Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle, Friday 19th March 2021

Calves and Stirks

Close but no cigar today, just missing out on the one hundred mark, selling 97 calves to another strong trade as demand remains very firm. Weanlings led the way today selling to £465 for British Blue heifers from J & G Thornley, Roseacre. Simmental bull weanlings sold to £450 from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green. British Blue calves sold to £425 for bulls and £410 for heifers from H & C Pickervance, Roseacre. British Blue bulls sold to £400 from T & CM Kelsall & Sons, Chipping and £395 from Tom Barron Farms, Woodplumpton. Plenty of Blue calves selling in the late three hundreds. Native bull calves sold to a top of £405 for an Angus bull calf from J & G Thornley, Roseacre. Black and white bull calves sold to a top of £155 from AD & R Milner, Claughton on Brock.

Store Cattle

The cattle trade shows no sign of easing, in fact it continues to go from strength to strength in Lancaster. The trade twice topped at £1400 firstly for a pair of Hereford steers from JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe and then a pen of four Angus bullocks also achieving £1400 from EE Thornton & Son, Heaton. A pen of four Angus bullocks from J Hesketh, Hutton sold to £1380 with JD & GM Bracken, Catterall also selling Angus bullocks to £1380. Limousin bullocks sold to £1380 from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland with others to £1340 from T & E Garlick & Son, Freckleton. Black and white bullocks sold to £1300 and £1250 from R & E Ladds, Kendal.

Heifers sold £1270 from JB Moore, Grange over Sands with British Blues to £1260 from JD & GM Bracken, Catterall.

All the store cattle forward averaged £1138.94.

Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

Lancaster enjoyed another strong OTM and cast cow trade averaging 146p/kg. Blonde heifers led the way selling to 224.5p/kg or £1526 from R & J Parkinson, Preesall followed by Charolais heifers selling to 219.5p/kg twice or £1314 and £1207 from AG & GM Rowlinson, Killington. Black and white heifers sold to 191.5p/kg from JT Wilson, Bay Horse. Black and White heifers peaked at £1241 from J & JM Walmsley, Pilling.

Best dairy cows today sold around the 160p/kg mark. Holstein cows topped at £1331 from P & M Crackles, Burrow, £1283 from H & A Stephenson, Tunstall, £1274 from AT Burrow & Son, Hornby and £1273 from Lawsons Farm, Cockerham, with numerous more selling in excess of the £1200 mark. The live ring certainly is the way to sell your OTM and cast cattle at the moment.

Bulls sold to 179.5p/kg or £1669 for Stabilisers from JA & R Geldard & Sons, Levens. Montbeliarde cast bulls sold to 179.5p/kg or £1385 from J & JM Walmsley, Pilling.

Drop and Go Policy

We do continue to recommend a drop and go policy but if you wish to view your livestock sold then you are welcome to stay but must follow our rules otherwise we will have to revoke this change.

Vendors are able to watch their livestock sold from the designated areas. Vendors must not enter livestock penning areas or approach buyers or staff. Sale instruction sheets to be completed with how you wish your livestock sorted and sold plus any luck money instructions. Vendors are not permitted to show their livestock in the ring or hand out their own luck and it is one person per consignment only.

Top Prices

OTM’s Leading Prices Per Kilo:

Blonde: 224.5p Springfield House. Charolais: 219.5p (2) Low Hall Beck Barn. Friesian: 184.5p Higher Broomfield, 177.5p Chapel House, 174.5p Strickland Hill Farming, 164.5p Barnfield Farm, 164.5p Sweeting Farm, 161.5p Holme Head, High Snab. Limousin: 174.5p Dubside, 154.5p Low House.
British Blue: 164.5p Holme House Farm. Montbeliarde: 161.5p, 154.5p White Lund Farm, 134.5p Holme Head. Hereford: 159.5p Coldcotes Farm, 147.5p Little Crimbles, 144.5p Moss View. Norwegian Red: 157.5p Holme Head. SRW: 151.5p Hillam Lane Farm, 114.5p Newfield. Aberdeen Angus: 149.5p Low Hall Beck Barn.

Friesian: 191.5p Centre Farm, 177.5p Lodge Farm, 174.5p Stubb Place Farm, 169.5p Fern Hill Farm, 164.5p Staffords Farm. SRW: 179.5p White Lund Farm. Hereford: 159.5p Middle Lee Farm.

