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Lancaster Friday 05/11

Posted Monday, 08 November 2010, 1.13pm

Largest Entry of Cast Cows at Lancaster for Many Weeks

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had forward an excellent entry of more than 400 store cattle last Friday. Also included within the sale was the largest entry of cast cows for several weeks with more than 120 animals forward. The store cattle trade was a decent level trade throughout the sale with plainer and longer keep animals the best trade of all. However, good quality strong cattle were also good to sell.

A top price of £1120 went to MS Dugdale & Sons, Tewitfield for a smart pen of Limousin Bullocks. Heifers topped at £870 from B Clark, High Fell Gate for Belgian Blue x heifers. In the cast cow ring there was a far greater proportion of plainer grade cows forward. Anything with meat continues to sell very well. The top price cow was 134.5p/kg for a Limousin from Mr K Kinrade, Ballaquark. The top price per head was £830.88 for a Limousin from ME Wannop & Sons, Heaton Hall.

A pleasing entry of beef calves this week with many buyers leaving empty handed. Top price of the day was £345 for a smart British Blue x Bull from JW & TE Sharp, Flodder Hall and heifers to £240 again for a British Blue from Messrs Sharp. 6 calves made over £300 this week with Black & Whites meeting an improving trade. Many more calves are needed to meet strong buyer demand.


STORE STEERS - Lim: £1120, £1050 Tewitfield Farm; £980 Willow House Farm; £940 High House Farm; £930, £880 Crow Trees; £860 Crabtree Farm. Char: £1100 Head House; £960 Fanny House; £840 North Farm; £810 Wray Farm; £790 Holme House. AA: £960 Fanny House Farm; £890 Heaton Hall Farm; £880 Cragg Farm & Squires Gate, £860 Hill Top; £850 Cock Hall Farm; £840 Bouthwaite Farm. BB: £970 Willow House Farm; £960, £910, £880 High House Farm; £930, £900 Walmsley Fold; £880 Cragg Farm; £870 High Fell Gate; £850 Heaton Hall Farm. Hfd: £810, £730 Oddlands Farm; £800 Cock Hall Farm. Fr: £800 Godson House Farm; £740 Old Glasson Farm & Howriggs; £730 Cock Hall Farm; £700 North Farm. Sim: £870 Walmsley Fold; £800 Croft House; £720 Hutton Roof Hall. Blo: £780 Bouthwaite Farm; £750 Crabtree Farm. Shorthorn: £700 Ashlack Hall; £650 Stirzaker House. MG: £650 Low Kit Brow. Saler: £870 Hill Top. MRI: £680 Cock Hall Farm. WB: £620 Oddlands Farm. Mont: £750 Braeslacks. Swedish R&W: £760 Hill Top.
STORE HEIFERS - Lim: £800 Station Hotel; £760 Hallbeck; £730 Low Mabbin Hall; £720 Cropper Farm; £700 Milton Moor Farm & Jolley Fold; £670 Cross Hill. Char: £860, £850 Stirzakers Farm; £760 Fell End Farm; £730 Ellers Farm & Crooklands Farm. Hfd: £700 Larbreck Hill. BB: £870, £810 High Fell Gate; £800 Cragg Farm; £720 Cropper Farm; £710 Holmes Farm. Sim: £700 Larbreck Hill. AA: £720 Cropper Farm; £700 Ellers Farm. Stab: £460 Deansbiggin.
STORE BULLS - BB: £780 Myerscough Hall. AA: £690 Myerscough Hall.
COW & CALF - Lim with Hfr calf: £950 Flodder Hall.

BULL CALVES - Lim: £315, £265 Fodder Hall. BB: £345 Flodder Hall; £310 Orchards House. AA: £198 Gibsons Farm; £150 Sandvilla. Fr: £60, £50 Ancliffe Hall; £58 Cocker House Farm; £50 Tills Farm. HIEFER CALVES - BB: £240 Flodder Hall. Lim: £230 Catshaw Hall. AA: £118 Sandvilla.

CAST/FEEDING COWS & OTM CLEAN CATTLE COWS – Lim: 134.5p/kg, 107.5p/kg, 104.5p/kg Ballaquark. BB: 114.5p/kg Gibraltar Farm. Fr: 107.5p/kg Heaton Hall & Rooten Brook; 104.5p/kg Cross Hill; 101.5p/kg Heaton Hall; 99.5p/kg Sellerley Farm, Raw End Farm & Mealbank Farm. Char: 99.5p/kg Brown Edge. Hfd: 97.5p/kg, 94.5p/kg Ballaquark. AA: 97.5p/kg, 94.5p/kg Moss End Farm. Saler: 91.5p/kg Millbeck. MRI: 91.5p/kg Hatters Farm.
OTM HEIFERS - Lim: 144.5p/kg, 134.5p/kg Heaton Hall. Blo: 119.5p/kg Carr House Farm. BB: 104.5p/kg Hazelslack Tower. Ayr: 111.5p/kg Bank End. Fr: 104.5p/kg Greenalls.
OTM STEERS – Lim: 137.5p/kg North Farm. Fr: 109.5p/kg Outerthwaite Farm.

STORE LAMBS - Suff: £62.50, £59.50 Cliftons Farm. Texel: £52, £49.50 Croziers Croft. Mule: £46.50 Croziers

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