Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Weekly Sale of Calves, OTM and Store Cattle, Friday 6th May 2022

Calves & Weanlings

There was a larger entry of calves forward in Lancaster today with an entry of 83, with calves to suit all buyers’ requirements and budgets. British Blue bulls led the way today selling to a top of £510 from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Kendal with other Blue bull calves from the same home selling to £430 and £410. The run of British Blues from G & ME Woodhouse & Son, Ellel sold to £500 and £440 with heifers from the same consignment selling to £375. Also selling in excess of the four hundred pound mark was J & G Thornley, Kirkham selling Blue bulls to £450 with other Blue bulls to £425 from T & EA Garth, Bleasdale. At £400 was a British Blue bull from JP & C Robson, Garstang. All bull bulls forward averaged £375.31. Limousin bull calves peaked at £390 from A & L Gardner, Quernmore. A consignment of Hereford Bull calves from TE & MM Kidd, Ellel sold to £400 and £380 three times. Black and White bull calves sold to £140 from Barker farms, Warton with others to £125 from RE & P Miller Barnacre.

Once again more interest ringside for calves today at Lancaster with more required.

OTM and Cast Cattle

Lancaster continues to offer a great ring for OTMs with all specifications currently needed as the strong trade continues. The overall market average was 184p/kg for 102 forward. Leading the way at 264.5p/kg was a Charolais heifer from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland grossing at £1512. OTM Steers sold to 249.5p/kg from the Isle of Man. Young British blue x cows sold to 239.5p/kg or £1544 from M Shepherd & Son, Pilling with eight year old Limousin cows selling to 239.5p/kg and 237.5p/kg or £1586 from RM Wilson, Horton in Ribblesdale. Plenty of fleshed beef cows selling between 210 and 235p/kg. Beef Stock bulls topped the market selling to 194.5p/kg or £1871 from MJ Whitworth, Bolton Le Sands. OTM Dairy heifers sold to 219.5p/kg from J & G Thornley, Kirkham and 217.5p/kg from RE & P Miller, Barnacre. Seven year old dairy cows sold to 209.5p/kg from J & G Thornley, Kirkham with plenty of well fleshed dairy cows selling in excess of 200p/kg. Dairy cows peaked at £1713 from H Wright and Son, Kendal for Holsteins with Flekviehs selling to £1647 from JS & KM Wilson & Son, Kendal. A large quantity of dairy cows sold in excess of the £1400 mark.

Store Cattle

The Lancaster weekly sale of store cattle once again had an entry in excess of 250 forward. The trade remained very similar to previous weeks with the consignment from L Parsons & sons, Low Levens leading the way selling Limousin and Angus bullocks to £1560 with Limousin heifers from the same home selling to £1520. A couple of Limousin bullocks from H Chapman & Son, Middleton. Native stores saw Hereford bullocks to £1520 from R & E Ladds, Kendal with Angus’s £1520 GF & EE Holt, Chipping. Beef shorthorn heifers sold to £1500 and £1490 from T Sanderson, Accrington. Holstein bullocks peaked at £1490 for a pen of five from R & E Ladds, Kendal. Plenty pens of short keep cattle selling in excess of the fourteen hundred mark.

Top Prices

OTM Cattle and Cast Cattle Top Prices per Kilo:
OTM Cow: British Blue: 239.50 Pasture House Farm, 221.50, 217.50, 207.50 Lloyds Bank Farm, 204.50 Southways, 201.50 Lloyds Bank Farm. Limousin: 239.50, 237.50, 214.50 Gill Garth. Friesian: 219.50, 209.50, 204.50 Derby Lodge Farm, 199.50 Abbotson Farm, 199.50 Derby Lodge Farm, 199.50 Docker Hall Farm. Simmental: 214.50 Lloyds Bank Farm. Angus: 209.50 Parkside Farm, 199.50, £179.50 Cragg Farm. Fleckvieh: 207.50 Longmeadow Lane. Stabiliser: 201.50 Park House Farm. Hereford: 189.50 Southways. Ayrshire: 179.50 Hatters Farm. Blonde: 139.50 Mount Pleasant Farm.

