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By Olivia Muir, 12 October 2016 – 

Many of you will have read the article in the Farmers Guardian of October 7th about housing land and barn conversions. The article was about the allocation of housing development land as part of Local Plans. Planning authorities have a duty to allocate housing land based on a known demand for housing that they have separately identified and published. This is not currently being met by land allocations in many local councils. As such many are still considering land under the allocations process.

If you have land near the edge of a village or town that you think may be suitable for development then please get in touch with me at J36 and we can have a look at it with you and advise on the process involved. The land does not necessarily need to be large, it could be a small awkward area of a field that could accommodate 2 or 3 houses. The land does not necessarily have to be suitable for housing, many local authorities do not have enough employment land available. Land that lies in the open countryside or at the edge of small hamlets or groups of houses is probably not going to be suitable.
The deficit in housing and employment land can also be met by existing buildings. There are a number of new permitted development rights that apply to farm buildings offering opportunities for development and farm diversification. There are of course some restrictions on the development rights which we won’t detail here. However if you wish to discuss your land or buildings to see if there is any development potential, however small, please contact Greg Gilding at J36 or call 015395 66248 or 07969994945.

We can have a look at your land or buildings and advise on the likelihood of a consent being achievable. We have a good record of success in planning applications, 96% success rate, and will not usually undertake a planning application we do not think has a good chance of success, unless of course a landowner insists.

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