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Kendal Tuesday 09/11

Posted Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 1.12pm

North West Auctions Kendal Mart had forward an excellent entry of well over 2000 prime sheep on Tuesday together with a monthly sale of 106 breeding & store pigs and 23 rearing calves.

Prime lambs were very good to sell on the day averaging 156p/kg. Heavier weight lambs were the best trade of all and these averaged 158p/kg. A top price of 176p/kg went to EA Harrison Scarside for good Texel lambs purchased by J Hadwin butcher of Mansergh. The top price per head was £76 for Texel lambs from LA & M Lambert, Brow Head and these were purchased by Mr John Holdsworth of Cornvale Foods. Hill lambs sold well all day especially for meat. Herdwick lambs sold to a top of 165p/kg from GT Hodgson, High Low Wood.

Prime ewes continue to grow dearer with an excellent entry of 502 sold through the ring. Top price in this section was £98 going to WS Burrow & Son, Gibraltar Farm.

Just a small entry of calves and many more could have been sold. Top price of £340 was paid for a British Blue heifer calf from CS & SE Wood, Longlands. Bulls topped at £260 again for a British Blue this time from JW & D Robinson & Sons, Hollins Farm.

A large show of 106 pigs were forward at this popular monthly sale with many new purchasers present. Top price of the day was £210 for a sow with 8 piglets from T Johnston, Maidenlands Farm with in pig gilts to £130. A lot of small pigs on offer this month sold to a top of £40 from L Armstrong, Broomfield Farm. December 14th Christmas Show & Sale of Pigs (3 classes).

PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £76 Brow Head; £70.50 Beech Tops & Steel Croft; £70 Beck House, Barker Knott & Topthorn Farm; £69.50 Nook Farm, Lambrigg Head & New Close. Char: £75, £70.50 Low Foulshaw Farm; £72, £71.50 Gibraltar Farm; £70 Myers Farm; £69.50 Borrans Farm; £65.50 Cooper House. Suff: £74 Brow Head; £71.50 Barker Knott; £71 Meadow Oaks, Must Hill & Croft Foot; £70.50 High House; £70 Hyning, Top Thorn & Pyes Bridge. Chev: £75, £70.50 Green Head, £67.50 Croft Foot. Mule: £67 Tullithwaite Hall; £66 Low Longmire & Middale Farm; £65 Hallbeck & Mid Town House; £64 Low Newton Farm; £63 Middle Sadghyll. Masham: £67 Middale Farm. Horned: £64 Cunswick Hall; £63.50 Flodder Hall; £60 Gowan Bank Farm; £58.50 The Borrans; £57 Bracken Hill. Herdwick: £57.50, £56 High Low Wood.
CAST SHEEP - Cont: £98 Gibraltar Farm; £88 Scarside Farm; £82 Beck House; £76 Oldfield End & Gibraltar Farm & Boundary Beck; £69 Croft Foot. Suff: £94 Redhills; £83 Hyning; £77 Yew Tree House. Leic: £80 Longwell. Texel: £69 Ashbank. Teeswater: £63 Steps Farm. Mule: £74 Pye Bridge; £65 Cooper House; £62 Low Stanger Thwaite; £62 Burneside Hall; £60 Middleton Hall. Rough Fell: £60 Boundary Beck & Middleton Hall; £59 Cotegill; £57 Moor House; £49 Bracken Hill.
BREEDING PIGS – Sow with 8 £210 Maidenlands Farm; Sow with 9 £166 Tarn Cottage; Saddleback Gilt (In-pig) £130 Stoneyhead Hall.
STORE/WEANER PIGS - £60 (Pietrain x) Town End Hall; £48 (Saddleback) Roundhill Farm; £40 (Saddleback) Broomfield Farm; £34 (Pietrain) Smith Garth; £29 (G.O.S) Berrier End.
HEIFER CALVES – BB: £340 Longlands. Lim: £260, £170 Hollins Farm. AA: £70 Capplerigg.
BULL CALVES – BB: £260 Hollins Farm; £210 Hagg Farm. Fr: £210, £160, £140 Low Bracken Hall; £95 Capplerigg. AA: £130, £100 Capplerigg; £100 Sunny Bank.

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