Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Prime Hoggs, Cast Sheep and Sheep with lambs at Foot. Monday 4th April 2022

Prime Hoggs
It was great to have more hoggs on offer this morning, with 703 forward which were met by a ring of more enthusiastic buyers today whom seem a lot keener than previous weeks to purchase prime hoggs. The overall market average today was 255p/kg with once again handy weights in the most demand and averaging 265p/kg, heavy weight hoggs today also sold to an increased trade. Today saw plenty of pens of good confirmation handy weighted hoggs selling in excess of the 300p/kg. Leading the way at 330p/kg was 43kg Beltexs selling to £142 from Niyah Johnston, Bay Horse. This was followed by other Beltexs to 326p/kg or £140 from Andrew Butler, Hambleton. Topping the market today at £150 was a 47kg Beltex hogg from Kevin Purtill, Wigan. Other noted price for Beltexs were £145 again from Niyah Johnston. Heavy weight Texel hoggs sold to £143 and £139 from T Taylor, Woodplumpton with other heavy weight Texel hoggs to £142 and £141 from S Rossall, Over Wyresdale. Handy weighted Texels topped at £140 from RT Owen, Widnes. Heavy weight Suffolks sold to £136 from James Fryers, Kirkham followed by Blue Texels peaking at £135 from F&SG Sanderson, Woodplumpton. Plenty of Continental hoggs regularly sold around the £130 mark. Mule hoggs today peaked at £130 from F&SG Sanderson, Woodplumpton. Cheviot hoggs peaked at £121 from James Fryers with others to £120.50 from J&H Davis, Cabus. Lonk hoggs sold to £106 from S Bosworth, Burnley with Swaledales at 42kg selling to £105 from James Fryers. Light weight hoggs today were in strong demand with 36kg Swales selling to £91 from AC&K Pye, Abbeystead.

Cast Sheep
Lancaster continues to enjoy a strong trade for cast sheep with the consignment from Andrew Butler leading the way today selling Texel x ewes to £196 and £176. Beltex ewes sold to £146 from Ian Richardson, Catforth. Plenty of Continental cast ewes sold between £140 and £160. Mule ewes peaked at £146 from H Birkett & Son, Overton with others to £141 from D&K Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe and £139 from D&E Whittaker, Quernmore. Plenty of strong Mule ewes sold in excess of the £130 mark. Strong Swaledale ewes sold to £106 from AC&K Pye, Abbeystead with Dalesbreds to £102 from S&J France, Over Wyresdale.
The cast ram trade remains strong with Texels to £170 from D&K Swarbrick, Cheviots to £158 from S Bosworth and Lonks to £134 from Angus Brown, Littledale. All cast sheep forward today average £113.75 per head.

Breeding Sheep
What a difference a week makes with a lot more interest ring side for sheep with lambs at foot, selling to an impressive overall market average of £79.31 a head. The busiest ring of buyers seen so far this season ensured all types were eagerly bid for. Mix aged Continental ewes with twin Texel lambs at foot sold to £290 from G Hargreaves, Scotforth with mix aged Continental ewes with single Texel lambs from the same home to £215. A consignment of mixed aged Mule ewes with twin lambs at foot from DJ Casson & Son, Slyne sold to £228, £220 and £215. Mule ewes with single lambs from the same home sold to £178 and £160. Top price of the day for singles came from Ian Richardson, Catforth selling Texel ewes with single Beltex lambs to £218.
Continental ewes with twin lambs sold to £290, averaged £237
Continental ewes with single lambs sold to £218, averaged £216.20
Mule ewes with twin lambs sold to £228, averaged £219
Mule ewes with single lambs sold to £178, averaged £172

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs Top Prices:
Beltex: £150 Oak Avenue, £145, £142 Haversham House Farm, £140 Park Farm Barn, £136 Haversham House Farm, £123 Sandy Lane Farm. Texel: £143 Haversham House Farm, £143 Midge Hall Farm, £142,£141 Stonehead, £141 Brown Brook, £140 Sandy Lane Farm. Suffolk: £136 Medlar Hall Farm, £132, £131 Park Farm Barn, £130 Cross House Farm, £124 Medlar Lane, £124 Park Farm Barn. Blue Texel: £135 Cross House Farm, £139 Haversham House Farm. Mule: £130 Cross House Farm, £120 Deep Clough, £118 Ouzelthorn Farm, £118 Park Farm Barn, £116 Cross House Farm, £115.50 Medlar Hall Farm. Charollais: £127, £124 Park Farm Barn. Continental: £124, £119.50 Sandy Lane Farm, £119 Medlar Hall Farm, £116, £114.50 Moss House Farm, £114 Deep Clough. Cheviot: £121 Medlar Hall Farm, £120.50 Weavers Farm, £114, £111 Hoskingshire Farm, £110 Moss House Farm, £109 Medlar Hall Farm. Masham: £119.50 Medlar Hall Farm, £109 Moss House Farm. Leicester: £116 Ouzelthorn. Horned: £115 Deep Clough, £106, £100 Lower Oakeneaves, £94 Deep Clough. Dorset: £110 Moss House Farm. Scotch Blackface: £100 Meolsgate Ave. Swaledale: £105 Medlar Hall Farm, £94 Ouzelthorn, £94 Moss House Farm, £93 Medlar Hall Farm, £91 Dunkenshaw Farm. Herdwick: £98 Moss House Farm. Rough Fell: £90 Moss House Farm. Ryeland: £88 Meolsgate Ave. Jacob: £73 West View Farm.

Cast Sheep Top Prices:
Texel: £196, £176 Park Farm Barn, £147 Moorbottom Farm, £134 Marl House, £134 Lower Highfield, £132 Park Farm Barn. Leicester: £166 Brown Brook. Beltex: £164, £128 West View Farm. Mule: £146 North Farm, £141 Bensons Farm, £139 Little Fell Farm, £136 North Farm, £131 Lower Highfield, £131 Bensons Farm. Continental: £142 Moorbottom Farm, £138 West View Farm, £130 Swainshead Hall Farm, £116 Marl House, £114 West View Farm. Cheviot: £132 Moorbottom Farm. Suffolk: £122 Burrow Heights Farm. Swaledale: £106 Dunkenshaw Farm. Dalesbred: £102 Kays Farm. Ryeland: £96 West View Farm.

Cast Rams Top Prices:
Texel: £170 Bensons Farm. Swaledale: £88 Lower Oakeneaves.

Sheep with Lambs at Foot Top Prices:

Singles: £178, £160 Beaumont Gate.
Twins: £228, £220, £215, £212 Beaumont Gate.

Singles: £218 West View Farm, £215 Ivy Bank Farm.
Twins: £290 Ivy Bank Farm, £235, £225 Ivy Bank Farm, £208 West View Farm.

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