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Lancaster Monday 27/09

Posted Tuesday, 28 September 2010, 11.58am


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held their weekly sale of primestock on Monday. An excellent entry of prime cattle included a quality run of heifers which suited the many butchers orders now around the ring each Monday. Top price of the day was 207.5p/kg for a top class Limousin Heifer from A Rayton, Winston Farm who continue to sell good cattle at Lancaster week in and week out. The animal was purchased by Mr Roy Schofield for Samuel Howarth butchers of Diggle. Mr Rayton also sold a heifer at 183.5p/kg to Mr PA Fairclough butcher of Bolton. A smaller, more commercial entry of bullocks and bulls all made a decent trade on the day.

In the prime lamb ring an increased number of lambs suited the buyers. This was as strong an entry of lambs as has been seen for several weeks and as usual the trade on an early Monday morning would be as good or better than later markets in the day. Lambs averaged 152.5p/kg selling to a top of 174p/kg. The top price per head of £72.50 went to Mr J M Sanderson, Lower Highfield for Texel lambs purchased by Samuel Howarth butchers of Diggle. Close behind at £70 per head was LM Braithwaite, Nu Farm with lambs purchased by Lancaster Meat Co. Ltd.

A small entry of prime ewes were again cheaper than recent sales but still very pleasing to most vendors.

Leading Prices

PRIME CATTLE Lim: 207.5p/kg, 183.5p/kg, 172.5p/kg &165.5p/kg Winston, 176.5p/kg New Close, 169.5p/kg, 167.5p/kg & 163.5p/kg Upp Hall, 169.5p/kg Gaskell House, 159.5p/kg Nu Farm. Char: 164.5p/kg Nu Farm. Hfd: 129.5p/kg Fiddlers Farm. Sim: 159.5p/kg Upp Hall. BB: 173.5p/kg Winston, 149.5p/kg Fiddlers Farm, 146.5p/kg & 144.5p/kg Abrahams Farm. AA: 129.5p/kg Gaskell House

PRIME BULLS Lim: 159.5p/kg White Carr Farm, 143.5p/kg Lane House, 138.5p/kg & 131.5p/kg Yeat House. Sim: 137.5p/kg Larbreck Hill

PRIME LAMBS Texel: 72.50 Lower Highfield, £70 Nu Farm, £69.50 The Dell & Wilson Wood, £69 Heaton Hall, North Farm & Hazel Brae,£68.50 North Farm, £68 Middle Crag, £67.50 Hallbeck. Suff: £68.50 Heaton Hall, £67 Downlands Farm, £66.50 Fell End Farm & Ewan Mill, £66 Middle Ridge, £65 North Farm, £64.50 Lentworth Farm. Cont: £63 & £60 Low Foulshaw Farm, £58 Ivy Farm. Char: £68 & £64 Capernwray Hall. Masham: £61 Yarlsber. Mule: £66 Isle of Sky Farm, £64.50 Middle Crag, £64 Yates Farm, £59.50 Hallbeck, £59 Trees Farm. Horned: £57.50 Yarlsber.

CAST SHEEP Texel: £80 Hutton Roof Hall, £74 Tarnwater. Lleyn: £75 & £65 Low Foulshaw Farm. Suff: £70 Ellers Farm & Ivy Farm, £63 Lyndale. Char: £65 Low Foulshaw Farm. Mule: £65 & £58 Lower Highfield, £62 Isle of Sky Farm, £59 Tarnwater Farm. Leic: £59 Conder Mill. Herwick: £48 Hillside Farm. Grit: £42 Ellers Farm.

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