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Lancaster Friday 08/10

Posted Monday, 11 October 2010, 12.49pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held their weekly sale of 553 store cattle together with 97 cast cows, 50 rearing calves, 4 dairy cattle & 50 store lambs.

The sale included a special Autumn Prize Show for pens of 4 store heifers. The judging was in the very capable hands of regular weekly buyer Mr Tim Parkinson from Yorkshire. For the second week running Messrs JJ & D Huddleston, Over Houses secured championship honours claiming first prize again with Belgian Blue Heifers. These sold for an excellent price of £1060 per head (picture above Mr Huddleston with the Champion Heifers).

Trade was again slightly easier but there were more plain cattle in the market. The quality end of cattle appeared to be just as dear on the day. Steers topped at £1070 per head for Charolais bullocks from Messrs Dugdale, Tewitfield.

A reduced entry of rearing calves this week still sold very well with once again a ring full of buyers for Friesian bulls being a feature of the sale. However, top price of the day was £322 for a British Blue bull calf from JG & BJ Escolme, Low Stanger Thwaite. In the dairy ring a small entry of cattle topped at £1180 for an in-calf heifer from George Parkinson, Moss View. In-milk heifers sold to £1050 from M Shepherd & Sons, Pasture House. Cast cow numbers continue to come forward very well. There was an increased number of buyers in the ring this week. Cast cows topped at 134.5p/kg for a Limousin cow from Messrs D & SA Robinson, Oakfield. This was purchased by Mr Charlie Anderson. Mr Anderson also bought the highest priced cast heifer at 129.5p/kg again for a Limousin, this time it was produced by T & M Halhead, Upp Hall. Over Thirty Month bullocks topped at 141.5p/kg again for a Limousin from Upp Hall.

STEERS Char: £1070 Tewitfield Farm, £890 Ribble Bank Farm, £880 Mount Pleasant Farm. Lim: £1000 & £990 Gibraltar Farm, £960 Head House, £950 Kilburn House, £910 & £900 Clay Gap Farm & Station Hotel, £890 Gaskell House & Kilburn House, £870 Low Bank House. BB: £950 Gibraltar Farm, £910 Yew Tree Farm, £890 Birks Farm, £840 High Fell Gate, £800 Sand Lane. Sim: £950 Moss View, £940 Fairfield Farm, £830 Tarnwater Farm, £790 Corney Hill Farm, £740 Low Woodedge Farm. Blo: £860 Hallbeck, £780 Salisbury House Farm, £750 Old Woodhouse. AA: £880 Bouthwaite Farm, £860 Fairfield Farm, £840 Moss View, Throstle Grove Farm & Tarnwater, £800 Sannat Hall, Hill Top & Holme House. Hfd: £840 Forton Bank, £810 Scar Close, £760 Manor House Farm, £680 Dove Cote Farm. Fr: £760 Cock Hall Farm, £750 Low Bank House & Lonsdale, £740 Manor House Farm, £700 Forton Bank & Ribble Bank Farm, £690 Moss View, Birks Farm & Manor House Farm. Ayr: £620 Long Streets Farm. Chianina: £760 Holme Head. Mont: £860 & £800 Crabtree Farm, £850 & £780 Braeslacks, £750 Bibbys Farm. Baz: £660 Little Fell Farm. S/R: £580 Cinder Barrow, £570 Holme Head.
HEIFERS BB: £1060, £1000, £870 & £820 Over Houses, £830 Yew Tree Farm, £680 Little Fell Farm. Lim: £890 & £820 Over Houses, £810 Lonsdale, £770 Gaskell House, £760 High House, £740 Wall End Farm & Cockrigg Farm. Char: £910 Hill Top, £880 & £800 Ribble Bank Farm, £860 Manor House, £810 Holme House. Hfd: £860 & £840 Manor House Farm. Sim: Bouthwaite Farm, £850 Fairfield Farm & Manor House Farm, £750 Larbreck Hill Farm. AA: £870 Manor House Farm, £850 Cropper Farm. Baz: £790, £670 & £600 Little Fell Farm. Blo: £730 Larbreck Hill Farm, £690 Moss View, £550 Throstle Nest Farm. S/H: £560 Friars Moss.
COWS & CALVES: Lim: £1020 Moss Edge. BB: £880 White Cross Farm, £850 Moss Edge. AA: £840 White Cross Farm.

In-calf Heifers: £1180 Moss View. In-milk Heifers: £1050 & £1000 Pasture House Farm.

BULLS Lim: £322 & £285 Low Stanger Thwaite. Fr: £95 Brantbeck Farm, £88 Beaumont Gate, £60 Blackleach House Farm.
HIEFERS Lim: £235 Low Stanger Thwaite. Sim: £125 Manor House Farm. BB: £180 Manor House Farm. AA: Sandvilla Farm.

COWS Lim: 134.5p/kg Oakfield, 114.5p/kg Upp Hall, 109.5p/kg Thornton Hall, Ballacutchel Farm & White Carr Farm, 104.5p/kg White Lee Farm, Low Foulshaw Farm & Thornton Hall. Fr: 117.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm, 107.5p/kg White Lee Farm, Ballacutchel Farm, 104.5p/kg Hood Ridding Farm & Abbotson Farm, 101.5p/kg Low Levens & Holme House, 99.5p/kg White Lee Farm. Char: 111.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm. Sim: 107.5p/kg Upp Hall & Moss House Farm. BB: 104.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm. AA: 104.5p/kg Upp Hall. Stab: 104.5p/kg Low Foulshaw Farm.
HEIFERS Lim: 129.5p/kg Upp Hall. Fr: 121.5p/kg Holly House, 111.5p/kg White Lee Farm. Char: 114.5p/kg Bradlow Farm. Sim: 117.5p/kg Pyethornes Farm.
BULLOCKS Lim: 141.5p/kg Upp Hall, 104.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm. Char: 119.5p/kg Bradlow Farm. BB: 111.5p/kg Ballacutchel Farm. Fr: 124.5p/kg & 111.5p/kg Bradlow, 101.5p/kg Higher Knowhill.

Texel: £56.50 Carr House Farm. Suff: £54.50 Carr House Farm.

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