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Lancaster Friday 17/09

Posted Tuesday, 21 September 2010, 11.28am

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart’s weekly sale of store and breeding stock proved to be one of the busiest Fridays for several weeks and this market continues to grow.

A total of almost 700 cattle were sold on the day including an excellent entry of 134 cast cows & heifers. The sale also included 83 rearing calves & stirks, 18 dairy cattle & 100 store lambs. A fantastic entry of store cattle included a full range of breeds and grades. As always heavy short keep cattle were good to sell and with extra numbers in the market this ensured more buyers around the ring.

Top price of £1130 was given to MS Dugdale & Sons, Tewitfield Farm for a Limousin Bullock. Store Heifers sold to £950 for a Limousin from H Gorst & Sons, Shaws Farm.

Earlier in the day an increased entry of newly calved dairy cattle and followers included a consignment of Holstein Friesian bulling heifers from M Shepherd & Sons, Pasture House Farm. All dairy cattle were good to sell and the bulling heifers produced a large amount of interest selling to a top of £810 for 14 month old bulling heifers.

Top price in the In-milk section went to J Lamb, Old Glasson Farm. In-calf dairy heifers sold to £1150 from GJT & V Parkinson, Moss View.

The weekly sale of cast cows continues to grow. An excellent entry of 134 head this week were a shade less on average however, there were far more plainer grade cows in the market this week. Good meaty cows were still in much demand and again there were extra buyers around the ring.

A fantastic entry of calves and stirks sold to a ringside full of buyers. Top price of the day was £460 for a Simmental x heifer from C & N Shearing who also had Limousin Bulls to £420 (8 calves averaged £399!). Black & Whites peaked at £150 with buyers showing more interest in weaned calves with age & strength.

A small entry of store lambs were well sold and many buyers were left short of numbers.


STEERS Lim: £1130 Tewitfield Farm, £1000 & £900 Upp Hall, £990 & £950 Weavers Farm, £960 Low Kit Brow. Char: £1010 Green Bank Farm, £990 Hawkrigg End, £950 Holme House, £840 Old Hall Farm, £770 Ivy Cottage. Hfd: £1010 & £900 Lonsdale, £900, £870 & £840 High House, £860 & £840 Whitehaven. Sim: £900 Upp Hall, £890 Crabtree Farm, £880, £870 & £760 Whitehaven, £740, Moss House Farm. Blo: £1000 White Lee Farm, £840 Green Bank Farm, £770 Hallbeck. BB: £990 High Green, £970 & £910 Yew Tree Farm, £940 Wood Lane Farm & Green Close, £920 Tewitfield Farm, £920 Weavers Farm, £900 Longlands Farm, Throstle Grove & White Lee Farm. AA: £960 Weavers Farm, £950 Holme House, £930 Weavers Farm, £900 Millbeck Farm Moss View, North Farm & Green Close. Saler: £940 Crooklands Farm. Mont: £870 Whitehaven. Fr: £860 Low Levens, £780 & £680 Lonsdale, £740 & £680 Ellers Farm, £730 Clarksons Farm, £700 & £670 Old Hall Farm. Baz: £680 Little Fell Farm. S/R: £750 Lodge Farm, £710 Lonsdale.

HEIFERS Lim: £950 Shaws Farm, £860 Little Fell Farm, £840 & £800 Moor Farm Cottage, £800 & £750 Capernwray, £790 Syke Fold Farm, £770 Rowell Farm, £760 High House. Char: £890 Holme House, £880 Capernwray, £820 Holmegarth, £760 Laburnam House Farm, £700 Ivy Cottage. Sim: £870 Hill House Farm, £820 & £650 Larbreck Hill Farm, £770 White Lee Farm, £560 Ivy Cottage. Blo: £700 Ivy Cottage, £640 Fell End. BB: £910 Yew Tree Farm, £890 Shaws Farm, £830 Little Fell Farm, £820 Over Houses, £770 High Green, £760 Moss View, £740 White Lee Farm. AA: £860 Moor Farm Cottage, £840 Hill House Farm & Moss View, £820 Low Levens, £760 Larbreck Hill Farm, £740 Cropper Farm. WB: £790 Syke Fold Farm. Stab: £700 Syke Fold Farm.

DAIRY CATTLE: £1150 Moss View, £810 & £800 Pasture House

BULL CALVES: Lim: £420, £418 & £490 Deepclough. Sim: Mewith Head Hall, BB: £240 Birds Park, £170 Sandvilla. AA: £85 Sandvilla. Stab: £180 Low Sizergh, £170 Deepclough. Fr: £150 Mewith Head Hall, £80 Cocker House Farm, £70 Beaumont Gate. Mont: £142 Low Sizergh. S/R: £52 Low Sizergh.

HEIFER CALVES: Lim: £350 Mewith Head Hall. Char: Deepclough. Sim: Deepclough. AA: Sandvilla. BB: Sandvilla.

CAST/FEEDING COWS & OTM CLEAN CATTLE COWS Fr: 129.5p/kg Boon Town, 119.5p/kg Charnock House, 114.5p/kg Stubb Hall, 109.5p/kg Deansbiggin, Bracken Lea & Boundary House, 107.5p/kg Stubb Hall. Lim: 111.5p/kg Deepclough & Moss Edge, 109.5p/kg Holmes Head Farm, Charnock House Farm & Moss Edge, 107.5p/kg Deepclough & Quarry House, 104.5p/kg Deepclough & Holmes Head Farm. Char: 134.5p/kg & 131.5p/kg Cockerham Hall, 124.5p/kg Moorhouse Farm, 99.5p/kg Goose Green. Hfd: 91.5p/kg High House, 81.5p/kg Moorhouse Farm, 74.5p/kg Deepclough. Sim: 109.5p/kg Parkside Farm. Blo: 97.5p/kg Moorhouse Farm. BB: 109.5p/kg & 94.5p/kg Chibbanagh Farm, 99.5p/kg Goose Green, 94.5p/kg Moorhouse Farm. AA: 99.5p/kg & 94.5p/kg Moorhouse Farm, 97.5p/kg Higher Hollinhead, 97.5p/kg Broad Oak. Mont: 119.5p/kg High House.

HEIFERS Fr: 114.5p/kg Stubb Hall, 109.5p/kg Bracken Lea, Boundary House, 107.5p/kg Stubb Hall, 97.5p/kg Broomfield. Lim: 94.5p/kg Brow Foot.

CAST STEERS/BULLS: Fr: 129.5p/kg Boon Town, 119.5p/kg Charnock House. Lim: 109.5p/kg Charnock House, 107.5p/kg Quarry House. Char: 134.5p/kg & 131.5p/kg Cockerham Hall. AA: 97.5p/kg Broad Oak.

STORE LAMBS: Texel: £55.50 & £54.50 Kirkby Hall. Char: £52 & £48 Ashlack Hall. Mule: £47 Ashlack Hall

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