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Kendal Thursday 30/09

Posted Friday, 01 October 2010, 12.23pm

North West Auctions Kendal Mart held their Annual sale of 350 suckled calves together with 100 store cattle last Thursday. The Annual Prize show was in the most capable hands of Mark Thompson of Long Preston who awarded the Championship honours to Messrs R & E Rayson, Fairbank. The judge went on to back his decision by purchasing the champion animal which was a Charolais bullock for £780. Despite the falling store cattle trade at the moment trade for sucklers on the day was felt to be both reasonable and decent with most regular customers back in the market once again purchasing their usual requirements. Store cattle were easier but there were some good sorts in the market and as always quality sells well. Store cattle topped at £790 for a Belgian Blue x bullock from Messrs Postlethwaite, Riddings.

Champion – 1st Prize Suckled Bullock Calf from R & E Rayson, Fairbank Farm
(photo above shows the Champion Bullock with vendor Daniel Rayson left & Mark Thompson (judge).

Best Suckled Bullock Calf
1st R & E Rayson, Fairbank £780 to M Thompson, Long Preston
2nd JR & JB Longmire, Nettleslack £740 to F & B Smith, Masongill
3rd WA Atkinson, Riddingside £640 to EI Wilson & Son, Flookburgh
Best Suckled Heifer Calf
1st SG Benson, Horrace Farm £710 to FI & ME Little, Helm Croft
2nd R & E Rayson, Fairbank £580 to M Thompson, Long Preston
3rd R & E Rayson, Fairbank £560 to FJ & FM Mason, Renwick
Best Suckled Bull Calf
1st GM & DJ Dixon, Greenhead £655 to J Bowling, Ashton-in-Makerfield
2nd GM & DJ Dixon, Greenhead £645 to J Bowling, Ashton-in-Makerfield
3rd GM & DJ Dixon, Greenhead £625 to J Bowling, Ashton-in-Makerfield

PRICES SUCKLER BULLOCKS Char: £820, £780, £630 £610 & £600, Fairbank, £630 & £590 Luneside. Lim: £700 Horrace, £680 High Hallbeck & Chapel House, £660 Riddings & High Borrowbridge, £650 Horrace Farm, £645 Nettleslack. Sim: £640, £550, £520 Skelwith Fold, £490 Bowston Hall, £465 Moss Side. BB: £740, £700, £680, £660 £640 £630 Nettleslack, £670 & £565 Riddings. AA: £510 Ridding Side, £440 Bellat Howe. S/H: £475 Haveriggs Farm.
SUCKLER HEIFERS Lim: £800 High Hallbeck, £710 & £605Horrace Farm, £630 Low Barrows Green, £610 North Lodge, £585 Gowan Bank. Char: £580, £560, £550 & £530 Fairbank, £530 Abbott Park. Blo: £605 & £410 The Lodge, £410 & £370 Low Fold. BB: £550 Nettleslack
SUCKLER BULLS Lim: £660, £655, £645, £625 & £600 Greenhead Farm, £575 Bulman Strands. Char: £710, £670 & £660 Abbott Park, £650 Bandrake Head. Sim: £485 & £430 Eskew Beck. Blo: £555 Eskew Beck, £530 & £505 The Lodge, £315 Low Fold. AA: £555, £480, £430 & £415 Eskew Beck. Saler: £420 Bandrake Head. Stab: £280 Heversham Hall.
STORE BULLOCKS Lim: £695 Low Barrows Green, £695, £635 & £585 Audlands Park, £635 Riddings. BB: £790 Riddings, £630 Elm Tree. AA: £725 Archers Hall.
STORE HEIFERS Lim: £605 Audlands Park, £590 Kirkby Hall, £580 Elm Tree. BB: £550 High Wray, £540 Elm Tree. Char: £670 & £515 Hartrigg.

An increased entry of cast cows included a greater proportion of plainer grades. However, there were more buyers around the ring which helped the trade on the day. A top price of 115.5p/kg went to Messes A Dixon & Son, Kit Cragg for a Stabiliser cow. Black & White cows sold to 96.5p/kg to Messrs RG & J Clark, Far Audlands.

Lim: 113.5p/kg, 110.5p/kg & 108.5p/kg Holmes Head Farm, 109.5p/kg High Deepslack 106.5p/kg Kit Cragg, 102.5p/kg High Underbrow. Stab: 115.5p/kg Kit Cragg, BB: 97.5p/kg Helm Croft. Char: 99.5p/kg Fell Gate. Fr: 96.5p/kg Far Audlands, 89.5p/kg Ackenthwaite Farm, 88.5p/kg Capplerigg, 87.5p/kg Low Gregg Hall. Sim: 87.5p/kg High Underbrow. Blo: 78.5p/kg Gowan Bank.

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