: £270 Hatters Farm; £210 Holly House Farm; £200, £190 Halforth Farm. AA: £155 Bank End. H/Fr: £55, £45, £42 Brackenfold; £48, £42 Tunstall Hall; £45 Endmoor Farm.

HEIFER STIRKS/CALVES – BB: £415 Borwick Fold; £300 Coverdales; £225 Tunstall Hall; £145, £120, £108 Brackenfold. Lim: £270 Hatters Farm; £138 Halforth Farm. Char: £115 Cowells Farm. AA: £125 Bank End.

STORE HOGGS – Texel: £65, £59 Brunstow; £43 Bull Copy Farm. Char: £63 Cliftons Farm; £48 Bull Copy Farm. Mule: £60.50, £42 Cliftons Farm. Suffolk: £50.50 Cliftons Farm; £46 Bull Copy Farm.

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