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Kendal Thursday 25/11

Posted Friday, 26 November 2010, 1.18pm

North West Auctions Kendal Mart enjoyed another successful days trading of breeding and store stock last Thursday.

The sale began with an excellent fortnightly entry of 64 cast cows and over thirty month cattle. There were many leaner grade cows in the sale which reduced the average of the day. As is always the case best meaty cows were very good to sell. Cast cows sold to a top of 129.5p/kg for a Limousin from TLB & J Knowles, High Borrowbridge. Cast heifers sold to a top of 127.5p/kg for a blonde from JM Smith, Lileyaks.

A small entry of store cattle sold to a top £735 for a pen of your Limousin Steers from SW Atkinson & Son, Capplerigg Farm. There were several buyers around the ring looking for cattle and it was a shame that not more animals were forward.

The fortnightly sale of store lambs continues to thrive with numbers rising all the time. An excellent entry of more than 1200 lambs averaged £48 including the majority of lambs which were fell bred. Top price £69 was given to Messrs DR & C Galbraith, Sunny Bank for Continental x lambs. Again it was good to see a full ring of buyers ensuring a very strong trade which many vendors felt to be dearer even than the previous fortnight’s sale.


STORE BULLOCKS - Lim: £735, £630 Capplerigg Farm; £620 Low Groves Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Blo: £670 Lileyaks. CAST COWS – Lim: 129.5p/kg, 99.5p/kg High Borrowbridge; 106.5p/kg Crosscrake Farm; 105.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall; 99.5p/kg Lowgill Farm, West Plain Farm. Fr: 86.5p/kg, 83.5p/kg Scarside Farm; 85.5p/kg Barugh House; 84.5p/kg Holmescales Farm, Beckside; 83.5p/kg Halforth Farm. Sim: 98.5p/kg Kit Cragg. Blo: 88.5p/kg West Plain Farm. AA: 83.5p/kg Yoad Pot. Stab: 107.5p/kg Kit Cragg.
CAST HEIFERS – Blo: 127.5p/kg Lileyaks. Lim: 109.5p/kg Moss Howe Farm. Fr: 99.5p/kg, 87.5p/kg Docker Hall
CAST STEERS - Lim: 125.5p/kg, 109.5p/kg Capplerigg Farm.
STORE LAMBS – Suff: £58, £55 Dawson Fold; £58 Bradley Farm; £57 Quarry Top; £56.50 Low Hundhowe; £56 The Borrans; £55 Borwick Lodge. Cont: £69, £63 Sunny Bank; £66, £65 Sandscale Farm; £60 Overmere; £59 The Orchard; £55 Bulman Strands. Masham: £54, £49.50 Mealrigg. Mule: £64 Sandscale Farm; £60 Low Hundhowe; £59 Cooper House; £54 Yoad Pot; £53.50 Gaisgill Row Farm, High Skelgill; £50 Fold Farm. Swale: £43.50 Audlands Park. Rough Fell: £52 Steps Farm; £47 Sedbergh Road. Char: £59, £50 Gaskell House; £54 Cooper House. Chev: £57 High Farm; £56 Quarry Top. Texel: £65 Sandscale Farm; £59.50 High Farm; £59 Low House; £57 School House, Low Fold; £55.50 Far Orrest; £55 The Borrans, The Orchard; £54.50 Far Orrest. Herdwick: £43.50, £42 Overmere; £35.50 Long Green Head.

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