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Lancaster Friday 26/11

Posted Monday, 29 November 2010, 1.18pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had an excellent entry of 377 store cattle together with 102 cast cows, a small entry of calves and store lambs.

Store cattle numbers continue to hold up very well towards the end of the year and in turn this continues to attract a large crowd of customers including new faces around the ring this week. Many vendors were delighted with the trade which showed a definite rise on the week with bullocks of all breeds once again averaging towards £700. A top price of £1100 went to MJ Whitworth, Mount Pleasant Farm for a Belgian Blue bullock. A plainer entry of store heifers sold to £850 for a very strong pen of Angus x heifers from L Parsons & Sons, Low Levens.

A smaller show of calves this week due to the Christmas show on the 10th December. All calves were easily sold to the dearest trade seen for quite some time. Calves topped at £288 for British Blue bulls with all calves averaging £114, black & whites a fantastic average of £68 topping at £122.

Earlier in the day an excellent entry of 102 cast cows and over thirty month cattle were also sharper on the week, especially for animals with a good covering of meat. A top price of 129.5p/kg went to Ballacutchel Farms, Isle of Man for a Charolais x cow. Black & White cows were also up on the week selling to a top of 121.5p/kg from C Hargreaves & Son, Sunderland Brows. There were several black & white cows making over £1 per kilo once again. Top price per head of the day in this section was £1177.80 for a cast bull from K Whitatker & Son, Stirzakers Farm.

Store lambs were again easily sold with many vendors leaving with empty trailers. Texel lambs sold to £64 from RT Aldren & Son, Moorgate with all lambs of all breeds averaging £49.02.


STORE BULLOCKS - Lim: £1010, £930, £900, £870 High House; £990, £810 Stonehead Farm; £970 Mealgate Avenue; £940 Moorham Hill Nurseries; £880 Jolley Fold Farm; £840 Cropper Road. BB: £1100, £820 Mount Pleasant Farm; £990 Bouthwaite Farm; £770 Blenkett Farm; £690 Cock Hall Farm; £680 Throstle Grove Farm. Char: £990, £900, £835 Bouthwaite Farm; £970, £700 Mealsgate Avenue; £900, £860 Crooklands Farm. AA: £1050, £980 Mill Bridge Farm; £910 Dunningwell Farm; £840 Cropper Farm, High Green. Sim: £900 Pinewood Avenue; £850 Ellers Farm; £770 Jolley Fold Farm. Blo: £730 Hallbeck. Shorthorn: £630 Knotts Farm. MRI: £770 Cock Hall Farm. Brown Swiss: £880 Jolley Fold Farm; £690 Ballacutchel Farm. Hereford: £800 Ellers Farm; £710 Ivy Farm; £690 Clarksons Farm. Fr: £870, £760 Cock Hall Farm; £800, £710 Spital Farm; £790 Mill Bridge Farm; £730 Low Levens Farm; £710 Newsham Hall Farm.

STORE HEIFERS - Lim: £810 Stonehead Farm; £800 Manor House Farm; £790 Brow Foot Farm; £780 Moorham Hill Nurseries. Char: £840 Manor House Farm; £710 Crooklands Farm. Hereford: £600 Dunningwall Farm. Sim: £820, £710 Manor House Farm; £720 Coverdales. Blo: £750 Hallbeck. BB: £770 Brow Foot Farm; £600 Yeat House; £570 Docker Hall Farm. AA: £850 Low Levens Farm; £780 High Green Farm; £770 Raw End Farm; £740 Dunningwall Farm, Cropper Farm; £700 Croft House. Fr (feeders): £760, £660 Marlholes; £750 Trapp Farm; £480 Docker Hall Farm; £430 Holly House Farm.

CAST COWS - Fr: 121.5p/kg Sunderland Brows Farm; 104.5p/kg Trapp Farm, Gunnerthwaite; 101.5p/kg Whittington Farm, Batty Hill; 99.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm, Whittington Farm, Brackenfold; 97.5p/kg Low House, Gibraltar Farm. Lim: 111.5p/kg, 97.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm; 94.5p/kg Mosergh Farm. Char: 129.5p/kg, 124.5p/kg, 99.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm. Hereford: 94.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm. Sim: 94.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm; 89.5p/kg Flookburgh. Blo: 99.5p/kg, 87.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm. BB: 114.5p/kg Carr House Farm; 101.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm. Shorthorn: 94.5p/kg, 89.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm
CAST STEERS/BULLS - Fr: 74.5p/kg Cocker House Farm. Char: 124.5p/kg Flookburgh; 97.5p/kg Stirzakers Farm. Hereford: 111.5p/kg Lima Farm. BB: 121.5p/kg Lima Farm; 119.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm.

BULL CALVES – BB: £288 Orchards House. Hereford: £145 Stanley Farm. Fr: £122, £92 Orchards House; £85, £72 Knowsley Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – BB: £200 Orchards House. AA: £120 Beaumont Gate.

STORE LAMBS – Texel x: £64 Moorgate; £60 Forgelands; £50 Borwick Fold.

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