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Kendal Tuesday 7/09

Posted Tuesday, 07 September 2010, 11.14am

A superb entry of just over 1900 prime lambs averaged 159.63p/kg. However, standard weight lambs below 40kgs were good to sell all day to average 163.5p/kg.

A top price of 178p/kg was given to R & B Parker High Hall beck for 39kg Texel lambs which made £69.50 and were bought by Robert Skelton of Cockermouth. The top price per head of £77 was given to MW Hodgson, Swallowmire for Texel lambs purchased by J Holdsworth, Millbrow.

Another superb entry of 755 prime ewes averaged more than £52 per head selling to a top of £104 for a pen of Texel ewes from CB Hoggarth, High House. There was tremendous competition in the ring for all classes of cast ewes.

Earlier in the day a light entry of 19 calves & stirks sold twice to a top of £240. Both calves were produced by Messrs Dobson, Espford and included a British Blue young bull calf and Friesian Bull Stirk.

The fortnightly sale of newly calved dairy cattle attracted and increased entry today. Messrs J & JA Burrow, Thursgill topped the market at £1750 for a newly calved heifer. Messrs Burrow sold a run of 4 heifers to average £1573. Once again there were buyers from throughout Cumbria in attendance. Many more cattle could have been sold at this sale.


Suff: £74 Capplerigg, £70 Croft Foot, £69 Hyning, £67 Capplerigg, £66 High House & Swallowmire.
Char: £73.50, £70.50 & £66 Myers Farm, £68 Cooper House.
Cont: £70 & £66 Spital Farm, £65 Meadow Oaks. Texel: £77 Swallowmire, £73 High House, £70 Low Longmire.
Chev: £63 & £61 Salterwath Farm, £63 College Green. Mule: £62 Cooper House & Low Longmire, £61 Hartrigg.
Horned: £56.50 High Wardses. R/F: £50 Black Moss.
Masham: £52 Steps Farm.


Texel: £104 High House, £96 Low Woodedge, £95 Spital, £94 Low House, £93 Far Highfield, £87 Hugh House.
Chev: £77 High House, £70 Underely.Suff: £77 Ninezergh. Cont: £87 Poppy Farm.
Masham: £73 Rinkfield.
Mule: £73 & £71 High House, £72 Underley, £69 Low House. R/F: £60 Bracken Hill, £55 Patton Hall. Swale: £49 Holker. Dalesbred: £69 Yarlsber.
Herdwick: £29 High Low Wood.


Fr: £240 Espford.
AA: £200 Espford.
BB: £240 Espford.


£1750, £1740, £1680 Thursgill.

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