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Kendal Tuesday 14/12/10

Posted Wednesday, 15 December 2010, 1.59pm

Kendal full of Christmas Cheer

North West Auctions Kendal Mart had a very busy auction day on Tuesday. A superb entry of well over 2,000 prime sheep included a Special Christmas Prize Show of Hill Bred lambs. There was also a Special Christmas Prize Show and Sale of 187 Store and Breeding Pigs. The market was packed with farmers with a superb Christmas atmosphere which was certainly helped by the excellent sheep trade. Shaun Cowin, Dunbia (Preston) judged the lambs with 24 pens out for show.

Championship honours went to Messrs Westmoreland-Nicholson, Howe Farm with a superb pen of Cheviot x lambs which went on to make £86 (210p/kg) per head and were bought by local butcher, Jim Hadwin of Mansergh. Lambs overall were an excellent trade to average 172p/kg throughout. All weights and grades were substantially dearer on the week.

New Records set at Kendal Pig Sale

North West Auctions held it’s special Christmas Show and Sale of Pigs at Kendal Auction Mart on Tuesday 14th December with the largest entry of pigs seen for many years. 187 were forward at this popular sale.

A strong show of pigs were put before the judge, Mr Tony Ellis of New Hutton, who awarded the Show Championship to Mr D Pawson, Billinge Nook Farm, who exhibited a superb purebred Pietrain Gilt, due in January which later went on to sell for a new mart record of £250 to Mr R Dennison of Nether Kellet. Many new vendors and purchasers (19 this month) were present amongst the huge audience.


Pen of 5 Swaledale Lambs

1st Fishwick Brothers, Middle Sadghyll £63 (38kg) to Dunbia

2nd B & H M Wilson, Ashstead £66 (43kg) to R Skelton

3rd A W & A M Clarke, Low Longmire £66 (43kg) to M Lomax

Pen of 5 Rough Fell Lambs

1st Fishwick Brothers, Middle Sadghyll £72 (43kg) to Dunbia

2nd R Wilson, Bracken Hill £70 (43kg) to M Lomax

3rd T, L, B & J Knowles, High Borrowbridge £66 (40.8kg) to Dunbia

Pen of 5 Mule Lambs

1st R I Dixon, Low Newton £74 (44kg) to Dunbia

2nd R M & D Dixon, Well Foot £71 (42kg) to M Lomax

3rd R I Dixon, Low Newton £75 (45kg) to M Lomax

Pen of 5 Other Hill Breed Lambs

1st Messrs Westmoreland-Nicholson, Howe £86 (41kg) to J Hadwin

2nd Fishwick Farms, Bank House £85 (46kg) to J Hadwin

3rd J R & D Westmoreland, Howe £70 (40kg) to Dunbia


PRIME LAMBS - Texel: £91, Western Houses; £89 High House; £87, Low Longmire; £86, Cooper House; £85, Meadow Oaks; £82.50, Causeway; £82 Poppy Farm & Beck Houses. Cont: £69 High Biggarsbank. Char: £78, Cooper House & Middale; £75.50, Oldfield End; £75, Stoney Gap; £74.50, Ackenthwaite Farm. Suff: £86, £80, Head House; £82, £78.50, £75, Garnett Folds; £80, Low Greenriggs; £77, Crabtree Farm; £75.50, West Plain; £75, High Low Wood. Chev: £86, Howe; £85, Bank House; £82, Green Head; £70, Green Head. Mule: £77.50, Barker Knott; £77, Barrowfield & Low Longmire; £76, Bank House; £75, Low Newton; £74.50 Nether House Farm; £74 Low Newton Masham: £74.50 Middale Farm. Horned: £72, £65 Low Longmire; £72, £67, £62.50 Middle Sadghyll; £70, Bank House Farm; £70,£62 Bracken Hill; £69.50, £64. Flodder Hall; £69, High Borrowbridge; £67, Middale; £66, £66,Ashstead; £63, Sproat Ghyll. Grit: £74, Brow Head; £68, High Borrowbridge. Herd: £69, Barker Knott; £66.50, High Low Wood CAST SHEEP – Texel: £114, £80 Cockley Beck Farm; £100, £95 Gibraltar Farm; £84, Beckfoot Farm; £71 Croft Foot Farm. Cont: £95 Green Head; £87 Beckfoot Farm; £84 Beck House; £82 Stoney Gap; £80 High Foulshaw & Kirket Nook. Chev: £76 Harry Place. Mule: £73 Beckfoot Farm; £66 Nook; £65, Garnett Folds, Poppy Farm, Mansergh High, Lambrigg Head. Tees: £72, Middale. Swale: £54 Eskew Beck. Rough Fell: £68 Luneside; £65, High Swinklebank; £64 Croft Foot; £59 Lockbank & Old School House; £56 High Swinklebank, Nook & Low Deepslack. SBF: £55 Beckside. Dalesbred: £49 Middale. Herd: £46, Harry Place; £39 Rydal Farm.

BULL CALVES – FR: £48 Hagg Farm. Ayr: £35 Sunny Bank.

HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £140 Hagg Farm. Ang: £100 Hollins Farm.



1st M Metcalfe (Pietrain x) £32 to T Ellis

2nd J Harrison (Large White x) £22 to S Lambert


1st P M Simpson (Large White x) £75 to R Taylor

2nd J Poole (Pietrain x) £35 to R Taylor

Breeding Pigs

1st D Pawson (Pietrain gilt) £250 to R Dennison

2nd A J & M E Saggers (Pietrain gilt) n/s

Prices to note
Weaners - £33 (Welsh x) Lower Grisburn. £32 (Pietrain x) Bells View. £27 (Large White x) Low House Farm. £22 (Saddleback( Langdale.
Stores - £75 (Large White x) Poole Bank. £68 (Saddleback x) Kit Crag. £46 (Saddleback x) Westhills. £38 (Saddleback x) How Stone Barn.
Breeding Pigs - £250, £180 (Pietrain) Billinge Nook Farm. £145,£135 (Saddleback x In pig Sows) Stoneyhead Hall. £120 (Saddleback Sow) West Hills. £100 (Pietrain Boar) Manor Farm. £99 (Saddleback gilt) Swarthmoor Hall Farm. £95 (Pietrain x gilt) Windygate

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