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Lancaster Friday 29/10/10

Posted Monday, 01 November 2010, 12.59pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had forward yet another excellent catalogue entry of 400 Store Cattle last Friday.

The sale also included 85 Cast Cows and Over Thirty Month Cattle, 30 Rearing Calves, 6 Dairy Cattle and 86 Store Lambs. Store Cattle were a mixed trade depending on quality and type. Strong quality Store Cattle remained good to sell, however plainer types were cheaper on the week.

Top price of £1,070 went to Messrs H Gorst & Sons, Shaws Farm for Continental Bullocks. Heifers peaked at £860 for Continentals from K Whitaker & Sons, Stirzakers Farm. The ring of buyers remained full for the whole of the sale.

Earlier in the day a reduced entry of Rearing Calves topped at £235 for a Continental Bull from J & E V Thompson & Son, Hood Ridding. All calves maintained recent rates. In the Dairy Section a top price of £1,400 to Messrs D & T J France, Isle of Sky Farm for a newly calved Holstein Friesian Heifer. Close behind at £1,360 was James Lamb of Glasson Farm with a second calved Cow. Cast Cows were a shade easier although there were some plainer animals in this week. Trade averaged 84p/kg selling to a top of 127.5p/kg and £862.13 to Messrs E & N Wright & Sons, Allcocks Farm.


STORE STEERS Lim: £920 Longlands Farm; £900 Godson House Farm; £880 Low Kit Brow; £860 Old Glasson Farm & Endmoor Farm; £800 Station Hotel; £780 Crabtree Farm; £750, Station Hotel, Greenways, North Farm. Char: £1020 Flookburgh; £920 Crooklands Farm; £770 & £740 Brown Edge. BB: £1070 & £1040 Shaws Farm; £880 Holmes Farm; £850 Ellers Farm; £840 Moss House; £830 Wray Farm; £790 Moss House Farm; £780 Clarksons Farm; £760 Low Kit Brow; £710 Moss View & Ellers Farm. Sim: £1010, £980, £910 & £900 Manor House Farm; £780 Hill Top; £680 Clarksons Farm. AA: £970 Fairfield Farm; £890 North Farm; £860 Myerscough College, North Farm & Bouthwaite Farm. Blo: £840 Low Kit Brow; £800 Clarksons Farm; £780 Crabtree Farm. Hfd: £660 Cock Hall Farm. S/H: £720 Ellers Farm. Mont: £840 Braeslacks. Swedish Red & White: £780 Kate Farm; £730 Fairfield. Bazadaise: £760 Heaton Hall Farm. Parthanaous: £740 Clarksons Farm.

STORE HEIFERS Lim: £850 Capernwray Parkland; £730 Hill Top: £720 Cracalt Farm; £700 Wyre Farm; £640 Downlands Farm; £620 Low Hall Beck. Char: £860 Stirzakers Farm; £850 Ribble Bank Farm; £770 Hill Top; £700 Brown Edge. Sim: £830 Manor House Farm; £810 Fairfield; £790 Kate Farm; £720 Jolley Fold Farm. Blo: £790 Capernwray Parkland; £620 Larbreck Hill Farm. BB: £810 Kendal Hill; £800 & £700, Yew Tree Farm; £770 & £680 Mount Pleasant, Fairfield & Kendal Hill; £740 Forton Bank. AA: £740 Fiddlers Farm; £720 Raw End Farm.

DAIRY CATTLE HFRS: £1400 Isle of Sky Farm; COWS: £1360, Old Glasson Farm IN CALF HFRS: £1000, Moss View. IN CALF COWS: £920 Old Glass Farm.

BULL CALVES Lim: £235 & £200 Hood Ridding Farm; £200, Birds Park Farm. BB: £205 School House. AA: £175 Beaumont Gate. Fr: £225, £165 & £135 Caw House Farm; £62 & £60, Cocker House Farm; HIEFER CALVES AA: £170 Cocker House Farm. Lim: £150 Hood Ridding Farm.

CAST/FEEDING COWS & OTM CLEAN CATTLE COWS – Sim: 127.5p/kg Springfield; AA: 124.5p/kg Brow Foot Farm; Lim: 119.5p/kg Brow Foot Farm; 117.5p/kg Thornbush Farm; 111.5p/kg Lodge Farm. Mont: 109.5p/kg & 104.5p/kg Cumming Carr Farm. Fries: 107.5p/kg Kiln Hall; 104.5p/kg Allcocks Farm, Stirzakers Farm & Holmes Farm; 101.5p/kg Lingshaw Farm; 99.5p/kg Heaton Hall Farm, Hood Ridding Farm & Low Levens. OTM HEIFERS - Fries: 104.5p/kg Lingshaw Farm; 99.5p/kg Kilntree Farm STRS/BULLS – Lim: 139.5p/kg Downlands Farm. Fries: 124.5p/kg & 119.5p/kg Downlands Farm.

STORE LAMBS: Texel: £64.50, £60.50, £55 & £45 The Dingle. Char: £62.50 The Dingle; £55 Redbank Farm. Suff: £62.50 The Dingle; £58.50 & £53 Cliftons Farm, £52.50 Post Office Farm.

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