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Kendal Tuesday 14/09/10

Posted Wednesday, 15 September 2010, 11.26am

North West Auctions Kendal Mart enjoyed a very busy day last Tuesday selling almost 1300 prime sheep, 67 calves, 82 pigs and 3 dairy cattle.

Lamb numbers were depleted due to the 6 day rule and a falling trade through the previous week. Trade was slightly better than expected. Standard lambs levelled at 149.5p/kg including many hill breeds. Top price of the day was 171p/kg for light lambs from PR Escolme, Audlands Park whose Texel lambs made £56 to J Hadwin, Mansergh Hall. Best butchers lambs were needed in more numbers. A top of £80 per head went to JJ France, Lynacres bought by J Holdsworth, Butcher of Mill Brow. Close behind were a pen of Char x lambs from GT Hodgson, High Low Wood purchased by Plumgarths Foods Ltd for £78.

Prime ewes were again very good to sell averaging over £50 per head including some very plain pens of hill ewes. A top price of £81 went to JW & A Matthews, Oldfield End for Continental ewes.

The monthly pig sale attracted a high quality entry of 82 pigs with all vendors leaving very satisfied with prices achieved. With several new purchasers present all breeds and sizes were in demand and many more could have easily been sold. Top price of the day was £158 paid for an in-pig Tamworth sow from P Street, Plumpton Hall. Stores peaked at £59 for Welsh from S Pollock, Bascodyke with weaners to £49 from the same vendor.

A strong entry of 67 calves and stirks sold to a ringside full of buyers all keen to secure stock. Beef calves saw the highest demand topping at £300 for a Lim x Bull calf from JG & BJ Escolme, Low Stanger Thwaite with heifers to £375 for a Lim x from RG & J Clark, Far Audlands. Calves do benefit from having age and strength.

Earlier in the day a nice show of dairy heifers were forward for the fortnightly dairy sale, perhaps a few less due to the change of date. Vendors and purchasers were all satisfied with trade on the day with the average being £1385. Top price was £1580 for a smart commercial heifer from J & JA Burrow, Thursgill being 10 days calved giving 5 gallons. Next dairy sale Tuesday 28th September – More cattle needed to meet strong buyer demand.

PRIME LAMBS Suff: £65.50 Hawkrigg End, £65 Lane Ends Farm, £64.50 Middle Birkby. Texel: £80 Lynacres, £71 Mountain View, £69 Scarside, £68 Red Scar, £67 Kate Farm, Oldfield End & Scarside. Char: £78 High Low Wood. Cont: £62 Rankthorn. Mule: £57 Ashstead, £56 Gaisgill Row, £55 Hill Top. Masham: £55.50 Steps Farm. Swale: £49 Harry Place Farm. Horned: £45.50 Holker. Jacob: £48.50 Town Head. Herdwick: £45 Harry Place Farm.

CAST EWES Cont: £81 & £75 Oldfield End, £68 Meadow House & Garnett House, £66 Underley Estate, £65 Hawkrigg End. Suff: Lynacres. Texel: £72 Hawkrigg End, £66 Hill Top. Lleyn: £68 Cragg Farm. BFL: £65 Low Newton. Mule: £66 Garnett House & Audlands Park, £65 & £63 Underley Estate, £62 Borrans Farm, £58 Gaisgill Row, £55 Thursgill, £54 Raw Head, £53 Low Woodedge, £51 High Wray Farm. Swale: £48 Moss End, £45 Low Newton.

BULL CALVES Lim: £300 Low Stanger Thwaite, £280 Hollins Farm, £270 Spout House. BB: £245 Far Audlands, £195 Sunny Bank. AA: £200 Sunny Bank, £160 & £120 Capplerigg. Fr: £160 & £100 Far Audlands, £70 Piper Hole.

HEIFER CALVES Lim: £375 Far Audlands, £285 Low Stanger Thwaite, £200 Spout House. AA: £185, £170, £155 & £150 Sunny Bank. BB: £180 Piper Hole.

PIGS In-Pig Sows: £158 (Tamworth) Plumpton Hall, £95 (Saddleback) Stoney Head. Fat Pigs: £86 & £84 (Saddleback x) Newton Gate. Store Pigs: £59 (Welsh) Bascodyke , £49 (Saddleback x) Stoney Head, £46 (Saddleback x) Mutton Hall. Weaners: £49 (Welsh) Barcodyke, £40 (Pietrain x) Maidenhead Farm, £36 (Large White) Nissanhuts.

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