Lancaster Livestock Auction: Lancaster Store Cattle - Friday 30 October

Cast and OTM Cattle
The weekly sale of OTM & cast cows at Lancaster Auction Mart had an entry of 128 forward. Lancaster continues to offer a strong trade with an overall market average of 116p/kg which consisted of a large quantity of dairy cattle. Leading the way this week with OTM British Blue heifers selling to a top of 191p/kg or £1080 from Barker Farms, Carnforth whom sold Hereford heifers to 189p/kg. Young beef cows sold 174.5p/kg from GE & JA Hayhurst, Ellel. Young beef cows often sold around the 170p/kg mark. Beef cows today sold to a top of £1215 a head for Simmental from Barlow Bros, Croston.
OTM dairy heifers sold in to the mid-160s. The dairy heifers topped at 167.5p/kg from J & JA Burrow, Grayrigg or a top of £1079 from H Halhead and Son, Nether Kellet. Best dairy cows today often in to the late 130p/kg peaking at 137.5p/kg numerous times with well fleshed cows often around the 130p/kg mark. Dairy cows topped at £1100 for Montbeliardes from AW & AM Park & Sons, Ellel with black and white cows selling to £1097 from C & AJ Woodhouse, Millom.
A larger number of cast bulls were forward this week and saw Limousins sell to 147.5p/kg or £1448 from Messrs Clegg & Bennet, Broughton in Furness.
Store Cattle
There was a catalogued entry of over 300 which was met by a sharper trade for all types of cattle with all cattle forward averaging just shy of £1000 mark.
Continental bullocks led the way this week with Charolais selling to £1400 form JA & LR Wilson, Millom with other Charolais bullocks selling to £1390 and £1380 from RH Dodgson, Burton-In-Lonsdale. Limousin bullocks sold to £1390 from DE & SM Moorhouse, Natland who sold British Blues to £1300.
Native bullocks saw Aberdeen Angus sell to £1360 from S Kellet & Sons, Pilling. Stabiliser bullocks sold to £1230 from RW & FJ Rhodes & Son, Quernmore with Shorthorn bullocks also achieving £1230 from Barlow Bros, Croston, with plenty more strong bullocks selling in excess of the £1200 mark.
The heifer trade peaked at £1250 from O Butler, Kirkham with Aberdeen Angus. Continental heifers peaked at £1170 from JA & LR Wilson, Millom. With British blue heifers selling to £1160 from M Shepherd & Sons, Pilling. Dairy bullocks saw black and whites sell to £1180 & £1150 from CW & A Thompson, St Michaels with other dairy bullocks selling to £1100 for MRIs from Barlow Bros, Croston.
Calves, Weanlings and Stirks
The weekly sale of Calves and weanlings had a slightly smaller offering this week of 64. Good quality calves remain a very strong trade and eagerly bid for in which many more could have easily been sold to the advantage of vendors. Smaller and plainer types of calves met mixed demand.
Topping the market this week was a British Blue bull calf from J & G Thornley, Kirkham selling to £530 at 3-months-old. Other calves from the same home saw Aberdeen Angus bulls sell to £445 and British Blue heifers to £410. The consignment from AJ & AJ Gibbons, St Michaels sold Welsh Black bulls to £440, British Blue bulls to £420 and Limousin bulls to £400. Heifers from the Gibbons family also sold Limousin and British Blue heifers to £370.
Returning customer Philip Halhead, Cockerham saw his consignment of 6-week-old Aberdeen Angus bull calves sell to £385, £380 and £375. Also achieving £385 with Aberdeen Angus bull calves was David and Eileen Wallbank, Over Wyresdale. Plenty of better beef bulls sold into the three hundreds with plenty of beef heifers in the late two hundreds. Black and white bull calves sold to £115 from David and Eileen Wallbank.
Lancaster’s monthly sale of Stirks had over 100 forward that was met with a very strong trade and eager interest for all ages of stirks. Buyers looked to purchase well grown stirks with stunted ones harder to sell.
A trio of yearling Limousin bullocks from PJ Holt & Sons, Blackpool topped the market selling to £820. The consignment of 10 to 12month old Aberdeen Angus heifers and bullocks from J & CG Redmayne, Samlesbury saw the bullocks sell to £790 and £775 with the heifers selling to £610. Other Angus bullocks £770 from PA & D Slater, Barnacre with Herefords from the same home selling to £760, closely followed by £750 from GI & M Faraday, Bleasdale with an Aberdeen Angus bullock. Plenty of yearling bullocks selling over the £700 mark. Yearling heifers sold to £710 for Limousins from Alan Thompson, Dockacres with Charolais heifer achieving the same price from DC Miller, Claughton on Brock.
Younger stirks saw five-month-old British Blue steers selling to £645 from DC Miller with similar aged Aberdeen Angus steers selling to £555. Black and white bulls today sold to £520 and £510 from JR Pye, Barton.

