Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle, Friday 26th March 2021

Calves and Stirks

The weekly sale of calves at Lancaster had a very buoyant trade and were eagerly bid for with vendors well chuffed, in which more could easily have been sold with buyers travelling from far and wide. The best British Blue bulls sold to £500 and £470 twice from J & G Thornley, Roseacre. Other British Blue bulls sold to £470, £460 and £445 from G & ME Woodhouse & Son, Ellel. The consignment from JM & MH France & Son, Littledale sold British Blue bulls to £460 and also topped the Angus section selling to £460 from the same home. British Blue heifers from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale sold to £450 and £440. Charolais bull calves from WG Farms, Cockerham sold to £440. All Continental bull calves, of all sizes, continue to be eagerly bid for and more are required at Lancaster. All British Blue bulls forward averaged £399.06.

A cracking Angus heifer from David and Eileen Wallbank, Abbeystead sold to £440. A great show of calves saw many more sell in the four hundred pound region.
Black and white calves are in strong demand currently, as the numbers available are a lot less due to the change in farming policies and the use of sexed semen. Taking top spot at £220 was a consignment from Wannop Farms, Heaton with Oxcliffe, followed by others to £205 from G & ME Woodhouse, Ellel, £185 from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale and £180 from RE & P Miller, Barnacre as all black and whites forward averaged £137.

Lancaster’s monthly sale of stirks saw the busiest ring side for some time, with buyers to cater for all types and many leaving short of numbers unfortunately; more stirks are required to fulfil orders. The top spot this month was taken by some strong 14 month old British Blue steers from T Ayrton and Son, Over Wyresdale selling to £1080 and £980. A cracking pen of five Charolais heifers from TN Pye & Partners, Lancaster sold to £885. A suckler bred nine month old Charolais bullock from DM Eames, Abbeystead sold to £860. Native cattle saw Angus bullocks top at £850 from D Atkinson, Quernmore with Hereford bullocks selling to £845 from S Ashcroft, Euxton. Plenty of yearling beef bullocks sold in the region of £800. Dairy bullocks sold to a top of £885 and £855 from G Rawlinson, Astley Moss with Holsteins.

Store Cattle

There was a roaring trade through the well-attended, fast paced, Store ring today, with regular and new buyers in attendance, looking for all types of stock and not leaving disappointed. Again more animals are required to satisfy our buyers at this weekly sale.

A ring full of Aberdeen Angus bullocks from T C Whiteside, Pilling saw them achieve £1400. Also reaching £1400 was a pair of Aberdeen Angus bullocks from E J Ward & Son, Nether Kellet. Followed closely at £1390 were 3 Aberdeen Angus bullocks from SH & LE Birkett, Nether Kellet. J Hesketh, Hutton sold a Charolais Bullock at £1380 along with P & SA Edmondson, Stainton also reaching £1380. Limousin bullocks reached £1350 from J Lamb, Old Glasson. Friesian bullocks today sold to a top of £1260 from K H Knowles, Inskip with other Friesian’s at £1100 from J & JM Walmsley, Pilling.

Topping the heifer trade today was M Shepherd & Son, Pilling, with a British Blue heifer at £1400 with others at £1280. Limousin heifers sold to £1260 from E J Ward & Sons, Nether Kellet, closely followed by a trio of smart Limousin heifers at £1180 from T R Pricket, Hutton Roof.

Angus heifers sold to £1200 from J W & E Woof, Firbank also at £1200 was G Sagar & Son, Caton with a pen of 4. Charolais heifers topped at £1150 from MJ & LC Lund, Quernmore. Hereford heifers sold to £1090 from Blackburn & Wood, Out Rawcliffe with others from the same home at £1070.
Store bulls topped at £1240 for a Limousin from K H Knowles, Inskip, who also had Friesian bulls at £1040.

Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

The weekly sale of cast cows at Lancaster saw another flying trade with 103 through the ring meeting an ever growing demand, with vendors strongly advised to sell live and thrive beating the deadweight outlets and more are desperately needed. Once again there was a very impressive market average of 144p/kg especially when you take into consideration over 90% of the cattle forward being dairy cows.

Leading the way this week was a British Blue feeding heifer selling to 224.5p from AC & K Pye, Abbystead. Lancaster continues to offer a very strong market for young feeding cattle selling to 199.5p/kg or £1216 for an Angus steer from EE Thornton and Sons, Heaton. Also selling to 199.5p/kg was a young Shorthorn bull which grossed £1374 from J Drinkall Ltd, Chorley.

Dairy feeding heifers sold to 191.5p/kg from KE Robinson, Farleton with others often selling in excess of 180p/kg. Dairy feeding heifers peaked at £1270 from R & A Jolleys, Cabus.

The trade today saw cast dairy cows reach a new level. Best meated cows sold easily in excess of the 160p/kg mark with an impressive 44 dairy cows selling over the 150p/kg mark. Just take a look at these impressive prices for Holstein Friesian cows; £1363 from W G Farms, Cockerham, £1342 from H A Stephenson, Tunstall, £1309 and £1281 Lawsons Dairy, Cockerham and £1289 from TL Baldwin & Son, Forton with too many more selling in excess of £1200 mark to name.

