Dispersal of 200 In-lamb Mule Shearlings & Ewes

By Sue Kennedy, 06 February 2015 – 

Thursday 12th February at J36 Rural Auction Centre at 11am following the sale of Store Hoggs, sale of In-lamb Breeding Sheep to include at short notice the flock dispersal of 200 Mule and Texel X Shearings and Ewes from Messrs W Huddleston & Son Borrans Farm.

The Flock are not scanned but are all looking well in-lamb they are due late February onwards to the Texel Ram and are in the HP System. A flock of sheep well worthy of buyer’s attendance

Other entries include

40 Texel C & Cheviot X Shearlings and Ewes due 1st April to Beltex x Charollais Ram

30 Mule Shearlings and Ewes due 1st April to Beltex X Charollais Ram

50 Mule/Continental in-lamb Ewes

For further enquires contact Ian Atkinson on 07766 521472 or Richard Gardiner 07713 787510

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