Top Prices

OTM COW: SIMMENTAL: 1215.05 Littlewood Hall Farm, 1015.59, 772.03 Brunstow, 911.63, 770.69 Marsh House Farm. MONTBELIARD: 1100 Walkers I’th Fields, 836.50 Dale Barns. FRIESIAN: 1097.22 Stubb Place Farm, 1036, 1026.94 Middle Hall Farm, 1020 Yew Tree Farm, 998.45 Bank End Farm. BRITISH BLUE: 1065.15 Parkside Farm, 817.97 Mount Pleasant Farm, 303.81 High Tenement Farm. BAZADAISE: 1022.79 Yarlsber. NORWEGIAN RED: 969.96 Dale Barns. OTHER: 905.21, 798.26, 675.62, 666.50, 638.50 Dales Barns. HEREFORD: 848.18, 793.05, 765, 743.33, 645.30 Little Crimbles. CHAROLAIS: 827.14 Brunstow. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 843.78 Thornham Fold Farm, 786.83 Rooten Brook, 733.86, 676.81 Parkside Farm, 669.85 Sunny Bank Farm. LIMOUSIN: 749.98 Sunny Bank Farm, 749.96, 672.79 Thornbush Farm, 728.33 Brunstow, 708.64 Rooten Brook. CONTINENTALS: 732.56 Bolton Fold Farm, 643.95, 597 Higher Salter. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: 731.66 Walkers I’th Fields, 667.95 Low Sizergh Farm. AYSHIRE: 665.67 Bolton Fold Farm. FLEKVIEH: 623.87 Lawrence House. SHORTHORN: 612.11, 407.29, 387.40 Abbots Reading Farm, 601.16 Lots House Farm. BLONDE: 563.17 Dubside. JERSEY/GUERNSEY: 307.62 Lawrence House, 168.67 Higher Core Farm. BELTED GALLOWAY: 154.84 Lots House Farm. OTM HEIFER: HEREFORD: 1080.06 Hillam House Farm. FRIESIAN: 1079.38 Lawsons Farm, 862.41 Higher Core Farm. BRITISH BLUE: 972.14 Hillam House Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 923.78 High Hallbeck, 835.85 Rooten Brook. CAST STEER: LIMOUSIN: 585.08 Dubside. CAST BULL: LIMOUSIN: 1448.45 Tongue House Farm, 981.20 Bruntscar Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: 1214.12 Hindleys Farm. HEREFORD: 1083.75 Bowfield Farm.

