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Lancaster Friday 10/12

Posted Friday, 10 December 2010, 1.32pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had forward a pleasing catalogue entry of 244 store cattle together with 84 cast cows & over thirty month cattle. The sale also included a Christmas prize show & sale of rearing calves.

Store cattle continue to show a rising market with some excellent prices once again and a ring full of buyers despite the inclement weather conditions. Mr J A Salthouse, Wilson House Farm had an excellent day in the market selling both the top priced bullocks and top priced heifers for £1130 and £1030 respectively. The cattle Belgian Blue and Limousin bred respectively.

A superb entry of cast cows were the dearest trade for several weeks averaging 95.11p/kg with Black & White Cows selling to a top of 124.5p/kg from GA Haston & Son, Lane House. Cast heifers were also in much demand. Limousin over thirty month heifers sold to 161.5p/kg from J & S Atkinson, Sykes Farm. Black & White cast heifers sold to 134.5p/kg from Messrs Drinkall Bros., Catshaw Hall Farm. Top price per head of £1049.04 went to Messrs AJ Cooper, Lima Farm for a Belgian Blue over thirty month heifer. Black and white cows were in much demand with lot after lot making over £1 per kilo once again.

Earlier in the day 73 calves were forward at the Special Christmas show & sale of rearing calves. A tremendous entry of show calves were presented for judging which was carried out by Mr Jim Whitworth of Bolton-le-Sands. Championship honours were awarded to Geoff & Marilyn Wilson, Scale House for a British Blue x Bull calf which later went on to sell for £430 to the judge after frantic bidding from the ringside of 18 buyers all keen to secure calves. Black & Whites showing age and strength were easily sold.

photo above: Champion Calf with Matthew Probert calf auctioneer & Marilyn Wilson, vendor.

Calf Show Results
Beef Bull
1st GL & M Wilson, Scale House BB x £430
2nd JB & C Lamb, Gardners Farm BB x £330
3rd R & J Dodgson, Cracalt Farm BB x £330
Beef Heifer
1st JR Handley, School House BB x £245
2nd R & J Dodgson, Cracalt Farm Lim x £188
3rd WN & D Smith & Sons, Cocker House AA x £182
Black & White Bull
1st JB & C Lamb, Gardners Farm HF £88
2nd Drinkall Bros., Catshaw Hall HF £68
3rd GH Sanderson, Blackleach House Farm HF £35

There was only one dairy animal in the market. This was from J Lamb, Old Glasson which made £940. A small entry of store lambs sold to £64 for Suffolk x from PG Thornton, Cliftons Farm.


STORE BULLOCKS - Fr: £840, £810, £780 Lonsdale; £790 Mintholme Farm; £760, £710 Fanny House Farm; £740 Hawkrigg End; £700 Stubbins House, Butterfly Hall. Lim: £980, £970, £830 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £980 Hollin Hall Farm; £970 Willow House Farm; £910 Thornbush Farm; £880 Holmegarth; £840 Bouthwaite Farm; £830 Cottams Farm, North Farm. Char: £1090 Wilson House Farm; £980 Crooklands Farm; £890, £820 Bouthwaite Farm; £760 North Farm. Hfd: £910, £890 Hole Beck Farm; £760 North Farm. Sim: £1030 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £990, £830 Low Fell End; £920 Bouthwaite Farm; £840 Hill Top Farm. Blo: £830 Ellers Farm. BB: £1130 Wilson House Farm; £1040 Willow House Farm; £940, £930, £890 Old Woodhouse; £930 Edenmount; £880 Cragg Farm; £860 Holmegarth; £830 Bouthwaite Farm; £760 Aynsome Manor Farm. AA: £980 Poplar Grove Farm; £890 Ellers Farm; £820 Raw End Farm; £780 Bank House Farm; £690 Swainshead Hall Farm. MRI: £760, £700 Home Farm. Brown Swiss: £760 Mintholme Farm. Stab: £970 Low Foulshaw Farm; £810 Bouthwaite Farm. SRW: £700 Moss House Farm.

STORE HEIFERS - Fr: £660 Haighton Hall. Lim: £910 Walmsley Fold; £890 Willow House Farm; £800 Bouthwaite Farm; £770 Cropper Farm; £750 Hollin Hall Farm; £700 Billinge Hall Farm; £690 Harrison House Farm. Char: £1030 Wilson House Farm; £910 Hawkrigg End. Hfd: £660 Jolley Fold Farm; £640 Cropper Farm. Sim: £860 Bouthwaite Farm. BB: £1010 Wilson House Farm; £950 Hawkrigg End; £900 Cragg Farm; £890 Walmsley Fold; £840 Aynsome Manor Farm; £780 Church Farm; £760 Cottams Farm; £700 Mount Pleasant Farm, Billinge Hall Farm. AA: £880 Moss View; £770 Cropper Farm; £720 Cottams Farm.

CAST COWS - Fr: 124.5p/kg Lane House Farm; 111.5p/kg The High Farm; 109.5p/kg Birds Park Farm, Boon Town Farm; 107.5p/kg Pump House Farm, Strickland Hill, Cote Farm, Half Way House, Boon Town Farm; 104.5p/kg Low Levens. Lim: 124.5p/kg Thornbush Farm. Sim: £109.5p/kg Dove Cote Farm. AA: 104.5p/kg Caw House. Brown Swiss: 107.5p/kg Cote Farm. SRW: 124.5p/kg White Lund Farm.

CAST HEIFERS - Fr: 134.5p/kg Catshaw Hall Farm; 114.5p/kg Westfield House Farm; 107.5p/kg Summerlands. Lim: 161.5p/kg Sykes Farm. Char: 139.5p/kg Lima Farm. BB: 117.5p/kg Lima Farm.

CAST STEERS – Fr: 127.5p/kg, 124.5p/kg, 114.5p/kg Deepclough; 127.5p/kg Boon Town Farm; 109.5p/kg Sunderland Brows Farm. AA: 137.5p/kg, 131.5p/kg Deepclough; 137.5p/kg Ivy Farm, Sunderland Brows Farm. Shorthorn: 101.5p/kg Bank House Farm.

BULL CALVES – BB: £430 Scale House; £330 Gardners Farm, Cracalt Farm. Lim: £315, £265 Hood Ridding Farm; £200 Halforth Farm, Cracalt Farm; £188 Rose Farm. AA: £218 Boon Town Farm; £200 Rose Farm; £198 Boon Town Farm. Shorthorn: £60 School House. Fr: £140 Netherbeck Barn; £90 Boon Town Farm; £88, £82 Gardners Farm; £70, £58 Boon Town Farm; £68 Catshaw Hall Farm

HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £195 Knowsley Farm; £188 Cracalt Farm; £185 Hood Ridding Farm; £175 Scale House Farm. AA: £182 Cocker House Farm; £125 Beaumont Gate. Shorthorn: £165, £70 Lundholme Farm. BB: £245 School House; £180 Cracalt Farm.

STORE LAMBS – Suff x: £64 Cliftons Farm.

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