Cast Limousin bulls sold to a top of £1628 from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland.

Drop and Go Policy

We do continue to recommend a drop and go policy but if you wish to view your livestock sold then you are welcome to stay but must follow our rules otherwise we will have to revoke this change in rules.

Vendors are able to watch their livestock sold from the designated areas. Vendors must not enter livestock penning areas or approach buyers or staff. Sale instructions sheets to be completed with how you wish your livestock sorted and sold plus any luck money instructions. Vendors are not permitted to show their livestock in the ring or hand out their own luck and is one person per consignment.

Top Prices

Leading prices per head for calves:-

British Blue: £500 Derby Lodge Farm, £470 Boldens Farm, Derby Lodge Farm (2), £460 Newhouse Farm, Boldens Farm, £425 Blackleach House Farm, £395 North Farm, £385 Blackleach House Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £460, £420 Newhouse Farm, £390, £370, £360 Sweetings Farm, £325 Liscoe Farm, £315 Heaton Hall Farm. Charolais: £440 Lathwaite Farm, £360 Bolton Fold Farm. Limousin: £345 Dunkenshaw Farm, £315, £290 Rose Farm. Friesian: £345 Lower Lingart Farm, £220 Heaton Hall Farm, £205 Boldens Farm, £185 Catshaw Hall Farm, £180 Lower Lingart Farm, £160 Catshaw Hall Farm, £145 Blackleach House Farm. Shorthorn: £105 Hudsbrook Farm.

British Blue: £450, £440 Catshaw Hall Farm, £360, £350 Roe Farm, £345 Lathwaite Farm, £335 Roe Farm, £330 Sweetings Farm, £315 Lathwaite Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £440 Wallbank Farm, £310 Heaton Hall Farm, £275 Tills Farm, £260 Heaton Hall Farm, £250 sweetings Farm, £245 Heaton Hall Farm. Charolais: £320 Bolton Fold Farm. Hereford: £270 Lathwaite Farm. Simmental: £180 Lower Lingart Farm. Shorthorn: £155 Hudsbrook Farm.

Leading prices per head for stirks:

British Blue: £1080, £980 Yates Farm, £790 Lapwing Close, Green Lane Farm, £785 Higher Brundhurst Farm, £730 Birch House Cottage. Friesian: £885, £855 Redchalis Farm, £740 Lapwing Close, £720 Fell End, £705, £695 High Moorhead. Charolais: £860 Middle Lee Farm, £840 Langthwaite Heights. Aberdeen Angus: £850 High Moorhead, £820 Gibsons Farm, £810 Post Farm, £790 Lapwing Close, £770 Park House Farms. Hereford: £845 Lundholme Farm, Rose Hill Farm, £750 Lundholme Farm, £720 Park House Farms, £680 Marlholes Farm, £670 Lapwing Close. Stabiliser: £825 Park House Farms. Limousin: £775 Lapwing Close, £770 Higher Brundhurst Farm, £740 Mearsbeck Farm. Montbeliarde: £640 Lapwing Close. Ayrshire: £310, £285 Toad Hall Farm.

Charolais: £885 Langthwaite Heights, £660 Middle Lee Farm. British Blue: £830 Mount Pleasant Farm, £825 White Lund Farm, £780 Mount Pleasant Farm, £690 Gibsons Farm, £680,£660 Birch House Cottage. Aberdeen Angus: £760 Hillam Lane Farm, £710 White Lund Farm, £705 Post Farm, £700, £650 Birch House Cottage, £640 Hillam Lane Farm. Hereford: £650 Lundholme Farm, £540 Marlholes Farm, £480 Lapwing Close. Simmental: £530 Mearsbeck Farm.

Aberdeen Angus: £570, £510 Liscoe Farm.

Pence per Kilo
British Blue – 224.5 Dunkenshaw Farm, 171.5 Beaumont Grange Farm. Holstein Friesian – 174.5 Kiln Hall, 167.5 Mealbank Farm, Bank End Farm, Holly House Farm, Forton Hall Farm, 164.5 Barnfield Farm, Elm Tree Farm, Mealbank Farm, Belmont Farm. Montbeliarde – 161.5 Lathwaite Farm, 139.5 White Lund Farm, 99.5, 89.5 Lawrence House. Shorthorn – 159.5 Manor House Farm, 79.5 New House Farm. Norwegian Red – 157.5, 149.5 Lower Langthwaite Farm. Swedish Red and White – 149.5 Parrox Hall Farm, 147.5, 127.5 Lathwaite Farm, 99.5 Lawrence House, 91.5 Greenalls Farm. Hereford – 147.5 Black Bull Cottage. Ayrshire – 134.5 Newsham Hall Farm, Lathwaite Farm, 129.5 Bolton Fold Farm.

