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Kendal Thursday 20/01/11

Posted Friday, 21 January 2011, 3.26pm

North West Auctions Kendal Mart held their New Year Prize Show & Sale of Store Cattle on Thursday. A pleasing entry of 420 cattle included several very tidy show animals. Judging the prize show were regular buyers Mark Thompson of Long Preston and Ambrose Rayton of Longton. Championship honours went to John & Hazel Thompson, Poppy Farm whose first prize Limousin bullock made £1000 on the day purchased by judge Mark Thompson. First prize Heifer went to a smart heifer stirk which made £670 shown by R & B Parker, High Hallbeck. Heifers twice topped at £890 from Messrs Postlethwaite, Bramaskew and Messrs Wood, Causeway. Trade overall was not quite as sharp as last year, only £31 on the overall average, but most vendors were quite satisfied on the day.

Earlier in the day cast cows enjoyed a fast trade to average 105p/kg for all breeds. A top price of 137.5p/kg went to JD & M Beck, Town Foot for a Limousin x cow purchased by Messrs Jewitt of Spennymoor. Messrs Beck also topped the heifer trade at 138.5p/kg to the same buyer. Cast bulls sold to 109.5p/kg (£1092.81) for a Limousin from GH Jones.

As the season draws to an end a pleasing entry of 687 store hoggs were forward with all breeds keenly competed for. Top price of the day being £65 achieved on several occasions by DR & C Galbraith, DN Smith and Messrs Wilson. Larger pens of hoggs were easily sold with Texels to £65, Char £63, Suffolk £65, Mule £59, Horned £60. Next sale of store hoggs with be in a fortnight – Thursday 3rd February please advise of entries it does help.


STORE STEERS – Lim: £1000, £840 Poppy Farm, £910, £890 Woodside; £885 Riddings Farm; £885, £800 Lane Head Farm; £830 Blades Farm; £800 Low House. Char: £700, £680 Tongue House; £685 Dawson Fold; £670 Skelwith Fold Farm, High Hallbeck; Blonde: £790 Causeway Farm; £760 Garnett House. BB: £885 Scroggs Farm; £785 Bannerigg Farm; £700 Cracalt Farm; £695 Cockrigg Farm; £670 Hall Bank; £640 Lockbank Farm. Shorthorn: £780, £740 High House Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £890 Bramaskew; £820 Scroggs; £790, £745 Riddings; £770 Fold Farm; £750 Low House; £745 Garnett House; £740 Low Hundhowe. Char: £720 Woodside; £635 Low Cunsey. Sim: £640 Long Green Head. Blonde: £890, £780 Causeway Farm. BB: £780, £720, £700 High Butterbent; £740 Lockbank Farm; £740 Sowermire; £730 Riddings Farm. Stab: £585 Kit Cragg.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £720, £975 Bowkerstead; £665 High Arnside Farm. Blonde: £735 Long Green Head. AA: £510 High Arnside Farm.

BREEDING CATTLE – Lim Cow (10yrs) with Lim Bull Calf: £960 Greenhead Farm.

CAST/FEEDING COWS & OTM CLEAN CATTLE – Lim: 138.5p/kg (hfr), 137.5p/kg, 135.5p/kg, 133.5p/kg Town Foot; 129.5p/kg (hfr) Gowan Bank Farm; 126.5p/kg, 109.5p/kg Low House; 116.5p/kg Low Barrows Green; 117.5p/kg (hfr) Croft Foot Farm; 108.5p/kg Bramaskew. Stab: 124.5p/kg, 121.5p/kg,113.5p/kg Kit Cragg. BB: 108.5p/kg Low Barrows Green; 105.5p/kg Barrows Green Farm. Luing: 106.5p/kg, 97.5p/kg High House Farm. Fr: 106.5p/kg Docker Hall Farm; 98.5p/kg, 96.5p/kg, 92.5p/kg High Foulshaw Farm.

STORE HOGGS – Texel: £65 Fell House; £63 Wyke Farm, Bull Bank Farm; £62, £61 Capplethwaite Hall; £60 Kirkby Hall; £58 Woodside. Suffolk: £65 Wyke Farm; £60, £58; £57 Tarnside; £53.50 Gateside Farm; £53 Fell House. Cont: £65 Sunny Bank; £63 Bulman Strands; £62.50, £52 Fell House; £53 Bull Bank Farm. Mule: £59, £57 Stribers Farm; £54 Woodside Farm; £49 Kit Cragg. Char: £58.50 Stribers; £58 Kirkby Hall. Horned: £60 High Carlingill; £55 Kirkby Hall; £49.50 Stribers Farm; £44.50 Gateside Farm. £42 Archer Hill.

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