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Lancaster Friday 14/01/11

Posted Monday, 17 January 2011, 3.22pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart’s second Friday sale of the year continued very much in the same vain as the first sale. An auction full of buyers enjoyed a marvellous entry of 420 store cattle together with 106 cast cows, 60 rearing calves and 30 store lambs.

Store cattle were a better trade than expected considering the mixed show of cattle forward. Yet again the sale averaged of £700 per head with bullocks topping at £1130 for Charolais x bullocks from JA Salthouse, Wilson House Farm. Indeed Mr Salthouse enjoyed a fantastic day topping the heifer trade as well at £1020 again for Charolais bred cattle.

Another excellent entry of cast cows perhaps lacked the overall flesh of the previous sale but still averaged a very pleasing 97p per kilo. A top price of 147.5p/kg went to A Dixon & Son, Kit Cragg with a Stabiliser cow at £811. The top price per head for cows was £904 to K & DE Woodhouse, Kitchen Ground Farm. Cast heifers average 124.5p/kg topping at 144.5p/kg for a Limousin from ST Birkett, Hall Croft Barn selling at £975.38. Cast steers topped at 129.5p/kg £856 from I Atkinson & Son, Boon Town.

An increased entry of rearing calves included an increased proportion of black & white bull calves. Despite this the trade averaged a very pleasing £90 per head for all bull calves and £150 per head for heifer calves. A top price of £350 went to R & A Battarbee, Newhouse Farm for a British Blue young bull calf. Heifers topped at £265 also from Messrs Battarbee again for a British Blue. Young Friesian bull calves under 2 months of age topped at £75 from G & ME Woodhouse & Sons, Boldens Farm.


STORE BULLOCKS – Char: £1130, £1120 Wilson House Farm; £950 Intack Farm; £890 Middle Ridge; £840 Bouthwaite Farm; £780 Langthwaite Heights. Lim: £990, £890 High House, £960, £840 Station Hotel; £940 Crooklands Farm; £880 Woodside Farm; £850, £840 Brown Edge; £840 Cropper Farm, Downlands Farm. BB: £970 Newsham Hall Farm; £940, £850 Cragg Farm; £930, £920 £700 Marsh Farm; £920 Tarnwater Farm; £900 Park Farm; £820 The Old Stable; £800 High House; £780 Bouthwaite Farm, £660 Ouzelthorn Farm. Sim: £940 Intack Farm; £920 Park Farm; £910 Littlewood Hall Farm; £890 Hill Top Farm; £840 Cropper Farm; £700 Cross House Farm. Hfd: £900, £760 Cock Hall Farm; £800 Old Glasson Farm, High House, £790 Carr House Farm. AA: £910 Station Hotel, £900 Black Bull Farm; £890 Cock Hall Farm; £840 Cropper Farm; £840, £830 Fanny House Farm; £810 Carr House Farm; £740 Rowell Farm; £730 Sunderland Brows Farm; £710 Jolley Fold Farm. S/Devon: £890 Hill Top. Stabiliser: £960 Low Foulshaw Farm. Blue Albion: £810 Cock Hall Farm. Bazadaise: £860 Bouthwaite Farm. Brown Swiss: £750 Cock Hall Farm. Fr: £840 Wilson House Farm; £830, £770 Old Glasson Farm; £820 Marsh Farm; £780 Ellers Farm; £740 Underhelm Farm, Downlands Farm. Ayr: £680 Cock Hall Farm. Swedish R&W: £750 Cock Hall Farm, £720 Birks Farm; £710 Jolley Fold Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Char: £1020 Wilson House Farm; £960 Walmsley Fold; £830 Bouthwaite Farm; £720 Ivy Farm; £710 Eskew Beck. Lim: £950 Willow House Farm; £910, £900 Walmsley Farm; £830 Bouthwaite Farm; £790 Green Lane Farm, Rowell Farm, Ivy Farm, £790 Woodside Farm; £770 Crabtree Farm AA: £970 Fanny House Farm; £920 High House; £920 Cropper Farm. BB: £930 High House, Cragg Farm; £870 High House, Willow House Farm; £850 Spout House; £810 Marsh Farm; £770 Compley, Broughton House Farm, The Old Stable, £700 Jolley Fold Farm, £590 Ouzelthorn Farm. Sim: £860 Bouthwaite Farm; £800 Broughton House Farm; £700 Jolley Fold Farm. Blo: £640 Eskew Beck. Hfd: £740, £640 Compley; £690 Cross House Farm; £640 Spout House Farm. Shorthorn: £680 Lundholme Farm, £650 Woodside Farm. Gasconne: £760 Rowell Farm.

FEEDING BULLS – Lim: £630 Lower Swainshead Farm. Mont: £650 Cumming Carr Farm.

CAST COWS – Fr: 129.5p/kg Lawsons Farm, 124.5p/kg,111.5p/kg Kitchen Ground Farm; 117.5p/kg Blackwood End; 109.5p/kg Elm Tree Farm, Cumming Carr Farm, Booth Hall, Moors Farm; 107.5p/kg, 104.5p/kg Cocker House Farm, 107.5p/kg New Brows Farm. Lim: 129.5p/kg, 107.5p/kg Mosergh Farm; 111.5p/kg Kirket Nook, Yoad Pot; 109.5p/kg Littlewood Hall Farm; 109.5p/kg, 84.5p/kg Barker Knott; 107.5p/kg Kirket Nook; 107.5p/kg, 104.5p/kg White Carr Farm; 104.5p/kg Kit Cragg. Blo: 119.5p/kg White Carr Farm; 114.5p/kg Far Orrest; 109.5p/kg Holme House. BB: 109.5p/kg White Carr Farm; 94.5p/kg High House Farm. AA: 97.5p/kg Sunny Bank Farm. Stabiliser: 147.5p/kg, 119.5p/kg Kit Cragg. Mont: 134.5p/kg, 104.5p/kg Dale Barns, 109.5p/kg Cumming Carr Farm.

CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 129.5p/kg, 121.5p/kg Bank End Farm; 97.5p/kg Westfield House Farm. Lim: 144.5p/kg Hall Croft Barn; 137.5p/kg Heversham Hall; 124.5p/kg Sandham Farm. MRI: 124.5p/kg Littlewood Hall Farm. AA: 107.5p/kg Sandham Farm.

CAST STEERS – Fr: 129.5p/kg Boon Town Farm. Shorthorn: 107.5p/kg Heversham Hall.

BULL STIRKS – Fr: £215, £180, £135 Knowsley Farm, £175, £112 Flookburgh.

BULL CALVES – BB: £350, £290 Newhouse Farm; £230 Flookburgh; £220 Cinder Barrow; £185, £180 Sunny Bank. Lim: £280 Brantbeck. Sim: £170 Low Brundrigg. AA: £195, £190 Pump House; £170 Sunny Bank. Fr: £75 Boldens Farm; £64 Newhouse Farm; £62 Brown Brook.

HEIFER CALVES – BB: £265 Newhouse Farm; £160 Barrow Greaves Farm; £145 Sunny Bank; £140 Cinder Barrow. Lim: £120, £115 Sunny Bank. AA: £110 Cinder Barrow.

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