Holstein Friesian – 191.5 Kiln Hall, 187.5 Derby Lodge Farm, 184.5 Crook Farm, 181.5 Marlholes Farm, 179.5, 174.5 Mill Farm, 174.5 High Barnes, 159.5 Deerslet Farm, 157.5 Marlholes Farm, 137.5 Cotestone Farm. Norwegian Red – 174.5 Lower Langthwaite Farm.

Aberdeen Angus – 199.5 Downlands Farm.

Shorthorn – 199.5 Manor House Farm. Limousin – 164.5 High House Farm.

Holstein Friesian – £1363.73 Lathwaite Farm, £1342.32 Barnfield Farm, £1309.77 Bank End Farm, £1289.75 Forton Hall Farm, £1281.38 Bank End Farm, £1260.05 Barnfield Farm, £1239.50 Mealbank Farm, £1217.30 Belmont Farm, £1215.03 Holme House Farm, £1199.21 Mealbank Farm. British Blue - £1190.21 Beaumont Grange Farm, £1021.48 Dunkenshaw Farm. Shorthorn - £1052.70 Manor House Farm, £341.85 New House Farm. Swedish Red and White – £1045.01, £955.31 Parrox Hall Farm, £927.78, £763.73 Lathwaite Farm, £497.50 Lawrence House, £494.10 Greenalls Farm. Norwegian Red – £1031.63, £959.79 Lower Langthwaite Farm. Montbeliarde – £1012.61 Lathwaite Farm, £969.53 White Lund Farm, £498.50, £447.50 Lawrence House. Ayrshire – £856.77 Lathwaite Farms, £809.69 Newsham Hall Farm, £738.15 Bolton Fold Farm, £671.16 Newsham Hall Farm. Hereford - £797.98 Black Bull Cottage.

Holstein Friesian – £1270.50 Marlholes Farm, £1246.67 Kiln Hall, £1184.70 Mill Farm, £1125 Derby Lodge Farm, £1060.88 Crook Farm, £1042.65 Marlholes Farm, £1003.38 Mill Farm, £889.95 High Barnes, £773.58 Deerslet Farm, £757.63 Cotestone Farm. Norwegian Red – £1141.23 Lower Langthwaite Farm.

Aberdeen Angus - £1216.95 Downlands Farm.

Limousin - £1628.55 High House Farm. Shorthorn - £1374.56 Manor House Farm.

Aberdeen Angus – £1400 Intack Farm, New Ridge Farm, £1390, £1350 Stubb Hall Farm, £1320 Middle Grange Farm, £1300 Billinge Hall, £1260 Upper Greenbank House, £1240 Old Glasson Farm, Thornbush Farm, Ghyll Farm. Blonde D’Aquitaine - £1380 Middle Grange Farm. Charolais - £1380 Low Barrows Green, Middle Grange Farm, £1360, £1320 Corney Hill Farm, £1300 Langthwaite Heights. Limousin - £1350 Old Glasson Farm, Intack Farm, £1320 Low Barrows Green, £1310 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1290 Low Barrows Green, £1270 Thornbush Farm, £1200 Windy Hill Farm, £1170 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1120 Hall Bank, £1090 Broughton House Farm. British Blue - £1280 Old Glasson Farm, £1260 Barker Knott, Abbotson Farm, Windy Hill Farm, £1200 Lathwaite Farm, £990 Broughton House Farm, £800 Throstle Nest Farm. Holstein Friesian – £1260 Lower House, £1100 Staffords Farm, Moss House, £1090, £970 Lathwaite Farm, £950 Abbotson Farm, £860 Barn Hill Farm, £650 Throstle Nest Farm. Hereford - £1240 Windy Hill Farm, £1200 Lane Ends Farm, £1100 Holmfields, £780 Coventry Farm. Montbeliarde – £1230 Moss House Farm. Swedish Red and White – £970 Lathwaite Farm.

British Blue - £1400, £1280, £1260 Pasture House Farm, £1250 Stubb Hall Farm, £1170 Windy Hill Farm, £1140 Ivy Farm, £660 Coventry Farm. Limousin - £1260 Intack Farm, £1180 Hutton Roof Hall, £1170 Fell End Farm, Abbotson Farm, £1090 Lee End Farm, £1010 Hall Bank. Aberdeen Angus - £1200 Ghyll Farm, £1200, £1190 New Parkside Farm, £1180, £1170 Downlands Farm, £1170 Cheetman House Farm, £1160 Intack Farm, Fell End Farm, £1140 Raceld Farm, £1070 Hill Hosue Farm. Flekvieh - £1160 Lower Langthwaite Farm. Charolais - £1150, £930 Corney Hill Farm. Swedish Red and White – £1120 Lathwaite Farm. Hereford - £1090, £1070, £1020 Lynwood, £890 Upper Greenbank House, £850 Fingerpost Cottage, £640 Coventry Farm. Norwegian Red – £940 Park Head Farm.

Limousin - £1240 Lower House. Holstein Friesian - £1040 Lower House. Norwegian Red – £1040 Lower House.

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