Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Auction Mart Sale of Calves, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 10th November 2023.


70 calves saw a top price of £545 for a Hereford from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green with other Hereford cross achieving £530 form TE&M Kidd, Ellel and Aberdeen Angus cross to £510 from J&G Thornley Ltd, Kirkham. Rearing calves sold to £500 for a British Blue cross from JP&C Robson, Garstang with others at £490 from Cote Farm Partnership, Nether Kellet and £485 from J Hoggarth & Son, Slyne. Medium rearing bull calves were generally £320 to £400, with the youngest (3 to 4 week olds) £175 to £250. Dairy bulls sold to a top price of £140 for a Holstein Friesian from WN&D Smith & Son, Cockerham who sold others at £120. Younger dairy bulls were £70 to £90.
Heifer calves sold to £440 for a British Blue cross from J Hoggarth & Son, Slyne with others at £390 from JP&C Robson, Garstang with Hereford cross to £380 from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green. Younger rearing heifer calves sold to £365 for British Blue from J Hoggarth & Son, Slyne with others generally £280 to £340 and the very youngest and smallest £120 to £180.


A buoyant trade was seen for all classes and types of store cattle, with steers selling to a top price of £1640 from R Capstick & Son, Ingleton with Charolais cross to £1630 from J Lamb, Glasson, Aberdeen Angus cross to £1600 from J Tattersall, Leyland and British Blue cross to £1580 from SH&LE Birkett, Nether Kellet. Dairy bred steers sold to £1510 for Montbeliardes from JB Moore, Grange Over Sands with British Friesians selling to £1300 from H Birkett & Son, Morecambe and Holstein Friesians to £1260 from J&JM Walmsley, Pilling.
Heifers peaked at £1600 for British Blue cross from MJ Shepherd, New Biggin with others at £1580 and £1570 from JD&DM Bracken, Catterall. A ring full of Aberdeen Angus from J&M Maudsley & Sons, Endmoor selling at £1460 who sold another ring full at £1430.


93 cull cows forward today sold to an improved trade, with a top price of 181.5p/kg achieved on two occasions for Limousin from P Cummings, Burton in Kendal and TA Chapman & Son, Helsington. Other beef cows were generally 160p/kg to 175p/kg, with a keen interest in those suitable for finishing. Top grossing beef cow was another Limousin from P Cumming, Burton in Kendal achieving £1453. Dairy cows sold to 169.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from J&G Thornley Ltd, Kirkham with this price also achieved for a British Friesian from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg. Other heavy well fleshed dairy cows were 150p/kg to 160p/kg, with a large number of leaner parlour types forward at 120p/kg to 140p/kg. Top grossing dairy cow was a Holstein Friesian from H Wright & Son, Helsington achieving £1375 with another at £1334 from T Taylor, Woodplumpton. All cows forward averaged 147p/kg
OTM beef heifers sold to 259.5p/kg for a Limousin from TA Chapman & Son, Helsington with Aberdeen Angus cross selling to 239.5p/kg from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale. Top grossing was a Limousin achieving £1686 again from TA Chapman & Son, Helsington. OTM dairy heifers sold to 227.5p/kg and £1506 from JM&TJ Livesey, Inskip. All heifers averaged 189p/kg.
OTM steers sold to 249.5p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus cross from Pilling Hall, Pilling with others at £1446 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale. All steers averaged 205p/kg.
Cull bulls sold to 149.5p/kg and £1345 for a Limousin from EJ Hodgson & Son, Lambrigg.

Top Prices


Friesian: 209.50 High Snab, 201.50 Derby Lodge Farm¬, 191.50 High Snab, 169.50 Deby Lodge Farm, 169.50 Lambrigg Head Farm, 167.50 Berryholme. Limousin: 181.50 Peall House, 181.50 Lane Head Farm, 171.50 Peall House. Angus: 174.50 Lambrigg Farm, 159.50 High Hallbeck, 159.50 Pilling Hall Farm, 139.50 Shorrocks Farm. Norwegian Red: 164.50 Holme Head. Fleckvieh: 164.50 (x2) Hawkin Hall. Hereford: 159.50 (x2) High House Farm. Montbeliarde: 157.50, 151.50 Yeat House. British Blue: 144.50 Bull Bank Farm. Jersey: 131.50 Throstle Nest Farm.


