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Lancaster Friday 15th October

Posted Monday, 18 October 2010, 12.53pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held their weekly sale of store and breeding stock. A catalogue entry of more than 500 store cattle included a special sale of suckled calves. There were also 96 cast cows & OTM cattle, 70 calves and stirks, 90 store lambs and 8 dairy cattle.

An excellent ring of buyers was drawn from throughout the northern counties and southern Scotland ensuring a fast trade for all strong store cattle. Indeed this has been a feature of the market for many weeks with store numbers hardly ever dropping below 500 in the last few months. Store cattle topped at £1050 from J Whitton, Flookburgh for a pen of Simmental bullocks. Heifers sold to £910 from T Robson & Son, Fairfield Farm for a superb pen of Angus x heifers. In the suckled calf section a top price of £600 was achieved for Limousin Bulls from JM Kelsall & Son, Low Pleasant.

The Lancaster cow trade is bouncing at the moment with new buyers around the ring. An excellent entry of 84 cows averaged almost 90p/kg selling to a top of 137.5p/kg for a Limousin cow from M Crowe & Son, Birks Farm. Well fleshed black & white cows were substantially dearer again on the week selling to a top of 109.5p/kg from Mr G A Atkinson, Abbotsons Farm. All grades of cow particularly plain animals were on a rising trade throughout the sale. Lancaster’s rearing calf sale on a Friday morning has also been growing on a regular basis. This week there were 70 rearing calves & stirks on offer. These sold to a top of £360 for a Limousin bull calf. Heifer calves topped at £318. Black & White bulls peaked at £160 for strong Friesian types. A small entry of newly calved dairy cattle were a reasonable trade. A top price of £1100 for a second calved cow was given to J Lamb, Old Glasson Farm who has retired from milk production. A small entry of Friesian type bulling heifers from 11 months old and upwards sold to a top of £710 from J & PM Bell, Bull Bank. To finish the sale a small entry of 90 store lambs made a top price of £59.50 for Texel x lambs from Simon Gorst, Cragg Farm.


STORE STEERS Sim: £1050 & £900 Flookburgh, £880 Head House, £870 Gibraltar Farm, £800 Littlewood Hall, £750 Birch Croft, £730 Hampsfield Hall. BB: £1000 Flookburgh, £900 Gibraltar Farm, £890 & £780 Cragg Farm, £870 Millbeck, £860 Squires Gate, £830 Throsle Grove. Lim: £990 Crow Trees, £870 & £840 Green Bank, £870 & £860 Gibraltar Farm. AA: £960 Millbeck, £900 Gibraltar Farm, £880 Green Close. Char: £950 Crooklands Farm, £900 Head House. Hfd: £760 North Farm, £680 Heaton Hall. Blo: £880 Maidenlands Tarn, £840 Green Bank, £800 Flookburgh, £770 North Farm. Fr: £850 & £840 Low Levens, £820 Butterfly Hall, £780 Cock Hall, £770 Cracalt Farm, £760 Downlands Farm, £720 Church Farm. M/G: £580 Low Kit Brow. Mont: £760 Crabtree. MRI: Moss House Farm.
STORE HEIFERS Lim: £810 Wray Farm, £730 Manor Farm, £700 Downlands Farm, £690 Low Woodedge & Yeat House. Char: £800 Cottams Farm, £700 Cobble Hey. Hfd: £680 Rowell Farm, £660 Jolly Fold Farm. Sim: £790 & £720 Lonsdale. Blo: £570 Ouzelthorn Farm. BB: £830 Fairfield Farm, £780 Yew Tree Farm, £760 Church Farm, £750 Cragg Farm. AA: £910 Fairfield Farm, £780 Cropper Farm, £770 Sandholme Mill Farm.
SUCKLER BULLS Lim: £600, £580, £570 & £520 Low Pleasant, £530, £520, £490 & £440 Lower Swainshead.
COWS & CALVES: Lim: £1050 New Hall.

DAIRY CATTLE £1100 (2nd calver) Old Glasson, £710 (bulling Hfr) Bull Bank.

BULL CALVES Lim: £360 Curwin Hill, £278 & £245 Hood Ridding, £250 Flodder Hall, £220 New House Farm. BB: £325 Flodder Hall, £235 £212 Birds Park, £215 Sandvilla, £212 Norbreck. AA: Hindley Green. Hfd: £315 Hindley Green, £270 Firtree Cottage. Fr: £160 £ £148 Old Hall Farm, £132 Hindley Green, £125 Corney Hall Farm, £102 Ancliffe Hall.
HIEFER CALVES Lim: £270 & £260 Flodder Hall, £180 New House Farm. BB: £238 Cowells Farm, £225 Bank House, £195 New House Farm. Hfd: £318 Fellside Farm. AA: £168 Moss Farm.

CAST/FEEDING COWS & OTM CLEAN CATTLE COWS Fr: 109.5p/kg Abbotsons Farm, 107.5p/kg Corney Hall Farm, 104.5p/kg Heaton Hall, Greaves Farm, Whittington Farm, Pump House, Bank End Farm, Endmoor Farm, Baldromma Farm. Lim: 137.5p/kg Birks Farm, 121.5p/kg Endmoor Farm, 117.5p/kg, 111.5p/kg & 109.5p/kg Upp Hall, 107.5p/kg High Hallbeck. Sim: 99.5p/kg & 94.5p/kg Yarlsber. AA: 79.5p/kg Butterfly Hall. B/S: 94.5p/kg Sandvilla, 84.5p/kg Dale Barns. B/Al: 89.5p/kg White Lee Farm. OTM HEIFERS Fri: 124.5p/kg Lower Castle O’ Trim, 117.5p/kg Hoggetts Lane Farm, 109.5p/kg Warton Grange Farm. Blo: 119.5p/kg Cobble Hey. BB: 121.5p/kg Bank House Farm, 109.5p/kg Quarry House. OTM BULLOCKS Lim: 134.5p/kg Downlands Farm. Fri: 129.5p/kg Downlands Farm, 124.5p/kg Heaton Hall.

STORE LAMBS: Texel: £59.50

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