Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle, Friday 22nd January 2021

Calves and Stirks

What a difference a week makes following on from the wet, snowy, miserable weather last week with not many people interested in purchasing calves, to this week, a glorious sunny winters’ morning and buyers leaving empty handed. A buoyant trade throughout with all well bid for.

Calves this week peaked at £430 for British Blue bulls from Richard and Vicky Walmsley of Cockerham with other British Blue bulls selling to £400 from CR & A Baxter, Morecambe. All Blue bulls forward averaged £352. Native bull calves sold to a top of £360 for Aberdeen Angus bull calves from TM Townley, Over Wyresdale. Heifer calves sold to a top of £330 for British Blue heifers from Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale.

Dairy bull calves peaked at £260 for Montbeliardes from JR Newsham & Son, Conder Green. Black and white bull calves peaked at £150 from Richard and Vicky Walmsley of Cockerham with all black and white calves averaging £115.

A consignment of six month old stirks from Sam Ashcroft, Euxton sold British Blue bulls £580, Aberdeen Angus bulls to £485, Montbeliarde to £450 with heifers selling to £480 for British Blues.

Store Cattle

There was a catalogued entry of 246 store cattle in Lancaster today, with the quality of animals reflecting on the trade. Bullocks averaged £1126, and heifers averaged £1072.

Hitting the high spot today was a Limousin Bullock reaching £1470 and consigned by JM & AG Swarbrick, Out Rawcliffe. Lancaster is renowned for having a strong trade for native steers with Shorthorn bullocks from PM & ST Entwistle, Abbeystead, selling to £1450, followed by Aberdeen Angus bullocks topping at £1380 from J Hesketh, Hutton. Once again plenty of the best quality, short keep bullocks sold in excess of the £1300 mark.

A shapely Limousin heifer consigned by R Collinge & son, Preston topped at £1350 closely followed by a British Blue from L Parsons & Sons Levens realising £1310. In the Aberdeen Angus section, J B Moore, Grange over Sands, hit £1300, as did a Stabiliser consigned by J A & R Geldard & Sons, Levens.

Dairy bullocks sold to a top of £1250 for Holstein Friesians from J Prest and Son, Bay Horse who sold Flekvieh bullocks to £1240.

Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

Lancaster once again boasted one of the strongest sales for OTM and Cast cattle in the area with a cracking entry of 155 selling to a very impressive market average of 133.8ppk. OTM heifers and steers led the way twice topping at 199.5p/kg with British Blue heifers from JM Capstick, Ashton with Stodday grossing £1254 and British Blue steers from J & M Cockett, Ingleton grossing £1236.

Plenty of well fleshed beef OTM heifers and steers were selling between 180 and 190p/kg. OTM dairy heifers regularly saw well fleshed heifers selling between 170 and 175p/kg. These topped at £1193 from AT Burrow and Son, Gressingham.

The top price per head today was a pure Limousin cow from Barlow Bros, Croston grossing at £1457.08 which sold to 174.5p/kg. Plenty of beef cows sold between 150p/kg and 170p/kg. Best meated dairy cows sold between 140p/kg and 147.5p/kg. Dairy cows sold to a top of £1261 for Flekviehs from SH & M Batty & Son, Quernmore with black and whites peaking at £1259 from H & SD Cornthwaite, Nateby. Plenty of best dairy cows sold around the £1200 mark.

Top Prices

Leading prices per head for bull calves £430, heifer calves £330, Bull stirk £580, Heifer strirk £480, OTM cow £1457.08, OTM heifer £1254.86, Cast steer £1236.90, Store

Bulls – British Blue: £430, £400 Richmond Hall Farm, £340 Boon Town Farm, £320 New Brows Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £360 Knowsley Farm, £260 Bolton Fold Farm, Hereford: £295, £290, £260, £250 Booth Hall Farm. Simmental: £280, £260 Sellerley Farm. Montbeliarde: £260 Sellerley Farm. Friesian: £150, £125, £115 Richmond Hall Farm, £120 Sellerley Farm.

Heifers – British Blue: £330 Catshaw Farm, £275 New Brows Farm, £265 Catshaw Farm, £250 Boom Town Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £200 Knowsley Farm, £180, £155 Bolton Fold Farm, Limousin: £235 Bolton Fold Farm, Hereford: £220, £200, £175 Booth Hall Farm, £170.
Bull Stirk – British Blue: £580, Rose Hill Farm, Aberdeen Angus: £485, Rose Hill Farm, Montbeliarde: £450

Heifer Stirk – British Blue: £480, Rose Hill Farm. Hereford: £430 twice, £360 Rose Hill Farm.