Friesian: 227.50 Hodgkinson Farm, 219.50 High Snab, 204.50 Deerslet Farm, 199.50 Tills Farm, 159.50 Deerslet Farm, 154.50 Hallbeck. Limousin: 259.50 Lane Head Farm. Fleckvieh: 224.50, 214.50 White Lund Farm, 149.50 Sellerley Farm. Angus: 239.50 Tills Farm, 199.50 High Hallbeck, 174.50 (x2) Midge Hall Farm. Montbeliarde: 199.50 Sellerley Farm, 199.50 Bradley Farm, 179.50 Sellerley Farm. Norwegian Red: 199.50 White Lund Farm. Simmental: 194.50 Sellerley Farm. British Blue: 179.50 The Granary. Jersey: 139.50, 134.50 Hallbeck.


Angus: 249.50 Pilling Hall Farm, 239.50 Tills Farm, 199.50 Raw End Farm. Friesian: 209.50 Tills Farm. Hereford: 179.50 Old Glasson Farm. Dexter: 129.50 Old Parkside Farm.


Limousin: 149.50 Lambrigg Head Farm.


British Blue: £440 Belmont Farm, £390 Roe Farm, £365, £335 Belmont Farm, £310 Cote Farm, £255 Lane Head Farm. Hereford: £380 (x2) Sellerley Farm, £320 (x3) Booth Hall, £195 Derby Lodge Farm. Angus: £260 Cote Farm, £170 Brown Brook, £100 Richmond Hall Farm, £100 Stubbins Farm. Simmental: £135, £110 Cote Farm.


Hereford: £545 Sellerley Farm, £530 (x2) Booth Hall, £485 Derby Lodge Farm. Angus: £510 Derby Lodge Farm, £470 Cote Farm, £460 Derby Lodge Farm, £450 Cote Farm, £375, £285 Brown Brook. British Blue: £500 Roe Farm, £490 Cote Farm, £485 Belmont Farm, £475 Cote Farm, £465 Belmont Farm, £415 Roe Farm. Limousin: £500 Sandvilla, £305 Tills Farm, £175, £160 Forton Hall Farm. Simmental: £165 Cote Farm. Friesian: £140, £120 Cocker House Farm.


Friesian: £180, £155, £110 (x2) Holme Head. Norwegian Red: £120 Holme Head.


Limousin: £1640 Fell End Farm, £1340 Yeat House, £1230 Endmoor Farm, £1060 Abbotson Farm. Charolais: £1630 Old Glasson Farm, £1000 Parrox Hall Farm. Angus: £1600 Snub Snape Farm, £1560 North Farm, £1500 Outerthwaite Farm, £1460 Throstle Grove Farm, £1450 Snub Snape Farm, £1450 Thornton Barn Farm. British Blue: £1580 Stubb Hall Farm, £1460, £1370 Wood Nook Farm, £1360 Old Glasson Farm, £1240 Old Parkside Farm, £1190 Throstle Grove Farm. Montbeliarde: £1510 Outerthwaite Farm, £1360 Old Glasson Farm. Hereford: £1450 Old Glasson Farm, £1370 Hall Bank, £1310 The Old Stable, £1280, £920 Yeat House. Shorthorn: £1350 Yew Tree Farm. Friesian: £1300 North Farm, £1260 Staffords Farm, £1170 North Farm, £970 Pump House Farm. Welsh Black: £1300 Barrowfield. Simmental: £1300 North Farm, £1280 The Old Stable. Fleckvieh: £1180 Cracalt Farm.


British Blue: £1600 Gaskell House, £1580, £1570 Greenlands Farm, £1450 Stubb Hall Farm, £1450 Gaskell House, £1360 Wood Nook Farm. Angus: £1560 Gaskell House, £1460, £1430, £1280 Raw End Farm, £1260 Sewage Farm, £1260 Summerlands. Simmental: £1340 The Old Stable. Montbeliarde: £1320 Bradley Farm. Limousin: £1280 High Snab, £1230 Ellers Farm, £1140 Endmoor Farm. Friesian: £1180 Endmoor Farm, £1140, £980 Roseacre Hall. Hereford: £1110 Hall Bank. Welsh Black: £1000 Barrowfield.

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