Montbeliarde: 179.5p Staffords Farm. Stabiliser: 179.5p Low Foulshaw Farm. Limousin: 167.5p Holmescales Farm.

OTM’s Leading prices per head:

Blonde: £1526.60 Springfield House. Friesian: £1331.83 Mill Farm, £1283.10 Barnfield Farm, £1274.41 High Snab, £1273.23, £1240.85 Sweetings Farm, £1230.08 High Snab, £1224.99 Strickland Hill Farming. Hereford: 1317.84 Moss View, £960.19 Coldcotes Farm, £883.53 Little Crimbles. Montbeliarde: £1162.80, £1141.76 White Lund Farm, £753.20 Holme Head. Charolais: £1314.81, £1207.25 Low Hall Beck Barn. Limousin: £1190.09 Dubside, £877.56 Low House. Norwegian Red: £1053.68 Holme Head. British Blue: £1044.58 Holme House Farm. SRW: £977.18 Hillam Lane Farm, £727.08 Newfield. Aberdeen Angus: £852.15 Low Hall Beck Barn.

Hereford: £1268.03 Middle Lee Farm. SRW: £1227.78 White Lund Farm. Friesian: £1241.98 Staffords Farm, £1187.48 Lodge Farm, £995.80 Centre Farm, £956.26 Stubb Place Farm.

Stabiliser: £1669.35 Low Foulshaw Farm. Montbeliarde: £1385.74 Staffords Farm. Limousin: £1373.50 Holmescales Farm.

British Blue - £465 Derby Lodge Farm, £410, £370, £330, £275 Roseacre Hall, £270, £265 Roe Farm. Limousin - £270 Hall Farm, £240 Bailey Hey Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £195, £190 Ambrose Hall Farm, £175, £170, £165 Forton Hall Farm. Hereford - £195, £185, £180, £110 Booth Hall.

Simmental - £450 Sellerley Farm. British Blue - £425 Roseacre Hall, £400 Brown Brook, £395 Ambrose Hall Farm, £365 Hudsbrook Farm, £360 Roe Farm, Derby Lodge Farm, £350 Tills Farm. Aberdeen Angus – £405 Derby Lodge Farm, £320, £315, £300, £295 Ambrose Hall Farm, £275 Bailey Hey Farm, Ambrose Hall Farm. Hereford - £275, £265 Booth Hall. Limousin - £270, £260 Hall Farm. Holstein Friesian - £155, £105 Lane Head Farm, £95 Ambrose Hall Farm, £58 Cotestone Farm, £30, £25 Westfield House Farm, £15 Cotestone Farm.

Aberdeen Angus - £1400 Downlands Farm, £1380 Middle Grange Farm, Greenlands Farm, £1310 New Parkside Farm, £1300 Whinney Garth, £1260 Low Hundhowe. Hereford – £1400 Bensons Farm, £1290 New Parkside Farm, £1260 Barker Knott, Outerthwaite Farm, £1130 Holly House Farm, Low Hundhowe. Limousin - £1380 Middle Grange Farm, High House Farm, £1340 Grange Farm, £1290 Intack Farm, £1280 Low Barrows Green, £1270 Moss Edge Farm. Holstein Friesian - £1300, £1250 Benson Hall, £1250 Downlands Farm, £1200, £1190 Grange Farm, £1180 Moss House Farm. British Blue - £1290 Stubb Hall Farm, The Grange, £1280 Scotch Green Farm, £1270 Low Hundhowe, £1250 Barker Knott, £1210 Low Barrows Green. Simmental - £1260 Low Barrows Green. Meuse Rhine Issel - £1070 Littlewood Hall Farm. Charolais - £730 Thornham Fold Farm.

Aberdeen Angus - £1270 Outerthwaite Farm, £1200 Intack Farm, £1170 Outerthwaite Farm, Mill Farm, £1140 Little Town Farm. British Blue - £1260 Greenlands Farm, £1190 Windy Hill Farm. Limousin - £1250 Grange Farm, £1200 Intack Farm, £1160 Hutton Roof Hall, £1080 Dubside, £1040 Mearsbeck Farm, £940 Southways. Hereford - £1190 Stubb Hall Farm, £1130 Holly House Farm. Charolais - £1080 Little Crimbles. Stabiliser - £870 Park House Farms.

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