STORE STIRKS: CHAROLAIS: £1400 Dunningwell Farm, £1390, £1380 Kilburn House, £1020 Bull Bank Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1390 High House Farm, £1150 Cock Hall Farm, £1150 Dunningwell Farm, £1090 Lambrigg Head Farm, £1080 Tewitfield Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1360, £1260 Pilling Hall, £1230 Cock Hall Farm, £1210 Higher Lees Farm, £1210 Chestnut House Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1300 High House Farm, £1190 Greenlands Farm, £1120 Higher Lees Farm, £1100 Braddup House Farm, £1050 Windy Hill Farm. SIMMENTAL: £1280 Dunningwell Farm. STABILISERS: £1230, £1170 Low Moor Head Farm, £800 Park House Farm. SHORTHORN: £1230 Little Wood Hall Farm, £1080 Yew Tree Farm. FRIESIAN: £1180, £1150, £990 Turnover Hall, £1100 Betts Farm, £1090 Yew Tree Farm. HEREFORD: £1150, £1020 Kilburn House, £1070 High Snab, £1060, £1050 Westfield Farm. BLONDE: £1150 Cock Hall Farm. BROWN SWISS: £960 Cock Hall Farm. MONTBELIARD: £440 Coventry Farm. SWEDISH RED AND WHITE: £790, £750 Sunderland Brows Farm. STORE HEIFERS: ABERDEEN ANGUS: £1250 Elm Bank Farm, £1150 Greenlands Farm, £1140 Old Hall Farm, £1120 Stubb Hall Farm, £1120 Snub Snape Farm. LIMOUSIN: £1170 Dunningwell Farm, £1050 Tunstall Hall, £960 Higher Slip Inn Farm, £900 Brantbeck Farm, £880 Mill House Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £1160 Pasture House Farm, £1120 Braddup House Farm, £1090 Pasture House Farm, £1080 Tunstall Hall, £1070 High House. FRIESIAN: £1110 Low Stangerthwaite, £1080 Tunstall Hall, £770, £590 Holme Head. SHORTHORN: £1070 Yew Tree Farm. NORWEGIAN RED: £930, 3590 Holme Head. STABILISERS: £900 Park House Farms. HEREFORD: £860, £800 High Snab, £700 Winmarleigh, £680 Bull Bank Farm, £630 Coventry Farm. CHAROLAIS: £840 Bull Bank Farm, £840 Knowsley Farm. MONTBELIARD: £590 Holme Head. STORE BULL: £970 Whinmore Fold Farm.
CALVES: HEIFER: BRITISH BLUE: £410 Derby Lodge Farm, £375 1.5 Kenlis Road, £370 Catteralls Farm, £295 Lathwaite Farm, £240 Sweetings Farm. LIMOUSIN: £370 Catteralls Farm, £270, £140 Halforth Farm. CHAROLAIS: £280 Lathwaite Farm. SIMMENTAL: £200 Sellerley Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £190, £170, £140, £125 Bolton Fold Farm, £125 Sweetings Farm. HEREFORD: £170 Forton Hall Farm. BULLS: ABERDEEN ANGUS: £445 Derby Lodge Farm, £385 Tills Farm, £385, £380, £70 Norbreck Farm. WELSH BLACK: £440 Catteralls Farm. CHAROLAIS: £430 Bolton Fold Farm, £365 Barrow Greaves Farm. LIMOUSIN: £400, £265, £250, £210, £180 Halforth Farm. HEREFORD: £265, £210 FRIESIAN: £115, £85, £40, £25 Tills Farm. BULLS: BRITISH BLUE: £530, Derby Lodge Farm, £420, £390 Catteralls Farm, £340 Norbreck Farm, £335 1,5 Kenlis Road. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £445 Derby Lodge Farm, £385 Tills Farm, £385, £380, £375 Norbreck Farm. WELSH BLACK: £440 Catteralls Farm. LIMOUSIN: £440 Catteralls Farm, £265, £250, £210, £180 Halforth Farm. CHAROLAIS: £430 Bolton Fold Farm, £365 Barrow Greaves Farm. HEREFORD: £265, £210 Forton Hall Farm. FRIESIAN: £115, £85, £40 Wallbanks Farm.
HEIFER STIRKS: CHAROLAIS: £710, £620 Cobble Hey Farm. LIMOUSIN: £710 Southways, £630 Fell End. HEREFORD: £680 Slack Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £670, £630 Fell End, £650, £610 Slack Farm, £610 Cuerdale Hall Farm. WELSH BLACK: £670 Fell End. BRITISH BLUE: £640 Barrow Greaves Farm. STABILISER: £500, £390 Beesleys Farm. SIMMENTAL: £390 Mearsbeck Farm. BULL STIRK: FRIESIAN: £520, £510 Fencefoot Farm. BRITISH BLUE: £535 Bowfield Farm. STEER STIRKS: LIMOUSIN: £820 Breedy Butts Farm, £735, £725 Gibsons Farm, £690 Mears Beck Farm. ABERDEEN ANGUS: £790, £775, £720 Cuerdale Hall Farm, £770 Slack Farm, £750 Fell End. HEREFORD: £760 Slack Farm, £540 Hallbeck, £370 Longwood House. BRITISH BLUE: £730 Walkers I’th fileds, £645 Cobble Hey Farm, £620 Yates Farm, £560 Docker hall Farm. SIMMENTAL: £720 Bowfield Farm. CHAROLAIS: £720 Cobble Hey Farm. STABILISERS: £630 Beesleys Farm.

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