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Lancaster Friday 12/11

Posted Saturday, 13 November 2010, 1.11pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart enjoyed another very busy Friday Store & Breeding Sale. A catalogue entry of 414 store cattle were sold together with 63 calves, 88 cast cows & over thirty month cattle and 70 store lambs.

In the store cattle ring there were a greater proportion of longer keep cattle. Anything of meat or quality was good to sell and the top price of £1010 was achieved by J Hoggarth & Sons, Manor House Farm with a tremendously strong pen of Simmental bullocks. Heifers topped at £880 from Messrs J & D Chapman, Wray Farm for a Belgian Blue.

It was pleasing to see a packed ring of buyers yet again at a Friday sale. An increased entry of calves included a higher proportion of beef bred calves and these sold tremendously well to a packed ring of customers. A top price of £330 was achieved by JS Taylor of Lancaster. This was for a British Blue heifer calf. Bull calves sold to £300 for a strong Angus from Messrs R & A Battarbee, Newhouse Farm. A slightly reduced entry of cast cows and over thirty month cattle were a similar trade on the day, with buyers for every grade of cattle around the ring. Cast cows sold to a top of 109.5p/kg from P Pye, Marl House for a Blonde x cow.

Over thirty month cattle topped at 127.5p/kg for a Simmental heifer from J Hoggarth & Sons, Manor House Farm. A top price of £946.20 was achieved through the ring for an over thirty month Hereford steer from S Hancock, Overton.

A small entry of store lambs were easily sold selling to a top of £61 for Suffolk lambs from PG Thornton, Cliftons Farm.


STORE BULLOCKS - Lim: £900 Green Bank Farm; £870 Beech House & Wyre Farm; £860 Mount Pleasant, High House, Green Bank Farm. Char: £990 Wyre Farm; £880 Crooklands Farm, Bouthwaite Farm; £780 Manor House Farm; £660 Holme House. Sim: £1010, £940 Manor House Farm; £870 Low Fell End & Wyre Farm; £830 Kate Farm; £760 Hill Top Farm. Blo: £920 Green Bank Farm; £810 Squires Gate Farm. BB: £910, £840 Throstle Grove Farm; £900 High Fell Gate; £850, £740 Low Fell End; £780 Manor House Farm; £770 Squires Gate Farm;£720 Pasture House Farm. AA: £890 Elmridge Farm; £880 Low Levens Farm & Tewitfield Farm; £870 Sowerby Lodge; £850 Cropper Farm. Hfd: £840 Cock Hall Farm; £810 Aynsome Manor Farm; £740 Jolley Fold Farm; £570 Pasture House Farm. Saler: £830 Hill Top Farm.Fr: £780, £720 Wyre Farm; £760 Low Levens Farm; £730 Spital Farm & Squires Gate Farm.
STORE HEIFERS - Lim: £820 Hill Top Farm; £810, £740 Walmsley Fold; £780, £740 Gibraltar Farm; £760 Wood Lane Farm; £740 Beech House.Char: £800 Elmridge Farm; £750 Half Way House; £590 Holme House. Hfd: £660 Staffords Farm; £610 Winston. Sim: £840, £760 Manor House Farm;£750 Hill Top Farm & Wyre Farm; £680 Kate Farm. Blo: £730 Elmridge Farm; £710 Jolley Fold Farm; £630 Baycliffe Farm. BB: £880 Wray Farm; £810 Bouthwaite Farm; £770 High House Farm; £750 Manor House Farm; £740 Yew Tree Farm & Wood Lane Farm; £700 Ivy Farm; £650 High Fell Gate. AA: £840 Sowerby Lodge; £800 Bouthwaite Farm; £730 Winston; £720 Cropper Farm. WB: £710 Jolley Fold Farm. Fr: £590 Newsham Hall Farm.
STORE BULLS - Lim: £480 Lower Swainshead Farm.

CAST COWS - Fr: 99.5p/kg Gibraltar Farm; 97.5p/kg Boldens Farm & Heaton Hall Farm; 94.5p/kg Boldens Farm, Booth Hall & Manor House Farm; 91.5p/kg Heaton Hall Farm. Lim: 104.5p/kg Poplar Grove Farm; 91.5p/kg Lane House. Char: 97.5p/kg Little Fell Farm. Sim: 107.5p/kg, 94.5p/kg Stirzaker House. Blo: 109.5p/kg Marl House; 97.5p/kg Holme House. BB: 97.5p/kg Poplar Grove Farm; 94.5p/kg Moss House Farm. AA: 99.5p/kg Stirzaker House. MRI: 81.5p/kg, 79.5p/kg Sandvilla. B/Swiss: 94.5p/kg Lawrence House. Stab: 104.5p/kg Stirzaker House.
CAST HEIFERS - Fr: 97.5p/kg, 91.5p/kg Blackleach House Farm; 94.5p/kg Boundary House. Sim: 127.5p/kg Manor House Farm. AA: 119.5p/kg Hawes Farm.
CAST STEERS - Fr: 117.5p/kg, 114.5p/kg Sunderland Brows Farm; 109.5p/kg Buck Bank Farm. Hfd: 124.5p/kg, 104.5p/kg Little Tunstall Farm. BB: 124.5p/kg Hazelslack Tower Farm. AA: 101.5p/kg Warton Grange Farm.

BULL CALVES - Lim: £300, £265 Newhouse Farm; £250 Deansbiggin; £238, £235 Halforth Farm. Hfd: £278 Orchards House; £178 Moss House Farm. Sim: £298, £288, £260 Cote Farm. AA: £230 Newhouse Farm; £202 Rose Farm. BB: £300 Caw House; £232, £210, £195 Norbreck Farm.Fr: £55 Ancliffe Hall Farm; £50, £40 Tunstall Hall; £40 Rose Farm & Quakers Farm.
HEIFER CALVES - BB: £330 Farmdale. Lim: £200 Deansbiggin. Hfd: £282 Orchards House; £132 Moss House Farm. Sim: £180 Cote Farm.

STORE LAMBS - Suff: £61, £59, £58 Cliftons Farm; £52 Bradlow Farm. Mule: £53 Ewan Mill. Texel: £55 Ewan Mill.

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