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Lancaster Friday 13 August 2010

Posted Friday, 13 August 2010, 10.42am

North West Auctions enjoyed a tremendous store sale last Friday at Lancaster. An excellent entry of 315 store cattle were a very dear trade with a ring full of buyers drawn from throughout the North of England.

Heavy cattle were as always in great demand. Store steers averaged £740 for all breeds selling to a top of £1090 from JA Salthouse, Wilson House Farm for a pen of Limousin x cattle. Store Heifers averaged £730 selling to £900 from TE & BM Makinson, Holmegath Farm and also from A Mahon, Cleveleys, both lots were Charolais bred.

A reduced entry of store bulls sold to £670 from Messrs Preece, Thornbush Farm.

Earlier in the day an excellent entry of 75 Calves were as dear as ever with plenty of buyers for both Black & White bull calves and Continental bred calves more of which could easily have been sold on the day. Bull calves sold to a top of £400 for a British Blue bull calf. This was produced by Messrs Sharp, Flodder Hall. Heifer calves also topped with a British Blue from Messrs Sharp and this made £385.

The weekly sale of cast cows saw more than 50 animals through the ring. Cast cows were predominantly dairy bred and these averaged 92p/kg and indeed it was a Holstein Friesian cow which topped the market at 119.5p/kg from Messrs JP & V Townley, Greenalls Farm. The same price was also achieved for a cast Holstein Friesian heifer from Messrs Inman, Milton Moor Farm.

The weekly sale of newly calved dairy cattle found most dairy animals rather cheaper than the previous sale. However, new calved cows still topped at an excellent £1500 for a Holstein Friesian from J Lamb, Old Glasson Farm. Newly calved heifers sold to £1150 from R Hughes, Brewers Barn.



Fr: £850 & £820 Clarksons Farm, £740 Nutter Platt Farm Lim: £950 Wilson House, £940 Kilburn House & Moss House Farm,

Char: £1090 Wilson House, £940 Billinge Nook Hfd: £870 Godson House, £790 Kilburn House

£1090 Wilson House, £940 Billinge Nook £870 Godson House, £790 Kilburn House

Blo: £860 J Cartmel, £740 Ivy Cottage Sim: £900 & £870 Coverdales, £890 Tenters Farm, £850 Hill House

BB: £990 Mill Bridge Farm, £830 Cock Hall, £810 Billinge Nook, £780 Far Highfield AA: £1000 Wilson House, £980 Cock Hall, £940 Cleveleys, £770 Nightfield Gate


Lim:£830 Shepherds Hill, £790 Ivy Cottage, £780 Bouthwaite, £750 Mee Farm Char: £900 Cleveleys, £900 Holmegarth, £820 Mee Farm Hfd: £780 Cleveleys

Sim: £870 Bouthwaite, £800 & £790 Hill House, £730 Jolly Fold

WB: £680 School Farm Blo: £680 Ivy Cottage BB: £790 Wood Lane Farm, £780 Cleveleys, £730 Knotts Farm


Lim: £670 Thornbush Fr: £650 Nutter Platt Farm



Fr: £175 Downlands, £118 Ancliffe Hall, £112 Gardners Farm

Lim: £252 Halforth, £230 Tunstall Hall, £182 Barrow Greaves

Hfd: £178 Gardners Farm, BB: £400 Flodder Hall, £330 Low Stanger Thwaite

£178 Gardners Farm, BB: £400 Flodder Hall, £330 Low Stanger Thwaite


Lim: £240 Flodder Hall, £188 Low Stanger Thwaite, £182 Tunstall Hall Hfd: £165 Gardners Farm

BB: £385 Flodder Hall, £335 Sand Lane



Fr: 119.5p/kg Greenalls Farm, 111.5p/kg Birds Park, 109.5p/kg, 107.5p/kg

Hfd: 97.5p/kg, Cringleber, Sim: 109.5p/kg Cringleber, BB: 117.5p/kg & 109.5p/kg Over Houses

97.5p/kg, Cringleber, Sim: 109.5p/kg Cringleber, BB: 117.5p/kg & 109.5p/kg Over Houses

AA: 84.5p/kg Sykes Farm M/G: 94.5p/kg Beckside MRI: 104.5p/kg Cragg Farm & Village Farm


Fr: 119.5p/kg Milton Moor, 107.5p/kg Barrow Greaves


Fr:104.5p/kg & 101.5p/kg Cliftons Farm


Cows: £1500 Old Glasson Farm Heifers: £1150 & £1120 Brewers Barn

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