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Lancaster Monday 20/09

Posted Wednesday, 22 September 2010, 11.28am

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held their weekly sale of primestock last Monday morning.
A reduced entry of lambs met a rather sharper trade to average more than 156p/kg for all weights and grades. There were more buyers in the market and there was particular demand for better quality lambs. A top price of 176p/kg went to D & DW Prickett, Farleton House for Texel x lambs purchased by Michael Lomax of Bolton. A top price per head of £75 was achieved by Messrs Jones, Sandvilla for Texel x lambs bought by MN Alam of Blackburn. Both Messrs J Bargh & Son, North Farm & P Cummings, Holme Fields achieved a price of £72 for quality Texel lambs and these were purchased by Whittakers Butchers of Walney Island and Lancaster Meat Company respectively. Mr JG Stackhouse, Wardfield also achieved £72 for Suffolks again bought by Lancaster Meat Company.

A small entry of cast ewes were once again very good to sell topping at £78 for Texel ewes from T & CM Kelsall & Sons, Brown Brook.

In the cattle ring a similar entry of prime bulls were a shade easier on the week. A top price of 144.5p/kg went to TD & A Gardner, Larbrick Hill Farm for a Charolais which was purchased by Mr Frank Towers.
As always best butchers cattle were in much demand selling to a top of 188.5p/kg. This was for a Limousin heifer produced by A Rayton of Winston which was purchased at £933 by Roy Schofield for Samuel Howarth Butchers of Diggle. Messrs Howarth also purchased a heifer at 183.5p/kg from
Messrs TH Garnett & Son, New Close. There were several butchers orders around the ring on the day many of which did not get filled

PRIME LAMBS Texel: £75 Sandvilla, £72 North Farm, Holme Field, £71.50 Middle Crag, £71 Foredales, £70 Claughton Hall & North Farm, £68.50 Underley. Suffolk: £72 Wardfield, £68.50 Lentworth, £68 Highfield Farm, £67 Walnut Tree, £67 North Farm. Cont: £72 & £68 Ling Row. Char: £66.50 Gaskell House, £63 Oak Head Farm. Chev: £66 Underley, £65.50 Sandvilla. Lleyn: Sandham Farm. Mule: £65 Oak Head Farm, £63 Long Streets Farm, £62 Fell End. Horned: £60.50 Cockerham Hall.

CAST SHEEP Texel: £78 Brown Brook, £72 & £59 Sandy Hill Farm, £71 Newhouse Farm, £51 Mearsbeck. Cont: £74, £69 & £55 Redbank Farm. Chev: £58 Sandham Farm. Mule: £68 & £50 Little Fell, £67 Maddison Avenue, £62 Mearsbeck & Maddison Avenue

PRIME CATTLE Lim: 188.5p/kg & 182.5p/kg Winston, 183.5p/kg New Close, 173.5p/kg High Green. Char: 168.5p/kg Hang Yeat, 160.5p/kg Manor House Farm. BB: 179.5p/kg Winston, 168.5p/kg High Green, 166.5p/kg Red Scar.
PRIME BULLS Char: 144.5p/kg, Larbreck Hill Farm. Hfd: 142.5p/kg & 141.5p/kg Fiddlers Farm, 136.5p/kg Calcads Farm. BB: 139.5p/kg Northwoods Farm. AA: 137.5p/kg & 133.5p/kg Fiddlers Farm. Mont: 139.5p/kg Lane House. MRI: 132.5p/kg Village Farm. Fr: 134.5p/kg Pyethornes Farm, 129.5p/kg Lane House.

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