OTM Heifer: Charollais: 264.50 High House Farm. Freisian: 217.50 Lower Lingart Farm, 207.50 Tunsteads Farm, 197.50 Bannister Farm, 184.50 Lower Lingart Farm, 157.50 Swillbrook Grange. Angus: 214.50 Cragg Farm, 209.50 Longstripes Farm.

Cast Steer: Limousin: 249.50 Mount Murray. British Blue: 214.50 Meadow Top Farm. Friesian: 189.50 Greenside Farm, 184.50 Mount Murray.

Cast Bull: Blonde: 194.50 Mount Pleasant Farm.

Calf Top Prices:
Heifer Calf: British Blue: £375 Boldens Farm, £360 Manor House Farm, £350 Lane Head Farm, £350 Derby Lodge Farm, £340 Boldens Farm. Angus: £270 Bailey Hey Farm, £250 Derby Lodge Farm, £235 Newhouse Farm, £220 Bailey Hey Farm, £190 Lower Lingart Farm, £180 Redfields. Hereford: £250, £230, £200 Booth Hall. Saler: £250 Lower Lingart Farm.
Limousin: £200 Redfields.

Bull Calf: British Blue: £510 High House, £500 Boldens Farm, £450 Derby Lodge Farm, £440 Boldens Farm, £425 Bailey Hey Farm, £420 High House. Hereford: £400, £380, £370, £360 Booth Hall. Limousin: £390, £350 Redfields. Angus: £355 Bailey Hey Farm, £320 Heaton Hall Farm, £300 Lower Lingart Farm, £255 Bailey Hey Farm, £250 Heaton Hall Farm, £250 New Brows Farm. Freisan: £140 Cotestone Farm, £125 Lower Lingart Farm. Ayrshire: £90 Manor House Farm.

Store Cattle Top Prices:
Steer: Angus: £1560 Low Levens, £1520 New Elmridge Farm, £1450 Snub Snape Farm, £1430 Downlands Farm, £1420 Raw Head, £1280 New Elmridge Farm. Limousin: £1560 Low Levens, £1530, £1480, £1360 Millbeck, £1280 High House Farm, £1280 Bradley Farm. Hereford: £1520 Benson Hall, £1400, £1280 Lane Ends Farm, £1260 Gulf Farm, £1240 Pasture House Farm, £1130 Mount Murray. Friesian: £1490, £1340 Benson Hall, £1290 Downlands Farm, £1230, £1160 Park House Farm, £1160 Plumpton Hall Farm. British Blue: £1430 Thornton Barn Farm, £1360 Meadow Top Park, £1290 Lower Castle O Trim, £1280 Windy Hall Farm, £1200 Plumpton Hall Farm, £1170 Mill House Farm. Charollais: £1400 Carlingwha, £1150, £1000 Mount Murray. Simmental: £1210 Moss Croft. Montbeliarde: £1160 Thornton Barn Farm, £1090 Pasture House Farm, £1060 Rose Hill Farm. Ayrshire: £940, £760 Mount Murray. Swedish Red: £940, £760 Mount Murray.

Heifer: Limousin: £1520 Low Levens, £1310 High House Farm, £1260 Whelpside Farm, £1140 Wood Nook Farm, £1090, £1060 Mount Murray. Shorthorn: £1500, £1490 Meadow Top Farm. Angus: £1420 Low Levens, £1240 Kays Farm, £1140 Wood Nook Farm, £1130 Mount Murray, £1120 Raw Head, £1120 Parrox Hall Farm. Charollais: £1330 Kate Farm, £1200 Whelpside Farm, £1190 Kate Farm, £1100 Mount Murray, £1090 Thornlea. Simmental: £1210 Kate Farm, £1070, £980 Mount Murray. British Blue: £1190 Meadow Top Farm, £1140 Lower Swainhead Farm, £1090, £1010 Sproat Ghyll. Hereford: £1170 Holmfields, £1130 Holly House Farm, £1040 Cove Road. Friesian: £1140 Lower Langthwaite.

Bull: Charollais: £900 Thornleaa.

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