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Kendal Tuesday 11/01/11

Posted Wednesday, 12 January 2011, 3.21pm


North West Auctions Kendal Mart enjoyed a very keen trade for prime hoggs last Tuesday. With low numbers on the market around the country all buyers came prepared to do battle on Tuesday afternoon ensuring a superb sale average. Standard weight hoggs up to 40 kilos averaged 185.3p/kg and an overall sale average of 178p/kg for all weights, breeds and grades. A top price of 206p/kg was given to EM Standing, Kirket Nook for Texel hoggs purchased by Jim Hadwin butcher of Mansergh. Mr Hadwin twice gave over 200p/kg to the same vendor. A top price per head of £86 went to CB Hoggarth, High House whose Texel x hoggs were purchased by Lancaster Meat Company. Lightweight hoggs also met an improved trade selling to a top of £62 (182p/kg) for 34kg Texel x hoggs shown by MW & MR Black, Scroggs Farm. These were purchased by Michael Lomax of Bolton.

A similar entry of cast sheep were as always a very smart trade averaging £57 per head for all breeds selling to a top of £86 from Messrs J Allonby & Son, Green Head.

Earlier in the day the first dairy sale of the year included a prize show. Regular vendors Messrs J & JA Burrow, Thursgill topped the market with their first prize heifer which made £1580. Dairy heifers averaged £1442.50.

A small weekly entry of rearing calves also included a special monthly sale of stirks. Bull calves topped at £260 for Limousin calves from JG & BJ Escolme, Low Stanger Thwaite. Heifer calves sold to £410 for a pen of British Blues from Messrs JG & J Clark, Far Audlands. Messrs Clark also topped the Holstein Friesian bull stirk trade at £160.

An excellent monthly entry of 86 store and breeding pigs met a very mixed trade on the day. Best quality breeding pigs were good to sell. Buyers were very selective on weaner pigs which in keeping with the national trade were rather cheaper than previous sales.

PRIME HOGGS - Texel: £86, £84, £79 High House; £82.50 Kirket Nook; £79 High Foulshaw Farm; £77.50 Red Scarr; £76.50 St Annes Farm; £76 Mountain View, Brow Head, Low Woodedge Farm. Suffolk: £84 Mountain View; £82, £80.50 Head House; £80 Crabtree Farm; £79 Meadow Oaks; £74.50 Ninezergh; £74 The Orchard; £73 High Foulshaw Farm. Char: £78, £76 Ninezergh; £75 High Foulshaw Farm; £74.50, £70 Borrans Farm; £73.50 Sunny Bank; £73 Nook Farm; £71 Low Foulshaw Farm; £70 Low Greenriggs. Cont: £74.50, £72 Crabtree Farm; £73 High Foulshaw Farm. Cheviot: £75, £70 Green Head; £73 Crooklands Farm; £71.50 Hartrigg. Lleyn: £72.50 Cragg Farm; £70 Low Foulshaw Farm. Mule: £72.50 Moss Howe Farm; £70 Kirket Nook; £69 Low Newton Farm, Middale Farm; £67 Borrans Farm, Well Foot, Low Longmire, Hartrigg; £65 Crabtree Farm. Masham: £67 Middale Farm. Horned: £71 Crabtree Farm; £70 High Swinklebank Farm; £67 Cracalt Farm; £62.50 Boundary Beck; £62 Low Longmire; £60 Low Newton Farm

LIGHTWEIGHT HOGGS – Texel: £62 Scroggs Farm; £59 Boundary Beck, £58 Mountain View. Suffolk: £58 Scroggs Farm. Mule: £58 Southwaite Green Mill; £48 Beckside Farm. Char: £52.50 High Foulshaw Farm. Scotch: £49.50 Beckside Farm. Horned: £54.50 High Borrowbridge. Masham: £45 Mosergh Farm.

CAST SHEEP – Texel: £86 Green Head; £80 Helm Croft, Beck House; £80, £78 Causeway; £74 Underley Estate. Suffolk: £80 Ninezergh; £68 Toadpool. Cheviot: £75, £69 Underley Estate. Leicester: £79 New Hall Farm; £69 Helm Croft. Mule: £75 New Hall; £72 Fairbank Farm; £70, £68 Underley Estate, £70 Helm Croft, St Annes Farm; £67 Nook Farm, The Orchard. Masham: £72, £65 Southfield Farm. Horned: £57, £48 Cotegill; £55, £45 Southfield Farm; £48 Thursgill. Herdwick: £49 Nook Farm; £38 Rydal Farm.

BULL CALVES – Lim: £260, £220 Low Stanger Thwaite; £150 Wraysholme Tower, Hagg Farm. Fr: £160 Far Audlands; £105 Natland Park Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – BB: £410 Far Audlands; £240 Low Stanger Thwaite. Lim: £220 Low Stanger Thwaite.

DAIRY COWS - £780 Hilderstone Farm.

DAIRY HEIFERS - £1580, £1500 Thursgill; £1440, £1250 Upper Hawthwaite Farm.

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