Limousin: £1470, £1450 Bensons Farm, £1440 Lentworth Farm, £1360 The Dingle, £1340 Lentworth Farm, £1300 Bruntscar Farm, Millbeck, £1290 Bruntscar Farm, £1280 Grange Farm, £1260 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Beef Shorthorn: £1450 Lentworth Farm, £1380 Middle Grange Farm, £1340 Lentworth Farm, £840 Low Dubbs Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1380 Middle Grange Farm, £1360 Church Street, £1310 Old Glasson Farm, £1290 Church Street, £1280 Thorns Farm, £1270 Outerthwaite Farm, £1220 Grange Farm, £1180 Batty Farm, £1170 Brown Edge, £1120 Fleets Farm. British Blue: £1370 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1300 Birch Croft, £1290 Foredales Farm, £1260 Low Hundhowe, Head House, £1250 Abbotson Farm, £1240 Endmoor Farm, £1230 Friars Farm, £1220Charolais: £1300 Middle Grange Farm. Holstein Frisian: £1250 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1230 Bensons Farm, £1190 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1080 Grange Farm, £1030 Kitchen Ground Farm, £980 Ellers Farm, £940 Grizdale, Oakhead Farm, £870 Springfield House. Blonde D’Aquitaine: £1240 Millbeck. Flekvieh: £1240 Upper Foxholes Farm. Simmental: £1210 Windy Hill Farm, £920 Lee End Farm. Hereford: £1200 Birch Croft, £1070 longmeanygate, £1000 Springfield House, Hall Bank, £950 Lee End Farm, £860 Hall Bank. Montbeliarde: £1200 Upper Foxholes Farm, £1160 Grange Farm, £1070 Thorns Farm. Swedish Red and White: £840 Sunderland Brows Farm. Norwegian Red: £270 Sannat Hall.

Limousin: £1350 The Dingle, £1240 Littlewood Hall Farm, £1200 Grange Farm, £1150 Hazelslack Tower Farm, £1130 Fell End Farm, £1070 Cautley Farm, £1040 Park Farm Barn, £1010 Ivy Farm, £930 High House Farm. British Blue: £1310 Low Levens, £1280 Kitchen Ground Farm, £1180 Stubb Hall Farm, £1100 Cautley Farm, £920 Boldens Farm, £900 Lawsons Farm. Aberdeen Angus: £1300 Outerthwaite Farm, £1260 Low Levens, £1190 Park Farm Barn, £1170 Church Street, £1160 Stubb Hall Farm, £1030 Kimberley Avenue, £940 Lawsons Farm, £890 Half Way House, £840 Park House Farm. Stabiliser: £1300, £1120 Low Foulshaw Farm, £880 Park House Farm. Simmental: £1140 Outerthwaite Farm. Holstein Friesian: £1060 Higher Shuttlingfields Farm, £920 Boldens Farm. Hereford: £1000 Lawsons Farm, £920 Longmeanygate. Blonde D’Aquitaine: £530 Coat Green Farm.

Stabiliser: 187.5 Kit Cragg, 154.5, 151.5, 149.5 Low Foulshaw Farm. Limousin: 174.5 Littlewood Hall Farm, 167.5 High House Farm, 154.5 Bleaswood Road, Capplethwaite Hall, 149.5 Thornbush Farm, 137.5 Capplethwaite Hall. Holstein Friesian: 159.5 Deerslet Farm, 147.5 Mealbank Farm, Benson Hall, 144.5 Myerscough House, Norbreck Farm. British Blue: 151.5 Stoneybank Philpin Farm, Sandvilla, 149.5 High House Farm, 144.5 Fleets Farm. Simmental: 149.5 Sandvilla. Flekvieh: 147.5 Friars Moss. Montbeliarde: 144.5 Waterscales Farm, 141.5 White Lund Farm, 114.5 Holme Head, 89.5 White Lund Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 139.5 Underhelm Farm, Coat Green Farm, 59.5 Fleets Farm. Norwegian Red: 139.5 Lower Langthwaite Farm, 134.5 Holme Head. Swedish Red and White: 129.5 Sandvilla, 121.5 White Lund Farm. Ayrshire: 124.5 Myerscough House, 117.5 Bolton Fold Farm, 69.5 Rose Farm. Jersey: 84.5 Gibraltar Farm.

British Blue: 199.5 Brantbeck Farm. Stabiliser: 189.5, 187.5, 181.5, 179.5 Kit Cragg. Beef Shorthorn: 189.5 Brantbeck Farm. Holstein Friesian: 174.5 Bank End Farm, Newhouse Farm, 171.5 Boldens Farm, 169.5 High Snab, New Brows Farm, 161.5 High Snab. Aberdeen Angus: 169.5 High Fell Gate.

British Blue: 199.5 Foredales. Aberdeen Angus: 179.5 High Fell Gate. Hereford: 161.5 Underhelm Farm. Limousin: 144.5 Foredales Farm.

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